Google Play gets free trials for in-app subscriptions


Google has a new policy to let users wary of in-app subscriptions get a taste of what the services might offer. Users can now initiate a free seven-day (at a minimum) trial of recurring subscriptions for apps and games purchased through Google Play, though the process does involve entering payment information. While the trial can be cancelled at any time before it ends, once the period is up users will be billed the normal fee and the subscription will continue.

Free trials should have a two-fold benefit, drawing more users towards subscriptions and putting money in the pockets of hard-working developers. The policy should already be in effect on Google Play.

[Android Developers]

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  1. That’s what’s up!

  2. Cool… How bout extending the 37 second refund Window to at least a few hours now.

    1. yep, even me as a developer would love to see the window extended to AT LEAST 6 hours… AT LEAST, if not 24 hours!

      Please Google, give the customers, AND THE DEVELOPERS what they’re asking for!!! Give us back our 24 hour return window!

  3. Is there an app that tracks down criminal hackers, drug dealers and addicts?

    1. Yes, it’s called Facebook.

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