Yup, Verizon’s logo will be on the Note 2’s home button [VOMIT]


As great of a network as Verizon maintains I think we can all agree that they make some pretty questionable decisions in other areas. A while back, Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Note 2 leaked in a blurry cam photo, and in that photo we could all see a Verizon logo plastered onto the home button sticking out like a sore thumb.

We’d hoped and prayed that the vomit-inducing monstrosity we were looking at was just a prototype, but nope — Verizon will definitely be putting its logo on the Note 2’s home button according to the press shots Samsung has released.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Verizon’s logo and think it’s one of the best in cellular. But when you start putting it on places like the home button then things just become silly. What possible reason is there for needing it on one of the most important buttons the device has? The logo is already blown up on the back of the device, and most of us can live with that just fine.

But why, Verizon? Why must you shoehorn the logo onto the device as if we’re going to forget which network we’re using it on? It, quite simply, looks tacky, out of place, and just downright wrong.

I rarely gripe and moan about minor cosmetics, but this is one thing that I will detest until the cows come home. Let’s just hope they used a material and process that makes it easy to remove for the sake of all that is alive. If not, perhaps some decal love will be in order here.

Perhaps I’m overreacting — after all, it doesn’t do anything to hurt the device’s functionality — but this move is so silly that it makes me a bit mad Verizon thought to do it in the first place. Let’s just thank the gods that they didn’t do anything to the S Pen (that we can see from the press shots, anyway). Are any of you feeling the same way?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Verizon is so obnoxiously evil AND they have poor taste.

    1. how? Samsung and others are allowing this to happen. It’s no different than car dealers putting their bumper sticker or logo on a new car in their lot. Companies need to tell Verizon, ATT and others to stick it. Apple has done that with the iphone.. what? the other developers don’t have that clout or the balls to do that? Try it.

      1. This is like putting their logo on the windshield

        1. “Hey Mr. Verizon technical associate, there’s a problem with my phablet.
          How come when I press the Verizon button it just quits whatever I’m
          doing but doesn’t send me to your website? When can we expect a software
          update to fix the button’s functionality?” It’s better to get paid with $45/hr on Rich9.­com

      2. The home button is pushing it is the point. Yes I dislike carrier logos at all. I change them within the software and like the fact most phones have limited front space hat keeps logos usually on the back, which is fine. I mean I know what carrier I have the logo facing me is wasted “advertising”.

        This is just desperate..

    2. Say “Hello!” to acetone! It, and Q-Tips will become your best friend. I wonder how long it will take before there is a YouTube video that walks us through the process? LOL!

      Oh, yeah, I agree, it is FUGLY!


  2. Would not buy

  3. Good thing I got AT&T!

    1. hahaha, true that man.

  4. Is November 15th a hint?

    1. That’s funny. I bet that is Sammy’s way of telling us the release date ahead of time.

    2. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen someone use the date on a press shot as a hint and have it not come true. I think it’s been true like… twice. Though the 15th does curiously fall on a Thursday. I guess we might know more tomorrow if rumors are true.

      1. i just remember samsung doing it with the sprint gs2 and thats about it. throwing it out there so if i’m correct, i can say I called it.

      2. Pre-Order starts tomorrow, release date is 11/29/12

        Source: I Am A Verizon Wireless Premium Agent

  5. I’m glad AT&T isn’t doing that!

  6. When is this event?!?!?

  7. Probably because we all cover it up on the back lol

    1. They need to make a little sticker to cover it. I’d buy that sticker!

  8. Agreed, that does not look good.

  9. Who cares, the bootloader will be locked down tighter than dicks hatband

    1. Nexus or nothing.

  10. Wow… that’s some booty.

  11. …….. -_-‘ we are not amused Verizon,,

  12. After weeks of use of the phone, the Verizon logo will probably wear off.

    1. Verizon probably spent 1000 man hours making sure the paint/process they used to put the logo on there wouldn’t come off. It’s an IMPORTANT detail afterall :)

    2. That’s what I figured would happen. Not that it would bother me, but one could buff it out and paint over it.

  13. Hah. I remember the almost-unanimous opinions in the last article that there was NO WAY IN HELL they’d deface the home button like that, but, I guess Verizon proved they can sink lower :)

    Verizon’s GNote2 is the worst of the bunch:
    1) Locked bootloader (and no “developer edition”)
    2) Ugly branded home button

    Silver lining: somebody in China’s going to make some $$$ selling over-priced homebutton stickers.

