Oct 13th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 10th, 2012, 6:01 pm

As we continue to wonder what the future of T-Mobile will be like after said company merges with MetroPCS, the meetings keep bringing in results for both parties. Now we are hearing Sprint wants in on the action and is trying to bid for the regional carrier. It seems T-Mobile and MetroPCS are following their plans, though, as we are now learning that the deal should be finalized some time between April and June 2013 (2nd quarter).

That seems like a reasonable amount of time. The deal will have to be approved by US regulators and all those processes take a hefty amount of time to accomplish. It is still unknown how everything will pan out, as it seems these carriers will continue to run as separate entities for a while.

Maybe there will be changes coming once LTE starts rolling out for T-Mobile. Previous reports point to a complete move from Metro’s network to Magenta’s 3G radios, freeing spectrum to build a more solid 4G LTE network.

We suppose time will tell, but this could help T-Mobile move to the #3 spot in the top list of carriers. It will be a while before Verizon and AT&T are taken from their pedestals, but if done right, this could help T-Mobile step closer in.

[Source: Reuters]

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