Oct 13th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 10th, 2012, 6:02 pm

Commercials for Android devices are mostly a hit or miss project. Some are simply to vague and don’t show much of what the device is capable of (like DROID ads), others are mostly making fun of the competition (Samsung) and others are downright boring. Very few times do we see a fun commercial that manages to display the device’s capabilities while entertaining the viewer, and LG has just accomplished that.

We believe this product video is worth the 4 minutes of your life. It displays the LG Optimus G’s features with visually striking cinematography, immersive sound and performing arts. One can really say this is a form of “artistic” video, but LG managed to accomplish this by also demonstrating features like QSlide function (video multi-tasking), QuickMemo, Dual Play, battery performance and some camera features.

If you have seen our hands-on video, you know we are very excited about the LG Optimus G at Phandroid. We believe this will be one of the hottest devices of 2nd half, 2012. Not to mention it might even be released as a Nexus. A full review is coming, but sit back and enjoy the video for now!

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