Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Impressions [Forum Talk]


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is out in the UK and much of our beyond-the-pond readership has finally gotten their hands on it. While us American folks aren’t yet capable of buying this thing outside of important unlocked options, our UK counterparts are holding us down with some early impressions over at AndroidForums.com. Here are just a few of the discussions going on over there:

And many more great discussions are taking place at the greatest Android forum in the lands. Sign in and partake in all the fun, and if you don’t have an account then now’s as good a time as any to make one and be part of a great, friendly community. Let us know in the comments section below how things are going with your new 5.5 inch wonder.

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  1. Removable battery + SD support + stylus = win win win

  2. The camera is crap. But that might not be important to some.

    1. Camera is not crap… not from the reviews i read and i read many. For instance go read up on gsm arena, they do a comprehensive test. Please go troll somewhere else kiddo.

      1. Here you go little boy. Samples of fisher price note 2 camera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KC2snS3Pfo

        1. Some of those shots were deliberately set up for iphone to win. Both are point and shoot cameras but they are still cameras. White balance and other various setting are still very much a factor. Who is to say that both or either camera was properly set up or not intentionally not set up properly for the shot taken.

          Next, “Saying the camera is crap” automatically dictates how some people will respond to your comment, if at all. Using words and phrases like “does not perform..” or other like phrases rather than “crap” or “sucks” may serve you well next time.

          Finally, can you post up the pictures you have taken with your Note 2 and your IPhone 5 so we can compare, rather than lead us to some youtube video which has questionable bias.

  3. Somebody tell the AF member “drexappeal” to shut up in the Note 2 threads. He comments on every post in there & is annoying the heck out of everyone.

  4. My note is full and and didn’t download anything is it a error?

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