New LG Nexus rumors seem to have some sturdy legs


We’ve been trying to figure out who, exactly, is the front-runner to make the next Nexus phone. Everything has been rumored — from Samsung continuing its phone streak to a whole revamping of the Nexus program that would give any OEM a chance to make a Nexus device.

But Paul from Modaco seems to have reason to believe that LG will definitely be coming out with a Nexus phone. The latest rumor apparently comes from more than one source, and considering Paul’s trustworthiness and his track record there’s little reason to doubt him. His ear to the street tells him that the following device is to be expected:

  • The device is based on the Optimus G but doesn’t look the same
  • Updated Android release (currently 4.2)
  • Quad Core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1280×768 True-HD IPS screen
  • On screen soft keys (of course)
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • No microSD slot
  • 8GB and 16GB versions only (at least initially)
  • Non-removable battery
  • Wireless charging built in
  • The retail name of the device is yet to be decided.

A few sore spots in that list include the exclusion of a microSD card slot (not again!) and only up to 16GB of internal storage (again, not again!) Beyond that, the device seems to fit that mold Google is rumored to be forcing on those who want to make a Nexus device. Its specs are certainly nothing to sneeze at as this thing closely resembles LG’s Optimus G.

Paul’s source says the device doesn’t look quite like the Optimus G, however. He also couldn’t confirm whether or not LG was going to be the sole Nexus OEM.

Launch is apparently targeted for mid-November, and that would put it almost exactly one year since the Galaxy Nexus launched in Europe. The timing is right, the details seem plausible, and the source is credible — what say you on this one, folks?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Well, the last two Nexus devices didn’t have SD card slots, so whats the big deal. 8GB sounds silly, but 16GB is fine with me. I mean what are people keeping on their phones now a days to need so much?

    1. I thought the same thing before I got my Nexus and then I filled up16GB’s quick! Not even sure how. I don’t have any music or video stored on the phone, yet my internal storage is maxed out :/

      1. All of the pro-no sd card people (?) and those saying 16gb is plenty will tell you that you should be using the cloud and then it won’t be a problem.

        Like you, mine is filled to the brim. 16gb is not enough. And a non removable battery? Anyone who plays with flashing and modding well tell you that there are instances when only a battery pull will do.

      2. I thought the same thing until I bought a One X! “Oh it won’t be a big issue,” I told myself. Definitely has been an issue.

      3. I agree. My music is on Gmusic, and my photos/video are on G+. But with games and apps, 16gb can still go fast. Ask any GNexus or Nexus7 owner. Plus, if you have a small data cap, cloud storage can get EXPENSIVE.

        P. S. When are you guys going to optimize the Phandroid app for tablets? This phone app on my TPrime is shameful.

    2. HD Videos and a game or two add up quick!

    3. I have 16GB of music, backups from twrp take up a couple gigs fast, and a minimum of maybe 600MB-1GB, and a few gigs of couple minute videos. If I wanted to put some HD tv shows on my phone, that would not be possible even with a 32GB nexus. I really want to see 64GB as the standard in all phones ASAP.

    4. Why does it matter? It’s about choice.. People keep music, movies and whatever else on it. Nandroids and other stuff

    5. If you are stuck in the past or if this is your first smartphone then what they had in the past may be fine. But I think people have added much more stuff to their phones over the years.

  2. Back to back to back shots in heart with those specs.

  3. Removable battery and microsd please.

  4. No removable battery makes me sad…. :( first my Sd slot now my battery…..

    1. It was bound to happen. I was fully expecting this :/

      1. What happens when you need to do a battery pull because the system has completely stopped responding? Thats my only issue with No removable battery

        1. they will prob have a force reboot, like holding down power button for 10 sec to crash the device, tablet’s and most phones with non removable batts have that.

          1. So do tablets and phones with removable batteries. I use it on my Tmobile Galaxy S II all the time.

    2. Deal-breaker for me. Nothing feels better than using your phone all day, popping in a new battery and being back to 100% juice. My phone never leaves my side so leaving it tethered to a wall – even if only at night – is not an option. It’s part of the “freedom” that I love about Android.

  5. I’ll stick with my beautiful S3 with AOKP installed. Well, I think i’m going to switch to the Note 2 once it comes out and is unlocked. But it’s also a beautiful device. The lines are super sexy. LG phones? Not so much.

    1. Samsung makes the worst looking phones in my opinion. Look at the RAZR, Optimus G, One X, iPhone 5, Xperia T,…

  6. I keep a lit of music stored on mu device to limit data consumption. After delaying my upgrade for 4 months for this phone, I may just go S3 to get more storage and a removable battery

    1. I would wait to see the other Nexus devices first, but if they all have limited storage space and a non removable battery, then you could probably do alot worse than an S3.

