Worth a watch: the making of an LG Optimus G


Commercials for Android devices are mostly a hit or miss project. Some are simply to vague and don’t show much of what the device is capable of (like DROID ads), others are mostly making fun of the competition (Samsung) and others are downright boring. Very few times do we see a fun commercial that manages to display the device’s capabilities while entertaining the viewer, and LG has just accomplished that.

We believe this product video is worth the 4 minutes of your life. It displays the LG Optimus G’s features with visually striking cinematography, immersive sound and performing arts. One can really say this is a form of “artistic” video, but LG managed to accomplish this by also demonstrating features like QSlide function (video multi-tasking), QuickMemo, Dual Play, battery performance and some camera features.

If you have seen our hands-on video, you know we are very excited about the LG Optimus G at Phandroid. We believe this will be one of the hottest devices of 2nd half, 2012. Not to mention it might even be released as a Nexus. A full review is coming, but sit back and enjoy the video for now!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. i hope dis does for lg , what galaxy s series did for samsung. mayb dis cud b a start for em . my first android was Optimus One .i loved it :D

  2. My first computer was a Goldstar FC-200 MSX1 from LG so we go back a long way LG and me. The most terrible thing to see in the android platform was the total lack of updates from LG’s side on android products. After the LG choclate (smart)phone series they became hot for a little while here in holland after that they became obsolite (again) becouse of terible models and total crap hardware… They now seem to be back on track this phone is nice, only of they get there update program in place i’m buying a LG again… i want to make the circle complete :) and come back on the brand i once started my nerd hobyism…

  3. Great video. They should take each segment and make them into 30 second commercials. Then during a major event air one segment during each commercial break. I would say add a few informative things to each segment as well. Those who are watching that event would get the entire story throughout the program. This would be a great advertising opportunity.

    1. Fantastic idea. Then after all of them play, somehow manage to buy an entire commercial break and play the whole thing :P

  4. That multitasking is… interesting.

    1. The Q-Slide thing? It’s a massive fail :-D

  5. Do not want this phone.
    – non-removable battery.
    – no external sdcard
    – not SAMOLED
    – is bejeweled with girly sparkles


    1. Well i DO WANT THIS PHONE.
      – Snapdragon s4 Pro quad core processor @ 1.5Ghz
      – 2 Gigs of Ram
      – 8mp-13mp camera with smart shutter
      – True HD Ips+ Display (which i prefer realistic colors over samoled)
      – Beautiful design (my opinion)
      – Non removable 2100mah battery (i personally believe non removable is higher quality)
      – 32GB-64GB of storage

      1. I don’t know about you but I need at least 100GB for all my game, videos, music, photos, apps, backups, and other files.
        That’s the reason why I’m going with the Galaxy Note 2: 64GB Internal + 64GB SD = 128GB

        I also do a lot of ROM’ing and sometimes a battery pull is the only option. Even key combinations to cold boot don’t work sometimes. I don’t want to have to disasemble my phone just to replace/remove battery.

        I agree with you on the display, though.

        1. Note 2 has 64 gig PLUS sd slot? About time.

        2. i wouldnt want to be you if I lose my phone or it got stolen. (it can happen)
          I’m not sure you are or will be using your nearly 100gb of files and games, that you play every single song and video that you put in it.
          its not like you need everything in the phone. people invented cloud storage, online music streaming, youtube… you dont necessarily need to have every backup with you but can transfer them to your computer.

          but hey each person has its way to use his/her phone.

    2. then you don’t like iPhone too ?

  6. Impressive.

  7. LG has not been impressive at all with its past android phones. However, it looks like they nailed it this time around. Not saying it will be the best phone out there but definitely a top contender. Just my opinion.

  8. Too bad it’s a 4.7….waay too big for me.. I’ve been looking into LG recently also.. How are lg phones with rooting? I was htc loyal up until a few months ago since they totally dropped the ball on unlocked bootloaders..

  9. I had an LG feature phone back in the day that was really outstanding.
    I haven’t liked their smartphones…ever.
    With that in mind I’ll still read about ’em here on Phandroid because maybe, just maybe they will make something that interests me and isn’t weak somehow.

  10. great video and device !

  11. If this ends up being a Nexus it’ll be quite the device. I’ve got my eye on the Note 2 tho

  12. i like how he did the kamehameha

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