360-degree view of LG Nexus phone pops up


Just about a month ago we struggled to get even one piece of information about the next Nexus phone, and now it seems like we can’t go a day without another picture or leaked spec. I’m not complaining or anything, but it’s crazy to know that the saying “when it rains, it pours” tends to be true in most situations.

Earlier we got yet another look at the LG device that’s going to be part of the Nexus line, and now an even better view has popped up. Russian site Onliner has somehow gotten its hands on a 360-degree view of the thing. It’s not unlike those product preview images at several retailer sites which allow you to drag a photo see it from all sorts of angles.

The photo doesn’t show us anything we haven’t already seen, though it’s the absolute most clear photo we’ve had the pleasure of being able to feast our eyes on at this point. The publication makes sure to remind us that the textured backing is still there, but the lighting and composition of the photos taken to make this happen washed a good bit of that out.

You’ll need to get on over to the source link if you want to spin it yourself, but that shouldn’t be a difficult task for many of you. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. [Onliner, thanks Mars!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Not sure if in love or pissed at the glass iphoneish back panel…hmmm

    1. It’s not glass, just a heavy duty glossy plastic.

  2. i kinda like it but i can’t wait what Samsung & HTC is going to bring for their nexus device

    1. HTC can go somewhere else with their exclusive mindset. Samsung had its go at the Nexus and they are good but someone else needs to make a Nexus is LG the next best thing? no not really

      1. I think we should wait till the actual announcement to judge, this is just a prototype of the device.

      2. I’m assuming you are speaking about LG having bad hardware? If so, then I must ask…Since when did LG manufacture phones with bad hardware or horrible specs?

        I think you have it twisted. On the contrary, LG makes phones with awesome hardware and specs, the problem with LG was SOFTWARE.

        So now that you have awesome LG hardware, and software controlled by Google (hence the Nexus branding)…what is the issue?

        1. I’m super pumped that LG is making the Nexus for that very reason. LG Hardware + stock Android = pure awesomeness. And who can’t love that gorgeous looking design? I’m gonna have my iFriends jealous left and right!

        2. There is no issue. Your 100% correct about LG’s good hardware but sucky software. People just like to say negative stuff about LG because the person above him post negative replies.

          1. I personally have not been a fan of LG since the days they were known as Goldstar/LuckyGoldstar. They have since turned the brand around, but the impression has had a lasting effect on me. ;)

          2. I think everyone’s previous issues with LG just has made them hesitant to jump aboard the LG Nexus train. I know I’m definitely a skeptic. I personally am not a fan of the low internal storage amount. 32GB or go home. Cloud is inconvenient.

        3. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

        4. I’m not speaking against LG about their hardware issues at all. I just said I don’t want HTC if they are gonna play favorites. I like Samsung for the Nexus versions they released, I owned a NS was a great device was jipped onn the oppourtunity for a GN due to the exclusive mess but its time someone else tries their hand in this Poker Nexus game. In regards to LG I just stated they may not have been Next best for Nexus, though then again who else would make a Nexus Moto? or Asus?

          1. I would like to see Sony and/or Asus take a stab at it personally. :-)

          2. NEXUS PADFONE :)

          3. So want one of those everything in one like this would be great.

        5. Wasn’t the G2X and the G2 stock Android and still horrible?

          1. The G2 had kernel modifications to enable Wi-Fi callng/texting if I remember right.

          2. The G2 was not completely stock, but it was close. It wasn’t made by LG, tho, and it definitely didn’t suck :)

          3. G2x LG, the G2 HTC- yes?

        6. “ABC”, and Best comment here. I couldn’t have said it better.

        7. I’ve owned a few LGs over the years and they worked great until they didn’t. It seemed that they went good and strong but then would crap out at about two years of ownership (conveniently in time for the upgrade). But while I’ve had some mixed experience I might be willing to give LG another shot if they offered compelling hardware without a lot of bloat over Android. The Optimus G might just be compelling enough, but I’m going to be quite distracted by the Razr HD, The Droid Incredible X, and other possible Nexus options. So LG needs to make this phone great for me to bite.

        8. The issue is that sammy, HTC, sony etc. fanboys can’t accept the fact that LG is making awesome devices lately even the software is much better now (optimus 4x, optimus g), they simply don’t care and go on bashing LG. Close-minded people…

          1. I recall when people hated Samsung less than 2 years ago. Fanboyism has strong roots in our community as well.

          2. It takes a long time to reverse sentiment after burning consumers. See American car companies and Microsoft.

          3. Doesn’t matter how awesome their hardware or software is if they DON’T UPDATE THE PHONES. Until LG stop abandoning their products they ain’t getting a penny of my money.

