Sep 29th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 19th, 2012, 3:49 pm

This week has been full of celebration at the Google Play Store. And why not? 25 billion app downloads is nothing to scoff at, and our Android reign is only getting bigger and bigger by the day. To prove they are grateful, Google has been offering a selection popular apps at a discounted $0.25 price, with a different list of apps being added daily.

Android users are usually all over the Play Store when Google has these deals, including me. For some reason, though, this week’s apps are just not as exciting as I thought. So far, I have only purchased one – Amazing Alex. The rest I either already have, or I have no interest in owning them.

Maybe it is just me, or I already have all the good apps, but I really wish this week’s featured apps could have been more enticing. But there is a chance we are just crazy, so we wanted to reach out to our readers and ask them what they think! You can check out today’s featured apps at the Play Store, and don’t forget Swiftkey 3 is also celebrating 25 billion downloads with a 75% discount!

Go ahead and participate in our poll and tell us how many of these $0.25 apps you have purchased. Don’t forget to also hit the comments section to let us know which!

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