Google Play Store $.25 apps and games sale is now live!


Earlier today it was revealed that Google would be holding a $.25 apps and games sales to celebrate the 25 billion downloads milestone set recently in the Google Play Store.

Fourteen different games are available as of the time of this writing, and among the top of the class are the premium version of Angry Birds Space, OfficeSuite Pro 6, Draw Something, Asphalt 7: Heat, Granny Smith, and more.

Note that the sale will last 5 days, and each day will bring a new set of apps — now’s the perfect time to put those Play Store gift cards to use, I’d say. We’ll be reminding you of the new set of apps each day so be sure to come back for the latest. Happy shopping! [Google Play Store]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Kind of bummed. Didn’t see any apps I need/want. The 25 banned books were ho-hum. And the “25 Movies to Own” includes Battleship…..with a buy price of $12…, really?!?

    1. I believe the apps are different daily all week.

      1. If it is like the other sales, only a few will change.

        1. They actually changed them all out this time. Grab the ones you want while you can.

          1. Already looked yesterday, still nothing.

    2. Yeah, the movie “discounts” are insulting. Don’t lie Google, it’s evil. Selling a movie for $15 or renting it for $5 is normal pricing, not discounted pricing.

  2. Even tho I have documents 2 go (which I love by the way) I picked up officesuit pro 6 HD couldn’t pass on that bargin

    1. i have both plus quick office! all picked up free on amazon app of the day last year…officesuite pro is great also…nothing like having a choice!

      1. IKR!? So did I. LoL!!

    2. Good buy!….its a good app. I just wish the pdf wasnt read only

    3. LoL!! I got those 3 office suites from Amazon on the free app of the day. LoL!!

  3. HOLY CRAP! Asphalt 7 is a 1.3GB download!!! Welp…guess I’ll grab a bite to eat.

    1. Yeah, I noticed. I’ll have to install that later. Running a little low on space on my internal 16GB sdcard, even though I’ve got tons of space left on my external 64GB that I easily can’t use (without hacks that I don’t want to bother with)

  4. Why is it always cheaper for Americans to buy apps even discounted ones or at full price , or books while those in Britain pay more , ¢.25 is not the same as £0.25 pence neither is a book for example £4.99 the same as $4.99 that’s why I hardly get ‘tempted’ to buy unless it is something I really need.

  5. i havent found any movies, books, or magazines that are discounts.
    have any of you found anything?

  6. My download is very slow, even on 4G. I guess their getting hit with a lot of downloads. Anyone else?

  7. OH yeah!
    Granny Smith, Asphalt 7, and OfficeSuite Pro for .75.

    1. lol that’s crazy when you think about 3 apps and the total came up to .75

  8. Great timing. I had $0.61 left on my $25 GooglePlay balance from the Nexus 7 that I couldn’t spend… until today. Picked up two more apps (so, only 11 cents unspent). The $25 offer expires in a couple days too.

    1. LoL!! IKR!? I had 45 cents. =.P

    2. the credit expires only mid of 2013. the offer expiring end of this month is referring to claiming the usd25. those who have not claimed have until end of this month to claim the usd25. after that, you can’t claim.

      those who have claimed… you have till like mid 2013 to use all the credits.

  9. I picked up Symphony of Eternity. I’ve been looking for a Turn-Based RPG for a while. I also learned that JRPG’s are mainly turn-based as well. LoL!!

    I had 45 cents left on my Google Credit to spend. =.P
    Got 20 cents now. =.[

  10. I had 29 cents in 2 of my accounts. Thanks Google. Play movies/tv catalog looks good but it’s too expensive. Google should release netflix-like service with all these new content they’re selling.

  11. The only thing that bothers me is 25 albums that changed the world. Seriously? Since when did Lil Wayne or Lady Gaga change the world?

    1. They changed the world for the worst.

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  12. This would be nice if I didn’t have an issue with paying for apps in general. I redeemed $20 in Google Play gift cards onto my Google Play account, but despite what Google said about the gift cards being usable by 13-17 year olds, I somehow need a Google Wallet/Checkout account as well (which I’m too young to validate)! Can anyone help?

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