LG exec confirms Nexus handset for next week


An LG executive speaking at a product launch event for the Optimus Vu confirmed LG’s involvement in the debut of Google’s upcoming Nexus phone next week. Amit Gujral, head of Mobile Product Planning for LG in India, told IBNLive that we can expect to see the LG Nexus unveiled at the event in New York City. He also revealed that the phone would be available in India by the end of November.

Gujral’s confirmed many of the handset’s rumored specs, including a 4.7-inch display, 1.5GHz quad-core processor, and Android 4.2. He did not provide any clues as to the final name for the device, leaving that facet of the new Nexus launch a mystery for now.

The October 29th event looks to be a big day for the Nexus line, with new rumors emerging claiming we could also see a new 10-inch Nexus tablet that day as well as a 3G-enabled Nexus 7 featuring 32GB of storage. Other speculation has pointed towards multiple new Nexus smartphones, though LG’s handset has been the only to produce any tangible evidence of existence so far.


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  1. I’m rather curious to see what the finalized specs are for the upcoming Nexus phone. I’m hoping that we’ll see carrier specific models (Sprint specifically). I don’t mind waiting a few months although we (prospective customers) shouldn’t have to.

    1. I prefer when the same phone is the same across all carriers. You get a wider selection of accessories when all the carriers have the same phone rather then multiple variants of the same phone.

      1. I should have specified. I don’t anticipate any changes to the actual device outside of internal specifications (i.e.; storage space, and maH).

        1. A change in batterywould also mean they change the back cover as well.

          1. Not necessarily. You could easily squeeze in a slightly larger battery without changing the physical shape of the device.

          2. Only if they purposfully left extra room (which doesn’t really happen) But I wouldn’t count on it since its a Nexus and not a phone a specific carrier could make a deal over.

          3. It happened with the GNex. The battery virtually remained the same size, but added 200 more mAH.

          4. “Virtually” but not really, thats why it came with a different battery door. You coukd use the original door but not all cases would fit when using the extended battery with original door because it was not the same size.

  2. All good phones come out on GSM networks first, and then CDMA second, with the exception of course being carriers who have made contracts with manufacturers for a device (example Motorola RAZR)

  3. I wonder the price for the nexus 10 ?

    1. I would start wondering its existence first…

  4. By Feb I will have had my SGS for 2yrs which has a 4″ screen. So my big concern now is that by Jan (when I’m eligible for a new contract) if I was to get this new LG Nexus I’d be looking at the 5″ phones & regretting getting the smaller Nexus.

  5. I just hope we see an AT&T LTE compatible Nexus 4. Don’t know if I would drop cash on a device without LTE at this point, though I got by fine knowing my Galaxy Nexus didn’t have it.

    1. I’m fine with HSPA+ personally. I see a battery drain difference when my GS3 on LTE rather then HSPA+ and its considerably worse when in an area just recieving lte where i dont have a consistant connection and it keeps switching back and forth between the two.

      The speed is amazing, but the shortened battey life just isnt a good enough trade off for me since I see no real benefits to have download speeds THAT fast on my cellphone. At least not at the expense of my battery. LTE is all fine and dandy when I’m at home where I can plug it in, but I’d rather use my faster WiFi connection.

  6. I would like to see if this Nexus will have all compatible LTE frequencies on board to work with all GSM carriers in the markets whete it will be sold, including those that are still building their networks.

  7. Better be dual CDMA gem compatible like the iPhone 5

  8. No not a LG, say it isn’t so.
    Never another LG for me ever again.

    1. I wonder if you had a LG device at all.

      1. Duh, yes that is why I commented.
        LG Spectrum, 2 of them.
        Good enough?

        1. Hardware has never been an issue for LG. It’s always been the software side of things that were the main cause of problems. Being that Google is in charge of the updates software-wise, there should be no issues whatsoever.

  9. My biggest concern is the real world performance upgrades itll have over the current g-nex. which isnt slow by any means, but if this quad core/2gb ram combo isnt making my g-nex look slow/dated and least increases its battery life by 25-50% im not so sure ill be rushing to upgrade. the g-nex will be officially supported for at least another year. my sprint g-nex is only 6 mo old. this new LG better run circles around my g-nex in real world usage and not just this benchmark BS…

  10. Nexus 7, Nexus Q, LG Nexus, Nexus 10, 32Gb Nexus 7…that’s 5. Is it possible that’s it for Nexus devices this year???

    I hope not, but we have heard very little in the way of other Nexus phones, at least compared to the LG rumors and rumors of years past.

    I’m scared. Very, very scared. 0.0

  11. Non-replaceable battery in the new nexus with quad-core CPU.
    I won’t consider it at all.

  12. 4.7 screen with on screen buttons mean the screen is about 4.3 usable. I need a 5 inch screen with physical buttons.

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