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We love bringing you all the content, but many stories still don’t make it to the homepage. This is why we have Android Overload. We don’t want you to miss anything, and today we have a flurry of great news that are definitely worth a look. Make sure to check them out before heading over to your weekend adventures!

  • Google TV v3 video gets uploaded by accident [Engadget]
  • NOOK HD tablet pre-orders up over 240% from previous NOOK devices [IntoMobile]
  • Apple Maps parodies will make you LOL [Gizmodo]
  • Crackle app updated with better UI and improved performance [Google Play]
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted video uploaded [EAMobileGames]
  • History Here released, highlights historical locations across the US [Android Police]
  • Do you buy books from Amazon? You could be getting some money back! [Amazon]
Edgar Cervantes

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  1. ‘historical’ locations in US?
    We have inhabited residential buildings here (UK) which are older than the entire country (US).

    1. good job!!!! if you don’t think 300 years is enough time for history to be considered history, your loss though :/ there is quiet a lot of amazing history over here

      1. this continent has been settled longer than 300 years… even if you only take into account European settlements, it’s older than 300 years… :-p

        1. well yes but he was stating since we have been a country, which is STILL MORE than long enough to have a “history” lol

          we have settlement history that predates us as a country and beyond that we have native american history which is quiet amazing in my opiinion

          1. your fight is with the wrong guy here. His statement implies that there’s no history outside of the US as a country… I just didn’t want you to fall into that trap. ;-)

    2. Wow…. +10 on your man card! Anything else you’d like to contribute? We have teeth that are white and straight here (us) then other places (uk)

      1. It’s funny because it’s true! I literally lol’d on this one.

      2. The only interesting bit of History regarding the US is that it was found by the English who realising there was nothing worthy about it…..left ;-)

        1. they dint leave they were kicked out lol, if you refer to your history textbooks the English parliament enforced higher taxes including imported goods on the American colonies because they were doing bad financially, the American colonies also Englishmen said enough is enough and fought back for their Independence which they won.

          1. Yea, we were doing badly cos we were fighting the Spanish and french at the time, the people you went running to for help, cos there was no way america could beat Britain in a straight up fight.
            Without their help and/or them distracting us in wars around the world, you’d have lost.
            Hence, america owes its existence to the french… the french of all countries.
            Now it the americans that are the powerful ones (excluding china, cos we dont really know how powerful they are exactly), but if other countries group together, you’d lose aswell.

            Hopefully we can go without wars though and just stay as bitching buddies :D

      3. Yeah if you can afford to PAY for them :-D

      4. It is true, and something that I have a problem with myself – in the UK if you want to have nice white teeth you have to be wealthy. See most of the dentist only give a subpar treatment for those on the NHS.

    3. Yeah you do. But you don’t have a big awesome statue commemorating you’re freedom from… you.

      1. are you sure about that one? Are you sure that you don’t want to take some time to Google that to see where all of the hundreds of Libertas are? Such as the original, which is in Paris… and others across Europe, in countries such as England and Ireland…

      2. yeaaa ours is a copy…. a larger copy, but still a copy, the original is in Paris and there are many more around the globe, ours is just the most iconic and the largest

  2. are you sure about that one? Are you sure that you don’t want to Google that to see where all of the hundreds of Libertas are? Such as the original, which is in Paris…

  3. Ah…Sunday morning wake and bake with some fresh coffee and Phandroid to read.
    Life is good.

  4. Why is Minnesota excluded from the e-book settlement?

  5. Well , a thing I would love to have your views on ( despite the fact that it isn’t relevant to the article ) is , how do you think android will combat these hybrids ? ( as seen here )

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