Angry Birds Star Wars coming November 8th


Ready for the next Angry Birds spinoff? Me neither, but one way or another we’ll see it come November 8th. That’s when Rovio plans to launch Angry birds Star Wars, a tie-in to George Lucas’ sci-fi epic that combines all the bird flinging of past Rovio titles with characters and settings from the popular movies. Says Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka, “This is the best Angry birds game we’ve ever done.”

The new game will, of course, launch with its fair share of merchandise, including costumes, clothing, toys, and plush dolls. This Angry Birds thing has really become quite the cash cow, amiright?

[via Rovio]

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  1. My boys will love this.

  2. love the teaser trailer

  3. we had enough of this rovio.

    come up with something new.

    1. Speak for yourself. It looks like millions of people still find this game and all the different versions fun still.

      1. Millions of people liked Twilight and the Hampster Dance, but nobody has to like those as well.

    2. oh shush. how the heck can you hate on star wars?

  4. ..Someone make it stop.

    1. Why? No one forces you to buy it (if it is even a paid game…) I, for one, love to play these games in my bus. And I love that they come up with themed variations. And since they chose the good star wars, apparently, it will be great!

      1. trust me it will be paid… doubt they bought the rights to starwars and want nothing in return lol

  5. This is like the Call of Duty of the Android world lol

    1. funny comparison but i love all the cod games :)

  6. Ain’t gonna lie… I can’t wait! (huge Star Wars nerd)

  7. Love it! Can’t wait :)

  8. Rovio is going to milk this just like any other franchise gets milked lol.

  9. Luckily Star Wars was already ruined, so have at it.

  10. Angry Bids is finally getting boring….

    1. that happened a while ago…

  11. Yes!

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