Here’s A Firsthand Account of Google’s LG Optimus G Nexus [Rumors]


By now, you know the drill — everything discussed in the post is in no way based on factual or tangible evidence of any kind. It’s all hearsay. All rumor mill. But still kinda fun. Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time for some late-night Android gossip.

Yesterday we told you guys about some alleged “insider information” regarding Google’s plans on handling Nexus devices from here on out. Supposedly, big G will allow for multiple Nexus devices, as long as they abide by Google’s “Nexus commandments.” It was also whispered that LG will be first out the gate with a Google flagship device they’re calling the LG Optimus G Nexus (terrible name, we know). This will essentially be a rebranded LG Optimus G, only with stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and direct updates straight from the mother ship.

Today, we’re hearing some more “leaked” details on LG and Google’s joint device, making it sound just a little more believable than before. Taylor at Android and Me has once again nabbed the exclusive, receiving a sworn testimony from someone who was able to get a little hands-on time with the device. Here’s his full account:

“I can confirm the next nexus is LG Optimus based. The phone looks surprisingly like the Galaxy Nexus and does not have sharp corners like the LG Optimus we already know. It has a silver ring like the iPhone 3G around the outer edge of the screen which seemed to be similar to the Galaxy Nexus in size but was much better in brightness.

I couldn’t have said if it was larger in the few minutes that I had the phone. Also, it has Nexus written on the back like the Nexus 7 except there is a color element to it. The ‘X’ is in four colors. There was also the LG logo on the back.

Android 4.2 in its current state looked exactly like the 4.1.1 we love. There were no tabs on that build version for home-screens as you suggested from your other tipster. What I was amazed by is how fluid everything seemed to be from exiting apps, switching, etc. It seems like they’ve increased the number of transitions and their types. It still had the hodge-podge mess of multiple communication tools: Messenger, GTalk, Voice and SMS.”

When it comes to the camera on the device, some of you might be disappointed to know that a picture was taken with the device, but the EXIF data revealed it was only an 8MP photo. Keep in mind the LG Optimus G comes in 2 varieties, one featuring an 8MP shooter, the other with a 13MP one. It looks like Google opted for the lesser one. But don’t fret, as long as Google/LG gets the sensor tech nailed down, 8MP is fine enough for me.

So what do you guys think of this newly “leaked” information, bogus? Are you excited about what’s to come? I’ve played with more than a few LG devices, and I must say they have a great build quality to them (we just know LG’s reputation when it comes to firmware updates). Once again, we wont have to wait much longer to find out what Google has in store for the world and the next revolutionary Nexus.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’m still wondering how this Nexus business is gonna play out.

    Customizing center? Does that mean all phones will be Nexus phones and you can just download the manu’s skin? How would updates work?

    Carriers? Will there be a Verizon-capable Nexus device sold by Google? SO many questions to be answered. I need to know if I’m switching to T-Mobile :P

    1. I’m hoping Android 4.2 will have some sort of theme engine, similar to custom ROMs like CyanogenMod. Then, if OEM’s really believe their UI is superior to stock Android, they can include it as a theme.

      Verizon has always been a wild card. They like a lot of control, and they LOVE exclusivity (look at the last Nexus). There will always be unlocked Nexuses sold directly through Google that will work on both AT&T and T-Mobile so no matter what, a T-Mobile move could make sense (depending on coverage and whatnot).

      1. Holo is nice but I want to change it up like Window Blinds.

      2. I’ve had the same issue over & over during the recent weeks- weather to stay or go with VZW , but I’m leaning to the latter. Yes they have great coverage spectrum & more LTE than anyone @ this point but their “Bi-Polar OCD Control Freek” Attitude shows they only see $$$ signs.

        They also release devices they so choose, & not by what possible public demand might be unless it’s an iPhone. In other words they seemingly knows whats best(like a parent) for “Us” & that’s how it’ll be. These are just my opinions but perceptions are almost more often than not a reality when it comes to business.

