Sep 29th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 19th, 2012, 3:49 pm

Reports of a sudden collection of meetings between Metro PCS and three companies have brought speculation of a possible acquisition or merger in the works. It is said that the regional carrier could be trying to settle a deal with T-Mobile, Sprint (which we have heard of before) or even DISH Network; but what would this mean for us?

Is it even likely to happen? We have seen AT&T unsuccessfully trying to purchase T-Mobile, so how could a deal like this one ever go through? Well, there is a significant difference in any of these possible scenarios. These companies are not nearly as large as AT&T was (one of them is not even a phone carrier), and T-Mobile is significantly larger than Metro PCS.

If T-Mobile or Sprint manage to snatch Metro PCS up, the market would continue to be competitive as the 4 largest carriers would still exist. But of course, as Android fans we would hate to see any form of option going away. Metro PCS is still pretty large with about 10 million subscribers. Not to mention the company has been catering the affordable Android market like a boss.

The company is also not very behind in technology, offering 4G LTE and a good selection of devices. It would be a shame if one of the few alternatives to the big four disappears. You would be right to assume that no company is giving any comments or statements yet, but we would like to know how our readers feel about this.

Would you feel the same as most of us did during the AT&T/T-Mobile merger deal? Would you be more open to a possible acquisition from one of the 2 smaller carriers (T-Mobile and Sprint)? Hey, it just might give one of the companies the boost it needs to improve competition.

[Source: Bloomberg Via: PocketNow]

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