Android Overload: T-Mobile ends 200 MB plan, Apple vs Samsung, Nexus 10 rumors and more


Not a day goes by without a good amount of Android news… you know, with Android being the most popular mobile OS in the world. Many of these stories don’t manage to make it to our homepage, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on them! Android Overload is where we bring you all the smaller news you should still be in the loop about, so make sure to check them out before you go on your weekend adventures.

  • T-Mobile says goodbye to 200 MB data plan [TmoNews]
  • Staples document suggests 8 GB Nexus 7 is being discontinued [Android Police]
  • Zuckerberg: we’ll be sharing 1000 times more in 10 years [CNET]
  • Apple wants cash in on lost profit due to Samsung but won’t prove it [Forbes]
  • Hoaxer admits to faking Sony Nexus X [Anatomy of a Hoax]
  • MetroPCS adds Samsung Galaxy S3 to its portfolio [MetroPCS]
  • Someone out there is taking pictures with a Nexus 10? [Picasa]
  • Motorola DROID Bionic finally gets Android 4.0 [Verizon]
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  1. Somehow I feel like the Zuck is wrong if we are talking on an individual basis.

  2. It’s Sony nexus X not S

  3. Hoaxer admitting to faking the Sony nexus , or how it should be titled “I’m a d’bag and this why i’m a d’bag, Heres how I can make you look like an idiot 101”

  4. Phandroid you post about the Sony nexus rumour being false and go and post a rumor about a Nexus 10?

    1. lol I was thinking the same thing and from the same darn place to boot

    2. Isn’t that the very definition of a rumor? I mean, just because the community was duped once or twice shouldn’t mean we shouldn’t report most rumors. I agree that some are ridiculous, sure, but if we didn’t at least report on them it’d be detrimental to the welfare of you guys. :) By the way, we always approach rumors with a grain of salt unless the evidence is extremely damning, so keep that in mind to make sure you know we’re not passing any of them off as fact.

  5. “…with Android being the largest Android OS in the world.”
    You don’t say?

    1. Saw that immediately too, lol

      1. Well, he’s right isn’t he?

  6. glad to be leaving tmobile soon. they are now forcing larger data plans on customers who sign new 2 year contracts. My wife is a stay at home mom and really doesn’t need more than 200MB since she is on wifi most the time.

    1. Well have fun paying either A $15 for 250mb on AT&T or Sharing data on verizon with your wife or you can go to that mess of sprint, the worlds most confused network..

    2. Joke post? Did you read the link? $20 for 2gb.

      1. sure did. $10 for 200MB and $20 for 2GB. I understand you get 10x the data for only double the price, but the fact is she just doesnt use that much data. if you pay $5 for a big mac meal at mcdonalds but they offer you a 10 sandwich meal for $10, would you buy it? treating the meal like the data were it can’t be shared or rolled over, no you wouldn’t. you just simply can’t eat that much in one sitting.

        1. but are we talking with or without cheese?

          1. without, less money and less calories

        2. Me and my mom are on a Family plan with Sprint. She uses less than 1GB a month. Are you saying she’s wasting her money on Sprint and should go to Tmo? Pay the same amount for less data even though she doesn’t use it?

          Are you saying it’s unjustified as to why they can’t have a 200MB plan anymore? Especially with all these cloud services. Sorry, but you are just one out of a total of many. You won’t be able to give Tmo the profit they need.

          I’m not trying to be mean, but there aren’t enough people who would benefit from this for Tmo to keep it. At least those are my thoughts.

        3. I guess you’re wife NEVER leaves the house lol I can kill 200mb in one day not even heavy use just normal apps running…

    3. switch to their value plan. problem solved

  7. lol, Apple doesn’t want its iFans to know they are being severly ripped off and Apple is profiting big time.

    1. Don’t iPhones cost the same as Android phones? That’s what I thought.

      1. Not if they have the same phone with different amount of internal storage in them. While apple charges you $100 extra for doubling your storage space, android phones OEMs charge like $50 difference.

      2. It cost $100 to go from 16gigs to 32gigs on the iPhone. Of that $100, $93 is nothing but profit for Apple. Apple’s markup is insanely high, and that’s just the small amount we know about. I’d bet Apple will drop the lawsuit before handing over their profit information.

  8. Isnt the EXIF info on a photo easy to fake? on top of that it should be easy enough to report a different model number to the exif info using a different build prop correct? So I am calling BS on that info

  9. So is it safe to Assume Judy Koh finally got that apple iRemote 5 out of her you know where and decided to become legitimate?

  10. Apple you can not have your cake and eat it too, you can NOT! Either pony up the info to prove you deserve the 1billion and a extra 535million or drop it. Chances are if Apple doesn’t want to provide the info then they know they they don’t deserve the amount requested.

  11. “We expect this rate [of sharing] will double every 10 years. So in 10 years from now, people will be sharing about 1,000 times as many things as they do today.” -Zuckerberg

    Zuckerberg needs to go back to school for a remedial math class. Did he secretly work for Verizon at some point?

    With all the inane things people already share, I don’t think the planet can support enough people to reach a sharing rate of 1000 times what it is today.

    1. Ha! +1 for the”secretly within at Verizon” bit..

  12. Congratulations to Verizon and Motorola. A mere 11+ months since the release of ICS, they’re finally updating the Bionic to an OS version that lost its “latest” status 4 months ago.

  13. Apple crying lol go Samsung this needs to end now!!

  14. Sharing a thousand times more? Ten times more was probably enough Zuckerberg, obviously the man is familiar with exaggerating…

    1. I know, right!
      “Hey, baby it’s just cold in here it actually gets x10 bigger. Trust me I’m a CEO.” – Zuckerberg

  15. I’m not really sure why rumors of a 32GB Nexus 7 led people to believe the 16GB was going away and the 8 would stay? This always seemed the more likely scenario.

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