        With that all said in my rambles(Lol) I’d personally “HIGHLY HIGHLY” doubt we’ll see another Nexus device on VZW anytime soon. Look around the web or other tech sites 95%+ of your peers Chris can’t all be totally out of their minds in thinking this. Plus these last 11months have been a debacle for everyone especially Google in regards to the Galaxy Nexus

        1. Assuming that Google does allow multiple OEM’s to manufacture Nexus devices, then I would assume and/or expect VZW would at least see a Motorola one due to their relationship (and of course Google’s acquisition of the company).

          1. Sorry dude not to be rude, but that’s a pipe dream imo. Seriously research around diff tech sites & most if not all commonly agree that a Nexus on VZW would be a total shocker, a few even have some “good insider” knowledge.

            Furthermore VZW considers Nexus devices a “Niche” sale @ best & don’t see it as a viable option going fwd unless they have some exclusive deal(say 6mo). We all know Google ain’t into that sorta thing again. It’s really all just food for thought & something to really consider in regards to how VZW conducts business.

    2. Screw Verizon they can go bury their heads in sand for this nexus release for messing up the Nexus Launch with their exclusive crap.

  2. Don’t care anymore. After having 4 Android phones, I finally switched to a lag-free and superior iPhone 5. Its the most amazing phone ever built and pawns everything else. No more malware and bloat, plus I will get timely updates from Apple that are bug free

    1. Cool story, bro.. You must have never owned the Galaxy Nexus O_o

      1. That was fast! No iPhones here lol. Android for life!. I’ve had the G1, Nexus One, Nexus S, but skipped the Galaxy Nexus because I wanted a superior camera. Ill probably get this LG Nexus though if the specs and camera is awesome.

        Sent from my modded up the a$$ HTC Amaze 4G

        1. dafuq?

          1. Looks like he’s an attention manwhore.

    2. Just don’t use iOS 6 maps for your directions to get back home from the Apple Store or you might end up at the bottom of a lake.

    3. Grandma wants her little iPhone back!

    4. Oh please

    5. Bug free? What do you call Apple Maps then?

    6. Tim Cooks please stop trolling

    7. What is this “pawn” you speak of? Lol

    8. Pawns? everything else? I would take an iPhone 5 to a pawn shop too if I ever came across one and buy something that actually works right, like an android device. No malware huh? All who have ever had malware on any of their devices please let your voices be heard now? Timely bug free updates? How is it like using google maps in the browser? I mean I wouldn’t know I have a turn by turn navigation app supported by google that works fine. I would tell you to get lost but if you use apple maps then they will already get you lost hahaha

      1. chill it was a lame attempt of a troll (it worked) don’t own any iCrap.

  3. Looking good but the LG logo is hideous and are better of leaving it off (fat chance) but the colored X logo sounds interesting. I hope it has some kind of metal accents and better camera this time. I’ve had bad experiences with LG in the past but at least they’re not doing that sealed battery cr@p that Sony, Moto, and HTC are doing lately.

    1. I have become a solid supporter of removable batteries! I have 2 spare (just in case) batteries for my gnexus and love having the option to swap out to 100% in a few seconds! The sealed battery has got to go!

  4. I don’t like the sound of the rounded corners – I much prefer the square style which is why I was so disappointed with the galaxy 3.

  5. Ugh! No more iPhone bezels please! I’m not necessarily adverse to LG, I’ve owned phones from them in the past, but they need to move away from iPhone-esque styles, which I think are hideous and plain, not to mention as unexciting as it gets in the smartphone world. Some of the shiny bezeled photos of the Optimus G initially turned me off, but when I saew the version with the sharper bezel I nearly changed my mind about the style.

    Not that I need a 13 MP camera on my phone, but it would have been a fun talking point if nothing else. However, 8 MP is fine by me as long as the camera itself is quality.

    But I’m also waiting to see what other possible Nexus offerings are in the picture for Q4. I’m really interested to see an HTC or a Motorola Nexus!

    1. I’m really really hoping for another HTC Nexus device. The Nexus One was easily my favorite in terms of design.

    2. You need more mega pixels for zooming.

      1. I would love more megapixels. But I’m content with 8 if they deliver a back illuminated sensor and make it quality in other ways too.

