T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger to be completed by June 2013


As we continue to wonder what the future of T-Mobile will be like after said company merges with MetroPCS, the meetings keep bringing in results for both parties. Now we are hearing Sprint wants in on the action and is trying to bid for the regional carrier. It seems T-Mobile and MetroPCS are following their plans, though, as we are now learning that the deal should be finalized some time between April and June 2013 (2nd quarter).

That seems like a reasonable amount of time. The deal will have to be approved by US regulators and all those processes take a hefty amount of time to accomplish. It is still unknown how everything will pan out, as it seems these carriers will continue to run as separate entities for a while.

Maybe there will be changes coming once LTE starts rolling out for T-Mobile. Previous reports point to a complete move from Metro’s network to Magenta’s 3G radios, freeing spectrum to build a more solid 4G LTE network.

We suppose time will tell, but this could help T-Mobile move to the #3 spot in the top list of carriers. It will be a while before Verizon and AT&T are taken from their pedestals, but if done right, this could help T-Mobile step closer in.

[Source: Reuters]

Edgar Cervantes

Oh look! Another picture of coffee taken with a… Nexus 4?

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  1. Well seeing that the world is ending this December doesn’t look like that deal is going through.

    1. The World isn’t “ending”. It will continue to spin. Just because the living beings will cease to exist doesn’t mean the World will go with it. Sheesh. LoL!!

  2. Why does T-Mobile’s CEO look like he smoked 20 rocks?

    1. How could you be TMo CEO and not smoke rocks?

  3. I think they have a decent shot at this rate of unseating Verizon or at least at&t… The key being they keep unlimited data. Tiered I think (not to mention shared) will probably chase a lot of people away.. Including me. I just hope Tmo starts getting some smaller phones.. 4″ please… And something rootable.

  4. I am wondering how T-Mobile and Metro PC would be #3 carrerie? Bothe has different network, T-Mobile using GSM and Metro PC using CDMA! Seems to me the history repeating it self… That`s what Sprint done when they bought Nextel.. And look what`s happen to them. But let sit back and watch the wheel turning around.

    1. This is not like sorint and nextel where the networks were totally different. All they have to do is port numbers tjen take down the cdma equipment and put up the new LTE equipment on that spectrum.

  5. Tmo CEO smokes crack rocks lol.
    Well with this great move he prolly only smoke maryjew-wanna

  6. This sounds like exciting stuff!!! Especially the 20mhz LTE. I’M currently with Verizon, BECAUSE of LTE. I wonder how long it will take for Tmo to merge Metro’s spectrum, and ramp up the LTE??? Hmm, I wonder if it will very in time for the Samsung Galaxy S4??? Probably not.
    If anybody is able to help me with details, I live in New Haven County, Connecticut.

    1. The Galaxy S4 is coming out in non-USA around Summer-Early Fall and it will be in the USA around the holidays. I know this because my contract will expire the very day it lands in stores. So I will be able to turn in my S2 and get the S4.

  7. So the rumors are true, yep another merge. I hope something good will come out of this.

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