Andru: One of the funnest Android chargers joins the dark side


We usually wouldn’t praise smartphone chargers, but Andru happens to be one of the funnest, best-looking ones we have seen. Android fans love buying accessories and collectibles that feature Google’s little green robot, so this could very well be your next purchase.

It has been available in green for some time, but Gen has decided to get playful and release a black version. They are calling it Andru Dark. Like its green brother, this little guy features a stand (which doubles as Andy’s feet), light-up eyes that glow red when charging and amber when on standby, movable arms and a 1.2 meter cable.

It is not necessarily cheap at $25, but with chargers averaging at around $20 from carriers and retailers, it is also not the worst deal. I know I would be willing to pay a bit extra to have one of these guys “in charge”.

The black version should be available by October 11, while the green one can be purchased now. You can get them from the official site or from Amazon, so go get them!

[Source: GEN]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Cool.
    I’ll certainly keep an eye out should I need a replacement charger, however it’s really missing a trick.
    It should double as a phone stand/holder.
    A friend has a phone holder/charger and it’s a great idea, but it’s ugly, has the cable soldered on (not a usb socket) and white (ewww, apple esque).

    Should they make the arms the holder, I would replace a working charger with it!

  2. I’ll take 10

    1. I’ll take a couple — if the chest opens and there are several more USB ports in there, one being capable of 2A for tablets.

      He’ll need a Kensington lock too (butt “hole”?). Otherwise thousands of these guys will begin to “migrate” to the homes and desks of the legion of part time thieves . . .

  3. Need a 15v version from my infinity!

  4. Nice nice baby
    Me like long time

  5. These are awesome.. already have 2 Green ones….

  6. An in-car charger in this style could be cool, providing they can make it big enough to tell what it is, but small enough not to get in the way.

  7. I want a UK version!

    1. So it would have the same two pins as legs, and the third, ground pin which you need to plug it in a UK socket? In between the legs

    2. pervert

      1. 2 flat pins at the front, 1 flat pin at the rear.

        1. And many lols were had. thanks!

  8. I met the lady who is behind this with her family. She came into my store like a month ago and she is a nice and very intelligent woman. They named the charger Dru after their son Andrew (or maybe it’s Andru).

  9. car charger and im sold !

  10. I’m broke as a joke.

  11. Must…buy…several!

  12. I like this

  13. I like it!

  14. “Funnest”? Really? “FUNNEST”?!

  15. at the end of the day, OEM chargers do it best. find ’em on EBAY.

  16. It’s cute, I’ll give it that, but really, do you all have strip outlet sockets just sitting next to you? I have USB cords on all my pc’s, I don’t need to go hunting under the desk to find a socket so that I can plug in Andru so that I can then plug in a USB cord.

  17. I placed an order as soon as I saw this. I received an email this morning stating that since they received shipment early (on Friday) they were shipping early. This afternoon, I received another email stating there was an issue (one of the arms would maintain its adjusted position) and I could either be refunded or wait for a new batch to arrive and have one of them shipped to me at no cost. It was also stated I could keep the defective unit as well.

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