      3. I would rather have Samsung or Asus make the nexus, 4.8″ with 64GB internal/up to 64GB exterior maybe a second SD card slot, first ever multi-activation (any US carrier will be able to activate it) and a huge battery

        1. Asus was excellent back in the late 90’s when they made excellent motherboards,
          In my opinion Asus is no longer the same company of the 90’s, products aren’t that great anymore. I’ve personally had problems with their stuff.

          Also, remember the Asus Transformer. Asus was too stupid to realize the aluminum back prevented WiFi signal transmission. I mean, that is a HUGE oversight. The product was practically recalled or pulled off the shelves or something like that (or free WiFi dongle?).

          Not saying Asus is horrible, they just aren’t that great in my personal opinion.

          I’m totally up for this LG Nexus. What I really want to see though is a Motorola Nexus!!!

          1. Galaxy Note Nexus for me, please!

          2. I think almost everyone here wants a motorola nexus, something like a razr maxx hd with s4 pro and 2GB of ram would be 100% perfect. Could be called the nexus maxx.

          3. I’m calling it now. Droid RAZR Nexus 4G LTE, with Verizon etched in.

        2. I don’t care about 64gb’s I most likely won’t use that. But 16gb at minimum with a sd slot would be good or 32gb minimum without. Music and CR’s and pics make up the majority of the space I use. A huge battery or an optimized battery would be great as you mention. I will most likely get this but im not too sure that backing is questionable it is nice though.

          1. Nexus devices do not and will not have SD slots. Google explained why. So, get over it, or prepare to buy a non Nexus device.

          2. Like the Note 2!

        3. asking for a nexus device with 64gb internal, and another 64gb exterior, and a possible 2nd sd slot is just asking for too much. I love the nexus Devices but they have never been that kind of bleeding edge products.

        4. Keep dreaming!!!

      4. LG had software issues. But having owned a G2X that had Google software, the support for the phone is HORRIBLE. However I do not put all the blame on LG because Nvidia has been horrible as well. I will not purchase another phone with an Nvidia processor. The Snapdragon dual-cores had great support so I don’t see why this phone wouldn’t. The only thing I do not like is that there is supposedly no SD card slot and the battery is not removable.

        1. the G2X is t-mobile branded, and you can’t rely on a carrier to get frequent updates.

          my T-Mobile NL branded HTC Touch diamond(MDA Compact IV) was also left far behind with updates, even though the unbranded version which worked with the exact same roms did get frequent updates.
          now i only use manufacturer branded phones.

    2. LOL! You believe that rumor? You’re gonna be waiting for a long time cause its not gonna happen.

    3. the Samsung GT-I9260 has already been outed as the Premier.

      1. I actually prefer the Premier’s design to the original GNex. Since these phones apparently need to have a Jay Leno chin, you might as well put the capacitive buttons on it and increase screen real estate. The Samsung logo is a drawback and touchwiz is a deal breaker though.

        1. I think the reason they gave it the slightly bigger bezel was to make it proportional to the top bezel, on the GNex the top bezel is bigger than the bottom and on this device they are the same. You also have to keep in mind this prototype is about half a year old, in that time they could have made changes to it.

  3. Officially want this!

  4. Man I would be pissed if I were Samsung.

  5. Looks pretty nice overall except I’m not a fan of this new trend of rolling the edge of the glass back towards the bezel. I didn’t notice the glass was like that until now.
    Screen protectors won’t cover this edge and will all be cut short leaving an unsightly edge line around the entire screen and they will be prone to lifting because of the rolled edge… /sigh

    1. The Galaxy Nexus is a huge pain for screen protectors as well. After trying for a while,I eventually just went with it naked because no protector was fitting just right.

      1. Screen protectors are a waste, and take away from the feel of the device.

    2. ion use protection. i like it raw…don’t judge me.

  6. Seems odd that the flash is framed instead of the camera lens.

    1. Given that they also dumbed down the camera from 13MP to 8MP, they must think the flash is more important than the camera.

      1. I wouldn’t really get mad about a decrease from 13MP to 8MP. All that means is your photo sizes will be smaller. Because you really need that 5000 x 5000 photo. LoL!!

        The video won’t take much hit. I mean an 8MP video comes out pretty clear. Unless you’re actually in photography you won’t miss anything.

        I mean, I had a 5MP camera that recorded in 1080P. The video wasn’t as good as my E4GT since it has an 8MP, but that’s only because I was able to do a side-by-side comparison. You really don’t see too much difference with them.

