Motorola wins decision against Microsoft in Germany for at least one patent


Motorola hasn’t exactly fared well against Microsoft in Germany in these patent wars, but it has won at least one decision against the Seattle-based company. German courts ruled that Motorola didn’t infringe on a certain Microsoft patent that we are still trying to identify, and Motorola won’t be faced with any injunction woes for the patent in question

Motorola has already been subject to two injunctions in the country, with a third injunction being prepared. It’s good for Motorola which quickly seems to be finding itself in hot water after deciding to fight this Microsoft thing instead of settling like many others.

Motorola has elected to sue Microsoft for patents of its own in the region, though the company has faced very limited success in comparison to its foe. Motorola has also been battling Microsoft here on both their home turfs, but neither has been able to gain much traction in the way of any juicy injunction action.

It would appear that Motorola is seeking a cross-licensing deal with Microsoft instead of having to be subject to the unfortunate “Android fee” that many OEMs have to pay for each Android device sold, but Microsoft isn’t budging an inch. It isn’t clear whether or not Motorola needs more firepower or if its patents simply don’t hold much weight.
Either way, the company was long overdue for even just a sliver of good news and this is as good as it’ll get for now. We’ll see how long this strategy can hold up. [via WSJ]
Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What’s with these patent movements ???

  2. 4.8″ Samsung ATIV S is the only wp8 device is worth to consider. But it has a major bug- Windows Phone 8.

  3. I’m reading this on a Transformer Prime and the EXPERIENCE IS HORRID! When are you guys going to optimize your app for tablets? Phandroid is another example of why the iPad is winning the high end tablet wars. Now, back to the patent wars….

    1. are you using the chrome android browser?

      1. Please notice the words “app” and “optimize” above. I shouldn’t have to use a browser when I have the app. The browser doesn’t have scrollable widgets for websites. The browser doesn’t have notifications. The browser doesn’t store pages for offline use. Yes, I can use a browser to get the same content, but then why does any developer have an app at all? BECAUSE apps give a better user experience and an app can have more features. Phandroid should be a shining example of what a developer should do, but instead, they are an example of why Android is fragmented and confusing for users. I know this is off topic, and I apologize. But reading this article reminds me of when Sanjay, former CEO of Motorola, was asked why the apps on Android were inferior to the competition. He said because developers are creating shoddy apps. He was HAMMERED by the community for telling the truth. Sorry for the rant. I’m happy that Motorola is getting this small victory, but reading about it on this stretched out phone app on my Quad-Core, 10.1 inch Transformer Prime is a piss poor experience.

        1. well said my friend and hopefully this does not go ignored.

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