Samsung Galaxy Note 2 update brings awesome multi-window feature


Samsung was supposed to launch the Galaxy Note 2 with a great little feature called multi-window, but the feature wasn’t quite ready for consumption the moment the device went on sale. It’s only been a short couple of days, though, and they’ve delivered an upgrade to bring us the functionality in timely fashion.

Multi-window allows you to use two different apps at the same time. Think of it as rudimentary desktop multi-tasking, except on this awesome, gigantic phone. The screen is certainly big enough for such a feature, and it actually does work pretty well. We still aren’t sure whether or not this feature can be used with apps from the Play Store but we’re working to find out.

In the meantime, you can see how multi-window works in the video above. Fast forward to 2:04 and tell me with a straight face that isn’t one killer feature that you’d love to have. If you have an unlocked Galaxy Note 2 you should be seeing a notification letting you know an update is available any moment now. [via SamMobile]

[Update]: once again, a video we embed from YouTube has been removed; talk about bad luck. We’re hot on the trail for another one.


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  1. uhmmm… the video doesn’t work

    1. You’re holding it wrong. O_o

      1. private video it says

        1. Thanks. Odd. It was working right before I hit publish. This ALWAYS happens to me. -_-

          1. SAMSUNGmobile uploaded the video with all its features with english subtitles instead of korean.

    2. Check this video instead showing actual working of the feature:


      To add to this awesome feature, there is another feature that many reviews have missed,
      The S Pen can work as mouse pointer and works incredibly well for websites not optimized for mobile.

      Check this video: http://youtu.be/ealqvz196M0?t=8m39s

      Go to around 8:40 mark. They show it for porsche website.

      1. Great.

  2. I have the int. version, just got an OTA update and will see if it works! Btw phone runs smoother than anything I have ever used, including all the iphones, except the new one!!

  3. I hope they bring this to the S3 too.

    1. hopefully with its 4.1 update :3

  4. What can I do with all those excess pixels on my 3×5 inch small tablet. Joe six pack says now I have a hand free to hold a beer while watching the game and hanging out with my erstwhile frat brothers.

  5. dude, not cool… private video? take [VIDEO] out of the title

  6. I could see this being a great feature for a tablet, but I think even the note 2 is too small to really take advantage of multiple windows.

    1. I think for a tablet, a simple split window is not enough. You want to multitask more than that.


  8. Another reason NOT to get the Galaxy Note 2… Why have one tablet phone when you could just duct tape two iPhones together! Yeah!! Dual screen all day long!

    1. lol…why duct tape….just super glue the 2 ednges together!

  9. The best phone of 2012

  10. This is something that really should be part of Android. In fact, when I first heard about Android’s multitasking I thought it would be something like this.

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