Amazon prepping Appstore for Japanese debut


Amazon is continuing to roll out its Android Appstore to more regions around the globe. Though an exact date hasn’t been set, the retailer is beginning preparations to launch to the digital storefront in Japan “later this year.” Amazon has opened a developer portal for the Japanese version of the Appstore where interested content creators can begin submitting their applications for distribution when the apps and games hub goes live in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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  1. Can they update the App store to not suck so bad? It loads so slowly that its not even worth it. Apps aren’t updated as quickly as Google play…blah.

    1. Yeah, I came in here just to say the same thing. Their App Store runs like complete garbage, I don’t know how they haven’t fixed it yet. It’s one of the most unresponsive pieces of software I’ve used on Android and in general.

      1. I agree…it can’t do background updates. It ignores have your clicks (like if you’re trying to update multiple apps). No way to cancel a download. It’s hard to get back to the home screen to see the FAOTD if you’re in My Apps or something. Can’t delete apps from your list (have to go to the website for that). And sometimes it gets so confused the only way to fix it is delete app data/clear cache and login again. Not to mention that every app through that store has to “phone home” to run

  2. wait for it…’s a new…”japp” store…..

  3. so japan gets it before canada?…

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