Samsung Galaxy S3 soon available in brown and black on Verizon


Add two more color options to Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 lineup. The popular handset will soon be available in both brown and black variants on Big Red’s network. The new models were advertised this morning on VZW’s site along with a form to submit an email address to be notified of availability. As things stand, no word on exactly when we might see the two new colors, but we imagine they shouldn’t be more than a month or so off. We’d sure like to get a better look at the brown, though. It’s an interesting choice.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Brown should have been red. Verizon is RED…….

    1. I agree. I thought for sure VZW would have picked up the red

    2. sadly, AT&T has an exclusive on the red edition

  2. Titanium grey is where the money’s at! Not brown

  3. Really want a brown Note II, but I know that’s not going to happen. Titanium Grey is a close second, so it’ll have to do.

    1. Another reason it won’t happen: “Brown Note”.

      Those two words have another meaning. :)

  4. I’d buy a brown phone, but yeah, no one is gonna buy that.

  5. Brown would be sexy!

  6. No Android Green ?

  7. Too late! Every one is waiting for the Note 2 or Nexus now.

  8. The galaxy s3 mini has already started appearing on retailer stock info overseas at 560 bucks looks like it might have some high end specs

  9. Idiots! They should have released the thing originally in black, not freaking white or blue!!

  10. Black should have been the first color to arrive, guess Samsung was worried that Apple patented black and white editions. But it is upsetting for people who settled for the blue color because black was not an option at the time. But I rather wait for the Nexus or Optimus G.

  11. That brown color is going to be awesome. I saw one in pictures and its actually pretty damn sexy.

  12. the grey is awesome.

  13. Black: Meh! Brown: Yuch! How about a Galaxy Note 2 in nice metallic Ruby Red?

  14. I fell asleep while reading about different colored glossy plastic… bring on the Nexus 4.

  15. ‘Nuff said.

  16. The delayed release of new colors reminds me of handheld game consoles :P

  17. brown?

  18. Brown???? Gross, I’ll take a Note 2 In grey please!

  19. reminds me of the old g1

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