        1. You forget about zoom functions.

          1. Eh, zoom on a smartphone is somewhat pointless. Any kind of digital zoom, even the kind on DSLRs is grainy for the most part. What is best is optical zoom to get the best resolution you can. But smartphones are so compact it would be a feat of engineering to pack in any kind of optical zoom.

            Still, even with 13 MP the zoom wouldn’t be super impressive.

          2. That’s the only time I can think that MP really matters. Instead of zooming using the camera, I tried cropping using a photo editor. As you zoom in, there’s still enough resolution left to have a clear picture. In this case, the more MP’s the closer in you can crop.

          3. Zoom function is software related. But a larger MP camera can allow for a more clear zoom shot, so yea. You’re right. That’s important.

      2. Show me a 13MP camera that takes better low light levels, less noise, better colors and more clarity than a 8MP and I’ll care. MP means nothing compared to everything I just mentioned.

        1. Drives me crazy that after all these years people are still fooled into thinking MP = picture quality. Power of advertising. This is the #1 reason iphones succeed.

          1. Exactly! I would rather see more phones get the dedicated image processor like the one in the HTC One X. And the back illuminated sensor as well. Sure MP are important and I’d prefer an 8 MP camera over a 5 MP camera, but without the whole package you could have a phone with 41 MP and it would be pointless.

          2. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the One X camera and I own a One X. In low light the auto-focus goes crazy so it’s really hard to get an in-focus shot. And if you are doing low light video it constantly goes in and out of focus. My Atrix was phenominal at low light video.

            On top of that, because they use an external image chip which doesn’t have source code available, all AOSP ROMs have a pretty weak camera.

          3. I actually went to the Verizon store near me and demoed the Razr HD and I must say I was pretty impressed with the camera despite Motorola’s reputation for crappy cameras. Just from my own personal experience I’ve now owned both HTC and Motorola phones, and in general HTC camera quality has ben better. But since I haven’t had a chance to get a hands on the One X I can’t say from my own experience that it’s the best, but the One X has got high marks on the camera in the reviews I’ve read.

            Regardless though, I’m pretty sold on the Razr HD now and that might very well be my next phone. Especially since the LG Nexus isn’t sounding very appealing. The Galaxy S3 looks nice too but I’m leaning more Razr about now.

          4. If I were on Verizon I would go with a Razr Maxx HD for those on screen keys and amazing battery life, but I am not.

            The HTC camera is really good, and has no problems when it is bright out. But the software for the camera (mainly the autofocus) goes crazy in low light. At least when taking pictures you can snap a couple really quickly and hope you got a good one that is in focus, but with video recording you can’t do that so your video goes in and out of focus constantly.

      3. Hmm. Is there any further word on whether the originally reported 8GB of on board memory is true or not? That would def. be a deal breaker for me.

        1. Its been said that pre-release versions of the GNex had 8gb memory too. Its not necessarily indicative of release with this phone either. They might go 8gb to save money, but I seriously doubt thats the only option they will have.

    2. Its also quite possible that in testing the flash being so close caused light bleed into the lens. I can see how framing it out may make the light reflect outwards and fix that issue… speaking out my ass here but thats what i thought

  7. Headphone jack on top??? Uhhhhh that’s stupid… Like I really want a cord draping across my screen when I’m lookin at my phone.

    1. You know its possible to have the cord behind the phone right? And why would u want it at bottom, sticking into your palm when holding the phone.

      1. Sticking in my palm? You must hold your phone incredibly weird if that happens to you. If The USB and the 3.5 jack are both at the bottom then you only have to contend with wires in one place. With this design they’re sticking out both directions.

        1. Agreed Ian. I would prefer to have headphone jack on the bottom as well. Fits much better when in your pocket and using headphones.

          1. agreed. your phones facing right side up everytime you grab it out of your pocket.

        2. Cant think of a single occasion where ive used usb and headphone jack at the same time.

          1. Charging the device while using audio out like in a car.
            Not everyone has a bt car stereo.

          2. Not everyone has a car, but for those that do, I’d really hope they have better judgement than to buy a device that makes it easier to text and drive.

          3. Everyone may not have a car but almost everyone rides in one on ocassion.
            I was talking g about using the phone to play music thru a car stereo while it charging. Its better to have all the cabling on the one side rather then both.

            You, I don’t know what your going on about…

    2. Not to mention, that interferes with the natural way of putting a phone in your pocket (upside down).

      1. (Edit) Sorry, disqus put my comment under the wrong post.

        think about it for a second.
        Hold your phone in your hand naturally then let your hand drop to your side. The phone is upside down with the screen facing your leg as it would be had you naturally slid it into your pocket.

