Samsung confirms Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update coming in October


The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched about a month shy of the official announcement of Android 4.1, and while a few months have passed since Google introduced the latest update to their mobile OS, not many more will before Jelly Been is available for the Korean manufacturers flagship smartphone. CNET confirmed today that the update to Android 4.1 would be ready for deployment to the Galaxy S3 in October, though a more specific date was not named.

October is likely when to expect the update to arrive for GS3 handsets not locked to a carrier network, which likely means a loner wait for those who opted to purchase the device subsidized through a service contract. It should also be noted that the news pertains to the UK, so the timeline in other areas of the world may differ. The 4G version of the phone will launch in the UK with Jelly Bean out of the box. It’s unclear if an updated version of the phone is headed elsewhere.

[via CNET]

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  1. By the time US carriers get the update out, it’ll already by 2013. Just sayin.

    1. Not Samsung’s fault its the carriers wanting you to get a new phone every year and sadly the NEWEST OS is a big selling point so the carriers do this to us. But then again we are payin only $200 for it…

  2. You hear that rest of android oems?! Get on the ball, Samsung is taking the cake and running with it, better wake up!

  3. So by the end of the year the U.S. models should see it.

  4. Some extra info, galaxy s II will receive JB in November.

  5. My siii on Verizon has been on JB for like three weeks now.

  6. *Yawn* the Nexus 4 should be announced by then.

  7. Samsung has always been VERY slow on their updates……

  8. Running the leak on my VZW S3. So far so good. Can’t wait to see an official release.

  9. Samsung have confirmed nothing where’s the proof cent

  10. Been running leaked jb for a month now on my international gs3 there’s a new leak every few days and the current version im running (DLI5) is perfectly stable and smooth. I don’t know if they have security issues left to patch or what but as far as usabilty and speed it is flawless.

    1. They may be waiting to see if they need to nerf any of the functionalities due to the trial. *sigh*

  11. waiting waiting waiting waiting for JB now update first 29 aug then 5 sep then 12 sep now october

    1. All of these were RUMOURS this is the first time Samsung has actually came out and said when it will come out considering JELLY BEAN is coming out of the box with the QUADCORE 4G LTE and 2GB RAM on the S3 in Australia on the 26th of September you can probably believe this

  12. So that means Verizon will get it in April/May 2013. Seems legit…thank god for our Dev community.

  13. sucks.. and i don’t want to root my s3, i wish they would hurry soon :(

  14. Its now October I don’t feel as If we will ever see this update this side of xmas :(

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