Samsung updates US Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean timeline, says ‘coming soon’


Samsung has updated the Jelly Bean upgrade timeline for their US carrier variants of the Galaxy S3 as well as their Nexus devices. No surprise to see that Android 4.1 is currently available for the Nexus S 4G and Galaxy Nexus, but that impending update to Jelly Bean for the GS3 on Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon has been tagged as “coming soon.”

October has been the target that Samsung has been aiming for to complete their latest flagship phone’s upgrade to Jelly Bean, and several carrier-specfic versions of the software have leaked in recent weeks. Still, there always seems to be some sort of delay with US carriers when it comes to delivering upgrades in a timely fashion. We’ll see if they can get them out by the end of the month.

[Samsung via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Coming Soon is that term that no one likes. Better to say nothing at all

    1. Actually, most people on Verizon know that “coming soon” clearly means “some time within the next 6 months unless we change our minds”

      1. Verizon throws those words around too often……

  2. Hey Samsung, where is the wireless charging pad? let me guess…’coming soon’

    1. I have an idea. Just print out an “actual size” photo of the charging pad. Lay it flat on your desk/table with the charge cord poked through it.

      Then, plug the phone in…lay it on top of the photo….squint…and use your imagination. Done!

      See, I’m all about solutions :)

      1. I almost got a wireless charging pad for mine three days ago at the Verizon store

    2. I know right I forgot about that thought it came out already. Dang why announce it and then not deliver it to the people in a timely manner

  3. So Happy I rooted my Verizon gs3! Jelly Bean via aokp rom is buttery smooth!

    1. Are there any bugs with the rom?

      1. just magnificent and great battery

    2. Just got a GS3 yesterday, curious to know how AOSP ROMs fare on it. Everything is functional?

      1. Everything is working like a charm, from Wifi to bluetooth. I have yet to have one FC or any hiccup at all! It’s so nice to have “stock” android with the performance of the gs3. I’m getting 20mbps down, and everything is very speedy. I’m on release 3, haven’t felt the need to upgrade to their latest release.

  4. Hopefully when the update does come, it will move either the power button or volume button to a better position. (fingers crossed)

    1. lol, I see what you did there…

      1. Glad at least someone gets the humor.

        Three down votes? Tough crowd…..

  5. Verizon has a real opportunity to prove people wrong and get this update out to people ASAP…but then again..by doing that it would raise the bar for them really high. Only to fail again.

    1. One fatal flaw in your logic – you’re assuming they care.

  6. Next thing we know it will be delayed like always

    1. If the carriers and Samsung had any good sense, they would get 4.1 out ASAP to take advantage before the new Android phones by other companies get released soon.

  7. I do not think that timeline means what they think it means

  8. This will bring the samsung users a lot of unrest….Coming soon for an update…come on..u r not releasing a smartphone…just an update


  9. i still have some hope,but i do like how im running it now, CM10 JB:D

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