  6. Rounded corners over square (s2ish) corners any day. Looking forward to the new Nexus line up.

    But obviously, you need to see the device as a whole to judge it, looking good.

  7. I don’t want a gazillion MP damn it. I want bigger and clear pixels, not more tiny ones that can’t get a lot of light on them. I also want MUCH bigger sensors in phones, regardless of how that affects the shape of the phone. Manufacturers are crazy enough to make 5.5″ “phones” but can’t risk “innovating” with a phone that has a dramatically better camera than anything out there?

    Stop playing it safe damn it. Most of them are still afraid to use anything but black and white colors. And they probably thought even the white one is pretty “risky” until recently.

  8. So 4.2 might be legit.. And I’m just sitting here still with 4.0…

    1. Be happy its 4.0 and not 2.3 lol

    2. Get a Nexus. I did, and I’ll never go back.

    3. 4.2 might be legit and won’t be on anything but a nexus till march 2013 at least or you know, just root rom and get on with it already and you only need to do it once.

  9. I, for one, am not crying for a unified service integrating SMS, Gtalk, etc – it seems answer to a question no one asked. Secondly, the Nexus devices are all about the AOSP experience in its purest form and not about the hardware – that alone explains why G Nexus on Jelly Bean runs almost as smooth and fast as quad core flagships. So, maybe the next big step is the screen, being 1080p. Galaxy Nexus elevated the Android game by bringing the 720p screen and Android 4.0 into the mainstream. It’s hard not to wish an equal degree of innovation from the next Nexus.

    1. I’m crying over it and do are many people. It’s a mess that needs addressing, it’s ridiculous.

    2. Me neither. I prefer it separate as I’m aware of who I google chat with, versus more distant people that I only sms with. No biggie at all. Plus with notification bar it all shows up one way or another any hoot.

  10. no pictures no videos didnt happen

  11. Good device but absolutely not for me unless it has :
    1) Removable battery
    2) sd support or at least 64gb on on board storage.
    I’m not asking for too much am I?

    1. No you aren’t.

    2. I never knew how much I loved a removable battery until I got a GSIII. How other companies are moving away from that, I’ll never understand.

  12. “we just know how LG’s reputation when it comes to FIRMWARE.”

    Fixed that for ya.

  13. I don’t really bump with Lg since the g2x. I hope the multiple manufacturers creating nexus rumor is true.

  14. People forget that while focal length and aperture size are supremely important, mega pixel count is paramount for zooming when you don’t have a optical zoom. I need a camera that has 10+ mp since I do a lot of long distance shooting when I’m on the go and don’t have my dedicated camera with me.

    1. Why don’t you carry a point and shoot with decent optical zoom instead? If you do so much long distance shooting then you should keep a dedicated camera with you.

      1. Why? Because this is 2012, not 2002. That’s clunky and inconvenient. The tech is available. Give us what we want and we will buy it.

        1. They will never make a multi-tool that works as good as a dedicated one.
          I’m not writing Leatherman because the can opener in mine isn’t as good as a regular one because I understand that compromises have to occur in the design of versatile devices.

          If you are crying for a better shooter in a phone then adjust your convenience requirements carry a real camera like real camera people seem to be able to do.

  15. if true, I like the fact that it will have the same shape as the galaxy nexus. I really do like the look it, as I own one myself. and if the processor really is more power then the current nexus, I’ll be happy. I also hope the screen will look better. I think 4.7 inches is a good size for a screen. I don’t really care all that much about the camera. if I did I would just get an iphone 5. 8 mp will be fine if the camera is competent

  16. It’ll never make it to verizon, but if it could, if verizon were willing to let an optimus g nexus on their network, where the phone comes with the form factor of a galaxy nexus and maybe even a superamoled screen (since that’s what every nexus in existence has always had), then I’d definitely be all over it.

    Taking on the galaxy nexus form factor would definitely require a removable battery though, tiny built in batteries suck.

  17. Am I really going to have to buy 5 new nexus devices?

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