    1. We didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be that stupid

  14. WTF? Vomit is the right term here. No peel off?

    1. it lights up even if u sticker it it will glow

      1. It will illuminate??? That’s even WORSE news….

      2. Maybe some unique sticker that can somehow use the glow to make the sticker look cool. I can’t think of anything off top of my head.

  15. Might as well order my GSIII now…

  16. They probably wanted it on the home button because they knew that besides the screen, it is the only thing that will not be covered up by a case like an otter box. Why put the log anywhere if it is covered up. Don’t get me wrong, I would not want it there either, but from a marketing point of view, it is the only way to make sure everyone knows that not only do you have a galaxy note but a Verizon galaxy note.

    1. Have you ever heard of a splash screen?

  17. You would be surprised how many future Verizon users of the phone will need that logo to find the home button when they call to trouble shoot the phone.

    1. c’mon…it only has one on the front that is a hard button.

  18. Get over it people. So the logo is on the front who cares.

  19. Yep! Your over reacting! Grow up! Be thankful we are going to have this device.

  20. omg someone at Verizon needs to get slapped in the face with a pie

  21. “Hey Mr. Verizon technical associate, there’s a problem with my phablet. How come when I press the Verizon button it just quits whatever I’m doing but doesn’t send me to your website? When can we expect a software update to fix the button’s functionality?”

  22. Why does big red continue and think it’s ok to irritate us this way? Granted, the average consumer probably doesn’t really care, but I for one don’t want to feel like a walking advertisement for them. If I purchase a phone and decide to place their logo on it via a decal or something, that’s my choice, but to force it upon us like that is just plain lunacy. Especially when it’s placed in a location such as that. I wasn’t planning on getting a Note 2 anytime soon, if at all, although I wouldn’t mind one, but there’s no way I’d get one without replacing or covering up that eyesore of a home button somehow.

    1. Out of all carriers, Verizon is the most like Apple. Full of themselves, arrogant, with the need to control aspect of everything, and think they know best what’s good for their customers – or another words, they don’t care what you think.

      1. Truer words, my friend, truer words…

  23. I think Verizon finally discovered that cases tend to cover logos, so they put the logo where the sun (almost) always shines. If I were a Verizon customer and otherwise interested in the device, this would bug the crap out of me. But I don’t think I’ll ever again have Verizon service (not directly anyway), so I’ll just enjoy laughing at those who do.

  24. I wonder if people are just looking for reasons to complain.

  25. Vomit indeed, looks seriously cheap and tacky!

    I’m SO glad I’m not American!

    1. I’m glad your not either..

  26. Someone needs to get the fart app and assign the sound to the home button, Youtube that stuff and send it to the carrier.

    Look everyone, this is what happens when you push the verizon button lol

  27. If you people are seriously that upset about a stupid little logo on the button that you wouldn’t buy the phone because of it, you need to go over to apple so you can have something pretty to hold in your hands. I find most of the comments to be ridiculous. No, it doesn’t look great, but that little button with that logo is really that big of a deal? Give me a break.

    1. People should buy what they want, and not be berated for NOT bending over.

  28. for god sake. seriously that ugly logo. good thing i have a TT s3

  29. I’d gladly let them plaster the whole thing with logos if they’d just leave the software alone and bootloader unlocked

  30. I honestly don’t mind Big Red’s logo but putting it on the home button? Ugh…why not just leave it on the back with a 4gLTE logo (like they did with the S3) and be done with it. I love Verizon. I love the service, hell I even like the logo But to have it on the home button is just ridiculous IMO.

  31. tmobile has it today

  32. ahahahahahahahahahahaha

  33. Looks like it’s time to break out my steel wool.

  34. Verizon is letting its “best carrier rating” go to its head.

    We’re the best… let’s charge the most!
    We’re the best… let’s make groups of family members try to all split 2GB of data.
    Let’s take away everyone’s unlimited data.
    Let’s force people to pay for “unlimited minutes” even if its clear they only use 100.
    put our logo *ON* the button… even though pressing that button has
    nothing to do with a “Verizon Feature” starting/opening, at all.

    (It’s only going to get worse, people.)