        Another one. Put your phone in your pocket upside down then with the screen facing towards your leg. Now reach for it. Pull it out and bring it to your face without flipping it. It is naturally right side up in your hand. ;-)

      2. I always put it in the right way up… oooh errrr ! :-D

      1. Yup. That’s what I use.

    3. Never had that issue with any phone I’ve owned with headphone jack on top. I prefer it on top. The top position is the most natural and best position for a headphone jack.

      1. +1

  8. I don’t like it. Seems the Nexus lineup are going the way of the iPhone.

    1. I have to agree. Its not really all that impressive. Yeah, sure the hardware is but its ugly again like the G’nex. The non removable battery/no micro sd card slot arent helping it either.

      1. No nexus will have micro sd if they stay true to their statements

        1. Yeah, you’re right. I still want one though, haha.

      2. The G Nexus is not ugly…

        1. If that is your opinion, then so be it. To each and all his own.

          1. I was hoping for a reduction in the top and bottom bezels. Why does there have to be so much unused space on the top and bottom of the phone?

      3. Nexus devices do not have SD slots. They slow down the phone. Get over it.

  9. Headphone jack on top… not good. Night be a deal breaker for me :-(

      1. With the way I use my Galaxy Nexus, having the headphone jack on the bottom is vital. I don’t see a Nexus logo anywhere on this, so maybe the final version will be different.

    1. Wow I can’t believe that most of you guys actually own a phone :-D

  10. Reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy Prevail for Boost, just bigger.

  11. The only thing that keeps me from believing that this is a “nexus” phone is the “With Google” on the back. The only other phone I had that said “With Google” was my previous HTC Incredible. I was under the impression that actual “nexus” devices said straight up “Google” on them only.

    1. That was talked about in another post…there were plenty of phones that said “with Google”, and they were all stock. With Google or just Google, doesn’t really matter…it just means the pure Google experience.

      1. No, it matters. Real Nexus devices get their software *from* Google, not with Google. Stock Android is just one part. Timely and continuing updates is the other.

        1. I understand that, and agree for the most part. However, in regard to the phrase etched on the back, I think you’re just splitting hairs…it doesn’t really matter, at least not in my opinion.

          1. My HTC that said “With Google” on it was far from stock Android.

          2. Ok, my mistake. I think it was just that in the early going, “with Google” just was something etched on some Android phones. The point is, it was more a design thing as opposed to an indicator of how the phone would be updated. I don’t see why this is such a big deal, anyway. (and I don’t mean this just at you, )

      2. No they were not all stock. The HTC Hero, Eris, and Incredible all said with Google. They are far from being stock.

      3. I believe my htc hero had ‘with Google’ but it was not stock.

      4. What really matters is are they supported with fast upgrades. The phones that have had “with Google” on them have not.

    2. Another tipster said that a more update version of this phone says nexus with the colorful X

    3. With Google was on the Nexus S unlocked gsm device from what I remember.

    4. Yeah my Galaxy S says “with Google” on the back plate.

  12. The phone’s display is just a little bigger than iPhone’s and it runs on Android Jelly Bean. The phone’s specs haven’t been released from an official source.

    1. the phones screen is 4.7 the Iphones is 4.0

  13. No pogo pins either… from other shots there appears to be two 3.5mm jack types on the bottom

  14. I’m sorry, but ew. Not my taste…

  15. Not a bad design, I like the flush back with no bumps.

    So all Nexus phones are going to look like Galaxy Nexus?
    The front of the LG Nexus looks pretty much like Galaxy Nexus.

    1. Agreed. I love my Galaxy Nexus, I think it is still one of the sexiest phones out, but I definitely hope that the general design gets changed up for each Nexus device. Don’t want it to become like the iphone where you can’t tell one iteration from the next.

    2. the Galaxy nexus looks like a bigger and thinner Nexus S with software keys, so prrety much, I would think the only real difference is going to be the material and the design of the back, I like the look of the Nexus device’s so I’m not complaining

  16. I don’t care what it looks like, I aren’t buying anything with less than 32gb storage or 16 + SD card (the former being my preference). I use my phone as my music player, and I download tons of games. 16gb just isn’t enough :(

    1. Hear, hear!

  17. having only recently switched to Nexus with the N7 and the GNex, i vowed to never have anything other than Nexus…but this is not promising :( i’m reeeeeeeally hoping the real specs are better

    1. I agree.I’m also hoping that the rumor about the Nexus program being extended to several manufacturers is true. But each day without a leak suggests that it was just wishful thinking.

  18. Looks great. Could do without the branding and find print on the bottom though.

    It has always been a preference of mine to get a product of a certain brand without that brand’s brand on it.

