Updates ready for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S2 Epich 4G Touch and ZTE Fury


Sprint has a couple of minor updates ready to roll for two members of their handset lineup. The Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G is receiving a maintenance update to software version S:D710:10S:F127, which fixes some issues with VPN and MMS over 3G as well as adds the ability to edit the Email apps’ out of office message. It’s still Ice Cream Sandwich, which is all fine and dandy, but if you see a prompt to update your device, don’t expect Jelly Bean.

The ZTE Fury is also moving up in software version to N850V1.0.0B14, which provides a few minor improvements to battery life and speaker phone as well as an updated Network Options menu under settings.

So there you have it. Some fresh software for slightly aging devices. Check out Sprint’s Community pages for more info.

[Epic 4G Touch, Fury via AndroidPolice]

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  1. *Epic, not Epich

    1. Epic, not Epich not Ephic, not hiccup! Eerrrrrr, emergency shutdown!

      1. XD lmao

        1. =0(

  2. I’m sad my epic 4G touch (Galaxy S ll) is “aging”. Its still great hardware even in todays market. Samsung has promised JellyBean as well. Oh well, I’ll have a galaxy Note 2 soon enough.

  3. That EPICH is a heck of a device

  4. Oh wii’re getting FI27? And I was just about to download the FI25 modem. LoL!! Guess I’ll just get that one and flash it myself. LoL!! Thanks phandroid, though I’m sure I would have saw it as soon as I went to XDA. =.P

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