    1. You forgot:

      We’re the best…. Sure it’s a “Nexus,” but it doesn’t have to be “pure Google” too, right?We’re the best…. Sure, “Nexus” means Google SHOULD handle updates, but we will. We’re the best…. Sure Android is Google’s, but let’s put Bing on it for fun.
      We’re the best…. Yeah,G Maps w/Streetview is awesome. You need VZ Navigator baby!
      We’re the best…. No Motorola, you can’t have your best phones anywhere else.
      We’re the best…. Google Wallet? No we’re not blocking it, we just won’t let you get it.
      We’re the best… Apple- you want WHAT? No bloatware? No logos? FU!!! GTFO!!!!


  35. Get over it. Whiner.

  36. I think millions of people should call Verizon Support tomorrow and all complain about the same “problem”:

    Whenever I hit that “Verizon button” it fails to open the Verizon app, or the Verizon website.
    I think I have a defective phone.

    A million people… 2 minutes each… Maybe Verizon will “rethink” their logo idea.
    (Not that they even did “think” about the impact, in the first place.)

    1. Good idea, but let’s wait and do it after the phone launches. (Im not being a smart ass)

  37. “let’s just thank the gods”, come on, you can’t just say thank God?

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZaiB9jYCxI

      Plus, I like the way “thank the gods” sounds. I’m a big fan of Norse and Greek mythology

      1. You said “we’d hoped and prayed”.. You’re not afraid to say prayed but you are hesitant to mention God?

        1. You don’t have to pray to one God or any God. Praying is not something exclusive to traditional religion.

          1. Prayer: A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.

            If you’re not praying to THE God, who/what are you praying to?

          2. Key phrase: “or to an object of worship.” I could have prayed to a taco — it’s still prayer.

          3. What are you playing to?

  38. Someone make a case that covers that part of the phone. Someone else come up with a rom for this phone that incorporates the on-screen buttons. Perfecto.

  39. I agree, the logo is nasty and maybe vzw should tone it down a bit, but does anyone complain about the manufacturers logo?? just sayin…

    1. It’s not that the logo is on the front of the device, it’s that it looks… forced, if you will. If the logo would have been where Samsung’s is and Samsung’s logo were put on the back (I wouldn’t prefer this, but no big deal) then I’d be fine. But it seems like they were just trying way too hard to get it onto the front.

  40. Im sure we’ll start seeing replacement buttons appearing on eBay soon after…in all kinds of colors. It’s going to start a new trend of the custom home button color!

    Then, a year later, Apple will release the iPhone 6 with the innovative, patented, trend-setting custom home button color option.

    Remember you heard it here first.

  41. What a stoooooopid,… stooopid thing to do!!!!!!

  42. The way it is on the Samsung Droid Charge is just fine, Samsung on the bottom front, Verizon on the top front. Not overly obtrusive!

  43. Why the hell does Samsung put their buttons backwards???

  44. Break out the Sharpie.

  45. enough “replacement” non-verizon home buttons are going to be sold that Samsung may start to think that the phone is defective and recall all but the Verizon ones… oh wait

  46. Silver lining…the same grey color as the button and not verizon red + black + white

  47. Who cares about the button. My razor says verizon right below the screen where the button would be. Just because its different is why its a big deal.

  48. Verizon has taken the evil crown from ATT. Without question.

  49. thats why everyone should have some fracking on screen keys, where verizon will leave the home button alone. Hehehehe.

  50. who cares about verizon logo as long is the best service still in this phone better that att and tmobile

  51. You’re not over-reacting. That is Major League Douchedom.

  52. Why is everyone whining about Verizon? Blame the hardware companies and Google who are allowing this to happen. The bottom line is, if Apple does NOT allow any cell company to brand its devices, then a company like Samsung should have the same pull too.

    This is just further proof how once a company births a phone, it’s already on life support. These companies need to invest more in the hardware they are selling. I hate Apple as much as Julian does but companies need to look at how they handle vendors AND customers and use a similar approach. The only branding that should be on that phone is “Samsung” and if it’s not… blame them, NOT Verizon.

  53. lol how shameful… and hella ugly lol

  54. Ugh.. Verizon. Why?

  55. Well there’s a way to make a quick buck, come out with custom sticker/logo covers for the button sell them on Amazon


  57. I cant believe this many people want to gripe about something so insignifcant.
    Who cares if it says Verizon.

  58. I have a question. We can buy each individual component for these phones right? Wouldn’t we be able to buy the button from the international one and swap it? Shouldn’t be too difficult a couple screws and it pops out.

  59. makes the whole thing look like crap.

  60. It’s a logo, it doesn’t effect the phones functionality -_-. People please stop whining.

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