      1. Samsung makes the worst looking phones in my opinion. Look at the RAZR, Optimus G, One X, iPhone 5, Xperia T,…

        1. Especially the Xperia TX, in my opinion.

  7. No SD i have gotten used to with my Gnex, 16 GB is ok, 32 would be better, but LG? Ugh crap phones. C’mon Samsung or HTC

  8. Now we wait to see what this beast looks like >.>

  9. No sd card, and no removable battery? I’d rather but the lg Optimus g and root it. Since the specs are similar installing aosp shouldn’t be that difficult for the devs at xda

    1. Seems like you should be able to port it pretty easily.

    2. What if they sold it in the play store off contract for $350 or less?

      1. I’d buy that

    3. There are not going to be SD cards on a nexus. They are slow, they slow down the phone. Even if you just store your media there, then populating the gallery is slow and users will say “Android is slow”.

      1. Unless you use a class 10 or higher, then you can have great speeds. But this is something that people overlook, the speed of SD flash, and speed of on board flash.

      2. Then give us more internal storage to replace the 32 and 64 gig sd’s.

      3. Google do not put sd slots because they want to push their cloud services (where Google earns money). As simple as that. I love Google, but I can’t buy a phone with less than 32GB or sd slot. Outside US there is not Google music, books or movies (just apps). Very low love to international customers.

        Please Google, new games take 2GB of data, 10 minutes of 720p filmed video is 1GB, a nandroid backup 2.5 GB. 8 GB is a joke and 16GB not enough…

        Class 10 cards are as fast or faster than internal flash. Let give that excuse to Apple or MS fans. We are smarter

  10. I think, anybody looking to buy a One X in mid-November?

    1. Not me… really interested in HTC’s 5″ offering (Droid Incredible X? DIX? who knows)… 1080 screen, 2 gb ram, Qualcomm’s S4 Krait processor, 64 gb internal storage (?!).
      Guess we’ll know soon.

  11. “The device is based on the Optimus G but doesn’t look the same”.

    Thank god. Hopefully that means it’s a lot better, though. All these plastic slabs all seem to look the same to me, and they all come in pretty much the same color – black. I’m getting tired of them. Also, how come we’re only hearing about this one, mostly? Does this mean it will appear a lot sooner than the other Nexus devices? Will it be like the first Nexus Google shows off, and then a few weeks later the others launch, too? Strange that we haven’t heard just as many rumors about the other 3-4 manufacturers.

    And why the 1280×768 display instead of 1280×720? Is Google moving away from that resolution or just LG? Why are they messing with developers so much just for a few damn pixels?

    1. Once you subtract the pixels dedicated for the on-screen buttons (48, I believe) you arrive at 1280×720 for the viewable portion of the screen.

      1. Wrong. It’s 1280 – 96, so 1184 × 768. Onscreen buttons takes 96 pixels of the longer side. GNex is 1184 × 720 without buttons.

  12. Really hope this guy is wrong on some things. Non-removable battery under 3000mah would be lame, and I doubt LG can put one that big in a reasonable package. Plus a non 16:9 aspect ratio screen is just dumb, particularly so with an IPS display. Worst of all though is the 16GB max capacity. I can’t even put my music on that space.

    1. No one ever said non-16×9 the extra 48px could be for onscreen buttons so you have a true 16×9 actual screen.

  13. All the previous Nexus phones have allowed you to swap out the battery with a new one! Why not this one?

    1. My guess is if you want a removable battery, you’ll have to get a Samsung Nexus if they’re really planning on having a line up of different Nexus phones.

      1. There’s already evidence of a Samsung Nexus coming, there’s no solid evidence of this LG nexus yet so we wont know for sure if there’s going to be multiple till we actually get some more proof.

        1. There is no evidence of next Samsung Nexus. If you are talking about this one: http://phandroid.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/cpw-inventory-samsung-nexus-asus-nexus-7.png then be sure, it’s just a misspell of Nexus S. Anyway – Samsung Nexus 2, that name makes no sense, it’s just a screen protector for Nexus S (which is actually second Nexus). Everything is pointing to LG, even though I don’t like LG’s products, their build quality is still better than Samsung’s. And that’s what choise of manufacturer for next Nexus matters the most, because no matter what, the software will still be the same. Personally, I hope for Motorola to make next Nexus, because RAZR HD is probably the best built phone I’ve ever seen. Anything but Samsung please, they already made 2 crappy build quality Nexuses. (Nexus One and 7 were OK :)

      2. I honestly want a Sony Xperia T based Nexus, but with quad core S4 and 2 gigs of RAM.

    2. its made by LG the same company that made the Intuition with a 4:3 ratio >.>

  14. I was starting to question if I should have waited instead of getting the S3, but I think I made the right choice. I get all the benefits of a nexus device by running CM10, plus I get expandable storage.

