Oh look! Another picture of coffee taken with a… Nexus 4?


You know you have too many pictures of food and drinks when they start reaching Android sites, but this one is much more than just another coffee shop photo. According to the EXIF data pulled from the Googler-uploaded Picasa image, this device was taken with a “Nexus 4” made by LG.

This comes as a bit of proof that the device will indeed be named the LG Nexus 4, but we wouldn’t rule out the idea that the name is nothing but a placeholder until the official name is decided. Furthermore, EXIF data can easily be modified to display whatever information one prefers.

This could very well be a fake, or it could be the real deal. But whether the device is named LG Optimus G Nexus, LG Optimus Nexus, LG Nexus 4 or anything else, it will be a device we will keep a close eye on. Take it with a grain of salt, and let’s hope the device gets unveiled by October 29 (rumored date).

Now, I am not very satisfied with that image quality, so I hope this is a fake. But tell us, guys – which name would you prefer?

[Via: Droid-Life]

Edgar Cervantes

Worth a watch: the making of an LG Optimus G

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  1. HARD HITTING coverage. :)

  2. None of the leaked camera pictures have looked good to me. I hope the final isn’t like this.

    1. because they’ve posted soooo many that it’s easy for you to get that opinion. *eye roll*

    2. ? the photos in that review from Onliner looked high quality to me + this pic was taken at less then 5 mp look at the res

  3. LG Nexus G! But out of the choices I would say Nexus 4

  4. $ exif –ifd=EXIF –tag=Model –set-value=”Nexus 4″ coffee.jpg

  5. Are people really getting excited about this phone? Im a nexus fan and have been since the start but this bores me so much. Nothing new here. Can anyone enlighten me what is so special??

    1. because it’s a nexus. something as ifan seeing i5. nothing special but they want it.

      1. Not quite. A lot of people go for the iPhone just because its an iPhone. They don’t need to know anything about it. I can’t speak for everyone on this Nexus, but I’m seriously considering getting one because it improves upon everything internally that the Galaxy Nexus has. Sharper screen that’s better in sunlight, better camera (although that isn’t saying much), faster processor, double the ram, and all in the same footprint. My current GNex is running noticeably slow now. There’s no lag, of couse; everything is buttery smooth. But the fact that it takes a few seconds just to reopen Google Now wears on me after a while. Beefed up hardware that allows for faster opening times and keeping more apps in memory instead of having to reload them sounds great.

        Tell me: why did people want the Galaxy S3. It sure as hell wasn’t because of S-Voice or the plastic shell.

        The nexus was never about internals or looks. It’s been about advances in software. This is just another bonus. It may not be the most sleek, but it beats everything else in both software AND hardware (again, not including the camera). Plus, backing by Google. The Kingmaker feature.
        So yeah, nothing special at all…….

        1. currently, im still using galaxy nexus (until the end of the month) and i dont really see how “good it is” since most of the time it connected to a charger. tried out many roms and still cant pass 1hr 50min screen time. so yeah, nothing special.

          1. Well clearly you have a bad unit. Or a Verizon model……which is a bad unit. 1hr50min screen time is dismal. The only way that could ever happen with mine is if I was tethering with the screen on full brightness and playing shadowgun.

            On average I get about 3.5 to 4hrs screen on time after a full day of use (music, podcasts, streaming etc). I don’t even look at the battery indicator anymore.

            I understand how your device might cause problems for you, but don’t associate that with all Nexus devices. Real Nexus devices (unlocked GSM). In addition, how does your bad device make this next nexus nothing special? I’m missing the connection here.

          2. and that is why im moving to ATT, VZN offer nothing but drinking my money each month and trash phone like htc droid and gn.

          3. I’m gonna try to avoid the carrier conversation, but since you’re moving to a GSM carrier, I’d say just try the next nexus (I’d say try the current GNex to compare the battery life, but there’s no point when you could get the next one). I can pretty much guarantee that your battery life will be much better. It won’t have LTE, but that’s part of the reason why the battery sucked in the first place.

          4. I’m not sure what your issues are dude… I know dozen of people who had the Droid Inc, loved it. I used to get around ~3 hours screen on. Always made it through the day without streaming music. My buddy runs a GNex stock unrooted gets 2 to three hours screen on.

          5. told you a zillion times in the past.. you should have swapped your device like months and months ago.. i’m getting plenty of usage out my gnex.. there is clearly something wrong with yours if you’re still complaining.. samsung phones all carry a 2 year warranty – call them. get it sorted!!

          6. I KNOW, RIGHT!? I don’t know what is wrong with people like this. I know a guy who got a Droid X 2 and after a while big black spots showed up on the screen almost like drops of ink. Anyway, instead of getting a new one, he kept it for 2 years and because he thought it was androids fault he got the i5. He now actually regrets getting the i5 because even the faulty X2 was better than it. That’s saying something right there if you ask me.

          7. dude.. i clearly remember telling @JulianZHuang: to do just that severallllllllllllllllllllll months back..

            it makes no sense why someone wouldnt do just that – samsung offer a 2 year warranty on ALL there phones..

            just a few months back i got the nexus s replaced.. was seriously zero hassle.. they realised it was a faulty bored & connector and figured it would just be easier / hassle free to replace the defective unit.

            in anycase both the nexus s & my gnex are running smooth as butter.. battery is decent on both devices too..

            still not keen on this lg nexus.. strongly wishing a return to htc or hoping motorolacan bring it with a nexus device..

          8. Must be user error, your screen time is not typical. Hopefully LG hardware and battery will be better than what Samsung offered in the past.

        2. I bought a Galaxy S3 because of:
          1. Sprint. They’ve been janking the Nexus since it came out.
          2. SAMOLED. The OLED screen in the S3 is bigger and brighter.
          3. Storage. MicroSD card slot. ’nuff said.
          4. Camera. 8MP vs 5MP, and the GNex camera isn’t anything to write home about. Not to mention the camera app in the S3 is far better than vanilla Android.

