Sprint launches new vanity number service StarStar Me


Ever wish getting in touch was as easy as dialing a person’s name? Sprint is now offering a new subscription service that will allow users to assign a vanity number to their mobile phone, turning the normal 10 digits into an easy to remember dial code. Called StarStar Me, the new name/number follows after dialing the star sign twice. For instance, I could snag **KEVIN (**53846) and never have to worry about a new friend forgetting how to ring my cell.

The service has a few other perks, including automated text message responses and “a unique way to share links to their blog, website or social media accounts.” StarStar Me will be available to Sprint customers for a monthly fee of $2.99.

Sprint Offers Personalized Names as Alternatives to Phone Numbers
StarStar Me Mobile Provides a New Way to Personalize Your Contact Info, Connect, Share and Link to Social Networks

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & PALO ALTO, Calif. – Oct. 8, 2012 – Starting today, Sprint (NYSE:S) will be the first U.S. mobile carrier to offer an innovative new service, called StarStar Me, that lets customers use a name they choose in place of their mobile telephone number. Imagine meeting someone and instead of telling them 10 hard-to-remember digits, giving them your own memorable mobile number, like **SARAH (**72724) or **CHLOE (**24563).

StarStar Me allows consumers to choose a name, nickname or unique word in place of their mobile phone number – then people can call them on their mobile phone by simply tapping the star key twice on the phone’s keypad, followed by the name, nickname, or unique word they chose, using keypad letters or characters. StarStar Me also offers users the ability to automatically respond to calls with a custom text message when they’re busy, as well as a unique way to share links to their blog, website or social media accounts.

“Sprint customers will be the first people to get StarStar Me,” said Kevin McGinnis, vice president-Product and Technology Development, Sprint. “We expect this service to be especially popular with professionals, students and family customers, who can tailor its use to their individual preferences, lifestyles and interests with a few simple clicks.”

To sign up for StarStar Me, Sprint customers can simply call **ME (**63) on their mobile phone or visit http://sprint.starstar.me.

Sprint subscribers can have two StarStar Me numbers per mobile phone number. The service costs $2.99/month per StarStar Me number. Calls may be made to StarStar numbers within the United States from any Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T mobile phone.

In addition, customers can also download a free StarStar Me app, available now on Android™-powered smartphones and soon on the iPhone, which allows them to easily manage incoming calls, automatically send a text message to callers when they’re busy, or send callers their contact info, which they can easily add to their address book. Users can also block specific callers, view a call log and manage multiple StarStar numbers. The app can be downloaded from Google Play (Android) and will soon be available in the Apple App Store (iPhone).

“We are enthusiastic about this strategic collaboration with Sprint,” said Joe Gillespie, CEO of Zoove. “The goal of StarStar is to enhance people’s lives using simple technologies. Sprint’s deep understanding of how customers experience and interact with wireless-based applications makes it the ideal carrier to introduce StarStar Me to the consumer marketplace.”

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  1. What about sprint prepaid? Virgin mobile.

  2. What about sprint prepaid? Virgin mobile.

  3. Chloe Flores is hot!

    1. If that’s even her real name =_=

  4. Sprint is really a joke man
    In a day and age where even the cheapest phones already save all numbers and you just pick a name anyway, they come up with this.
    Just seems pretty silly to me.
    Still no 4G in Los Angeles I assume?

    1. Because there’s only one giant department that can only work on one thing at a time, right?

      1. You are 100% correct. Sprint has many departments making bad decisions

    2. If you won’t use the feature that’s fine but don’t belittle it because you understand it’s usefulness.

    3. how is this a joke? It’s a idea great for networking purposes and possibly branding. The people who sit behind a desk in sprint offices arent allowed to do anything while samsung or alctel or whomever is building towers in LA?

  5. Silly Sprint, there is no Sprint Way in SF :D LOL

  6. is it me or does this kinda sound like speed dial?

    1. Speed dial on crack.

  7. This seems stupid, **Dave “Hello??” “um, is this ‘Dave?’ “ah, yes this is him…” “oh, remember me, you gave me your star start me thingy the other day…” “um, no must be the other **Dave..”

  8. Screw this! Screw any extra services or ideas from Sprint till I get Lte! They need to focus all man power on LTE, I don’t care if they have suit and tie guys working on the towers just get my LTE now!!

    1. I can’t believe you got two negirive votes on this
      I’m starting to think many sprint users are no brighter then ifans

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Smh, those votes come from people who still have WiMax phones lol

  9. Awesome, I got mine.

  10. So let me get this right… I sign up for **Walleygator on this service and someone with a Verizon phone calls **Walleygator and I get ringed? or is this sprint-sprint only tagged into some strange family plan or something?

    1. Any of the big four mobile carriers will work(for calling at this point) according to their starstar.co site

  11. LTE, LTE, LTE, LTE enough said

  12. Interesting, but Im slightly confused.
    I can go to my dialer, type in a name and call people in my contacts now. Im on CM10 currently, but Ive been able to since the stock rom of my HTC Magic…. Works for texts and emails to… no need to sign up to any service.

  13. isn’t that kind of like what HTC Sense can do? my Sense 3.0 phones do something like that

  14. Why am I looking at a full page picture of an iPhone for an app that is not available for the iphone on a site dedicated to Android?

    1. Because like it or not the iphone is still the most popular and most recognized phone on the planet.

      1. That’s as stupid as saying that Barack Obama should be highlighted on Fox News discussing Mitt Romney’s term as governor.

        1. Also, iPhones are not the most popular. Samsung Galaxy phones are and they have the sales numbers to prove it.

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