  15. I’m not happy about the storage. Otherwise, the specs on this phone are great. I’m hoping they decide to release a 32GB version later on.

  16. I probably won’t buy it if it’s an LG. WTH??? LG? Really???

  17. I want an HTC Nexus again! Is that too much to ask?

    1. Here’s hoping that HTC’s 5″ beast (rumored to drop in November) will be a return to the Nexus line!

    2. Go browns…

  18. I tired the no sd card thing with the GNex. Never ever doing that again. I always have to make hard choices as to which music to keep on my device and which to ditch. This day and age, I shouldn’t have to do that.

    Oh! And the cloud is the worst answer to that dilemma. Absolutely useless on a TPAC or TATL flight.

    1. Who wants to think and manage what to keep, what to load up on your device when you can just load everything in and have fun? Also, when you get a new phone, just pop the old one and that’s it. No wait to transfer all those gigs.

    2. Let alone most of the cloud stuck is U.S. exclusive?!
      Cetainly no Google Music/Films/Mags in U.K.

  19. why every Nexus no sd card? :(

    1. Because they are slow. You put your picture there, then the gallery is slow. You put your music there, then the music app takes longer to list out the albums.

      1. Not slower than cloud via a shitty wifi or cellular connection. Not everything has to go on SD card, but things like PDFs, videos, songs etc can go there. Who gives a crap if it’s .0005 seconds slower to list the songs, when you have the CHOICE to add an additional 32 – 64 GB of content? Slightly slower content (not really) is far better than no additional content at all.

        1. The Nanny Phone. It probably only has 16 gigs so that it could be sold in NYC and San Francisco..

      2. Doesn’t matter how many times you repeat yourself, you’ll still be wrong.

    2. I’m hoping they allow manufacters a few options with the new multi device policy. Like sd slot or no sd slot, removable/non-removable battery.

  20. why every Nexus no sd card :(((

    1. Google is a cloud enterprise that only earns money when you use the cloud, so they push that. In my opinion they are pushing to hard. 8GB and no expansion in 2012 is a joke on a high end device like this phone. Maybe ok on a $200 nexus 7, but crazy on a 720p screen, quad core and 2GB RAM phone… 2 high end games and you are done.

  21. I could have sacrificed on the removable battery and 16GB of memory, if they would have given an sd card slot. 16GB should have been phased the hell out and made 32GB the new standard. But no SD card slot is killing it for me. I was waiting for the new nexus but this has slimmed the chance i will be getting one. Just got to wait till they send invites for their event for all of us to know for sure

    1. It would be one thing if this is an entry level cheapo tablet like the Nexus 7. But a phone with 2 gigs of ram and 1280×768 to not have such basic features is kinda silly.

  22. No SD no deal! My Galaxy Note’s 16GB onboard storage is already full and I’ll have to root it to install huge games files on the SD card soon. I wish Samsung could make the file system work like the Galaxy S 3 where you can use both SD and onboard for that.

  23. Imma to say the na no to another nexus smh. I loved my Nexus One. Removable battery and sd card lol.

    1. You might wish to say yes to English lessons.

      1. Lol its from the movie “pootie tang”..

  24. WTF!! No removable battery or an sd card slot!? This is supposed to be an Android phone not the iPhone.

  25. If the Nexus will be out on the sd card, I’ll buy it right away … I look forward to it with each new release of the Nexus

  26. They effed up …no sd card, no removable battery…I was totally on board until I read this today…

  27. No SD? GTFO of here……

  28. the camera better be superior to the Apple phone.

    1. I’m sure it won’t have a purple haze.

  29. No microSD slot
    8GB and 16GB versions only (at least initially)
    Non-removable battery


  30. It’s as if they don’t want people who actually know what Android is to buy this phone. Yet most everyone else won’t care if it doesn’t have stock android.

  31. Average users won’t buy a Nexus.

  32. “I mean if I were to put everything on my phone on my 32GB SD card, I’d have about 7GB left.”

    But you’ll probably want to keep adding more stuff over the next 2 years.

  33. So no major android upgrades this year? That sux.

  34. Meh, if it has no SD card, no removable battery and a smaller effective screen because of software keys instead of capacitive keys I think I’d just buy an Optimus G instead, LG is going to have a head start on updating its own phones to 4.2 anyway.

  35. would be sturdier if the idiot LG ADD A SDG CARD i say Google should of ask sony to make their next NEXUS

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