          Honestly, as a person who obsessively flashes his phones (I helped with porting Android to the Windows Mobile HTC Vogue [HTC Touch]), I have not felt the need to flash my S3 at all. In my short time with the Nexus 4G (cowboom.com), I was utterly compelled to put CM9 on it due to the lame-ness of AOSP android.

          Samsung has come a long way in the _it just works_ category in competing with Apple.

    2. On top of the 3x performance from the S4 pro chip or the 2GB ram, double from last year and the updated 8 mp camera not to mention a better display with a slightly higher res ? not much at all cept for the glass back housing. Though this device is a 6 month old prototype so who knows what we will see in 2 weeks.

      1. specs wise i’d say its not bad (but if its only 8gb storage and a shitty 8mp camera i’ll be superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pissed) hopefully this prototype has been vastly improved upon.. i’d love it if (specs wise) it was the same as the LG optimus G with added vanilla android goodness..

        1. Spec wise its today’s standards, not flagship status, but acceptable.

          1. spec wise it is better than the GS3 and would be fighting between 1st and 2nd with the iPhone 5…Not flagship status? Do you know how powerful the Adreno 320 is? C’mon man

            This phone could very well round out the end of the year as the highest spec’d phone and even into early next year.

          2. Today’s standards? there is only one other phone in the market that has as powerful of a cpu/gpu as this phone, the 8mp camera is a standard for high end devices yes but how many devices have 2gb of RAM?, U.S version of the galaxy S3 and the Optimus G are the only phones that do. if you take out the fact that the Galaxy S3 with the 2gb of ram only comes with a Dual core Krait based of an A9 then the only other phone that matches these specs it the optimus G which is the phone this Nexus was inspired from. if only 1 device out of a couple thousand has these specs than it isn’t standard.

          3. The krait is based off the A15 architecture.

          4. Yea that was a total mind fail on my part, had tegra 3 on my mind when I wrote that(watching HTC one x+ hands on) either way this phone has the quad core version of the same processor 1.5-1.7x the performance of the dual core

        2. Shitty 8mp camera? It’s going to be the same one used in the optimus G. The 8mp optimus G took much better shots than the 13mp. The 8gb of internal storage is based on a 6 month old prototype.

      2. Well the display will be the same res I assume, just non-pentile if it’s LCD. So yea, in some ways it’ll look better, in some ways worse.

        1. nah it has a bit higher res, although the screen is .05 inches bigger, it has a ppi of 320 while the GNex has a ppi of 315, but yea the image will be clearer with the lcd compared to the Pentile Amoled, The thing i really liked about the Amoled was the true blacks, but the whites had a bluish tint while on LCD’s the blacks are more of a dark grey color and the whites are less saturated.

    3. it takes killer photos of coffee, the same as any decent camera phone from the past 1 to 1.5 years SHOULD be taking already. Killer coffee brahski!

      1. lol what do you expect we live in an age when people take pics of their food/drinks and post them to instagram with a artsy filter

    4. more disappointing than exciting – so much wasted potential
      it would be exciting if a Nexus came out that wasn’t gimped with inadequate storage and no option to expand

      1. I highly doubt the final model will only be 8GB. In fact I would be willing to bet there will be a 64GB model. I do find the lack of a micro SD regrettable but if they sell it with a 64GB option I could live with no SD card.

    5. I’m more interested in hearing what Android 4.2 has to offer. As far as a Nexus, unless Google is finally making a phone for all carriers (like Apple and Samsung can do) then I have little to no interest in ever buying another Android phone. This is because I’m stuck on Verizon Wireless due to signal issues at my office and they have the worst phone selection.

      The next Nexus better be on Verizon too.

    6. AOSP, enough said

  6. He’s going to have to thank me later for the extra creme in his coffee

    1. some overt sexual reference?

  7. nexus 4 to me is almost as good as last year when we thought it was gonna be the nexus prime

  8. The Asus Pad Phone 2 should have been the Nexus for 2012. Better looking with about the same specs. The design of it screems Nexus!

  9. The fact that there is no removable battery, renders this a pass for me. Not that I would swap it for my Gnex yet anyway….

  10. All I see and here from ppl is that its faster that’s faster with with the nexus…im sorry but things like this should not impress nobody any more!!!.if a new high end phone comes out you sould expect that..im foreal…I want to see something that I would not expect from a google nexus by now.if they can’t do that then why slap the nexus name on the phone..I want a nexus, not a (Lg optimus with the nexus name on it or a samsung galaxy s with the nexus name on it.I want a nexus, something built from the bottom up all new look, feel etc.I want to see the nexus like how HTC did the nexus.Not just a copy of another phone that is on w/e phone company gets to make the nexus.come on ppl how can you keep liking the same old s**t

    1. The HTC nexus was the EvO 4G with different housing and a track ball.

  11. Nexus devices are NEVER the bleeding edge of technology or sky-high end devices. Just refined enough to deliver a very smooth and very consistent pure Android experience. The prototype will not be the actual device. The actual device will deliver on the Nexus promise and it will do it better than the last device could ever hope to. Why all the hubbub? Nexus is not about record smashing, it’s just about delivering on the pure Android promise. PERIOD.

    1. and terrible cameras.

  12. LG Phones aren’t particularly known for having good cameras. Many have problems with autofocus etc. Hope Google has taken care of that.

  13. If this thing was packing a 5.5 inch screen I would be all over it. Lg phones are built like tanks. My of lg chocolate is still kicking after all these years and a 90mph motorcycle accident. I would love to get the note2 but I want something built a little more solid and this thing is sexy.

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