    1. its there because the backing cant be removed. It has to be somewhere on the phone

  19. Guess they’re not going with the glitter design?

    1. This still has the pattern on the back, but I believe the lighting on the other photos really overplays it. It’s supposed to be quite subtle in person.

  20. I’m still going to buy this phone but I really wished the headset jack was on the bottom because its out of he way and actually adds More length to the headphones. From a gnex to GS3 its the only thibk that bothers me

  21. Gotta love rumors. I’ll wait til Google unveils what’s up. Rumors can be a let down keep low. Its gotta at least one notch the last Nexus.

    1. the last Gnex we have now can barely play 1080p video, this nexus not only can play 1080p video but you can pinch to zoom during the video as smooth as butter, and that’s on a ICS device, the S4 pro chip is 3 times more powerful then the one we have in our Gnex, the camera is 8 mp a step up from the 5 mp we have now, this nexus hads double the ram we have now, the screen is non pentile with a slightly higher res and there is no way this thing can have a worse external speaker then the one we already have, if all of this isn’t a step up then nothing will satisfy

    2. This is a pretty solid rumour… The specs though are variables but you can tell some specs.

  22. That’s actually Belarusian site not Russian.

  23. It looks like an iPhone 3, period. Needless to say it’s disappointing and I hope this is not the real deal. How can LG/Google come up with something so backward thinking when Nokia, LG Optimus and even iPhone 5 look so much better? Look at Chinese Xiaomi 2 or Oppo Finder. Come up with something original please

    1. iPhone looks like a tv remote

    2. And how do you figure this looks like any iPhone made in existence?

  24. Eyupp..definitely no removable back . The sim tray is clearly visible on the Left side of the phone.

  25. Looks good to me, there are prettier phones, but as long as I don’t have to pull out a weird collided phone in front of clients or co workers, I’m not too concerned.

  26. why did they put the headphone jack on the top?

    1. Good question, that’s a terrible design choice for phablets like this.

  27. The phone looks a little too wide and a little too thick. It looks like a polycarb material which is good, but I just can’t see getting excited over this phone when it doesn’t have a premium look like the iPhone 5 does. And no SAMOLED?

    Also, waiting for the Nexus to be announced with LTE for AT&T and Verizon Wireless. I expect a Nexus on all carriers this time to be equally supported like the iPhone 5. Yes I said the i-word twice, it’s because that’s the competition in my mind.

    1. I see the device not having SAMOLED as a plus personally. Blacks may be better, but I’m not a fan of the over saturated colors and the blueish tinted whites.

      As for the premium ip5 look, no comment… lol.

      1. Samoled is great some like you may say the colors are over saturated I believe its beautiful to look at. I have not ever looked at a Samsung device and not praise te screen quality. I have only ever seen 1 device with blue tinted whites. From what I understand though LG has its own variation of SAMOLED.

        1. You only really notice the blue tint after comparing it side by side to an SLCD display.
          Its one of those “once you’ve seen it it can never be unseen situations”

          I won’t lie, the colors are nice and vibrant on amoled displays, but I prefer the colors to look natural. Its a personal preference, much like televisions. I spend a lot of money to have my set professionally calibrated. Some people like the more “vibrant” look. I don’t. I prefer the colors look how they are supposed to.

  28. By the way, it is not a 360 degree view. It is just a view of the back.

  29. Seems a little thicker than I expected… maybe the pictures don’t do it justice.

  30. The takeaway from this article is that after taking a peek at the 360 view this phone is better looking than earlier leaks seemed to make it look to me. I’m still not a huge fan of the chrome-like bezel, but overall it looks nice. My opinion on the design just went up a few points.

  31. Does anyone think that maybe with the rumored 8gb and 16gb sizes google will leverage Google Drive and give us 25gb free like other OEM’s are doing with Dropbox?

  32. All this rambling will stop once the kiddos actually buy the phones

  33. It’s not ugly but it’s totally unoriginal, seen as I already have a Galaxy Nexus, the next phone I get won’t be one that looks exactly the same.

  34. I hope that they don’t release that phone with the crappy glass back or they at least have another option.

  35. If this doesn’t have a removable back then thats my deal breaker combo

  36. Do people still don’t understand the logic behind the 8GB storage? Does the Nexus 7 ring any bells? For a cheap Nexus Branded phone with above average specs. I’ll take that hit any day.

  37. with the spec bump and familiar design obviously Google influenced its a no brainer for me. please come to Sprint!

  38. Well , for the benefit of everyone here , I’d like to share this page , which has talked about everything about the LG Nexus – http://esponential.com/2012/10

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