Android Overload: Galaxy Note II first look, improved Google Maps, Galaxy S3 deal and more


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  • First look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 [Samsung Mobile]
  • Google Maps improves Aerial images – take it, Apple! [Wired]
  • Deal: $120-130 off Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition [Android Police]
  • How to root the LG Intuition and LG Spectrum on ICS [Android Police]
  • Infographic: The evolution of smartphones [IntoMobile]
  • A NORTH Korean Android tablet in the works? [WSJ]
Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Like 7 love app deals

  2. What happened to Ravenshead, Edgar has held it down alone since last Sunday and Saturday to so far.

  3. Galaxy Note II : “We’re introducing an even more revolutionary experience.” lol

  4. I want my multi-view dammit

  5. Wow at Note 2

  6. I don’t think Apple really cares that gMaps has updated. While they apologized, thanks to Timmy, they have every intention on moving forward with their own. Just like with Siri, they’ll work on it as they go. Meanwhile, they’ll continue to keep the ads on TV, using their new maps app as a selling point for the phone. They did that with Siri.. for months we saw awkward commercials of celebrities trying to use Siri as more of a “friend” than a search tool. Apple has too much of an ego, and has spent too much dev money on their own map app to turn back now.

  7. Jaw dropped at the note II makes my note feel like a antique lol

  8. oof. Touchwiz isn’t so bad on galaxy note II. can’t wait.

  9. Smart of Google to improve maps right now where Apple maps are negatively on the radar. If Google maps is better on every aspect than Apple maps, this will give very Good reviews now where everyone is talking and blogging about mapping service.

    1. I’d be running TV ads non-stop about Google Maps if I was in charge. I am not in charge so Google will probably just put a link on their site for one day and forget about it.

  10. it will take me a longgg time to learn how to use all the features on the note 2, cant wait.

  11. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if this thing had 15 mil. at preorder, and 9000% of the phones I want.

  12. NOTE II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best phone of 2012 by far….sorry to SGS3 HTC1X & iPhone5 owners.
    But this beast just wins hands down

  13. It should be LG Prada, IPhone, galaxy gs3
    Even though Apple revolutionized smartphones it would not have existed
    Without the LG prada. Why in heavens sake didn’t LG try to get iPhone banned.
    It would have saved future android manufacturers countless headaches.
    No one but Apple fills the courts with countless frivilius lawsuits. Or can brainwrash half the world to be inferior crap.
    At the same infringing on freedom of choice of others. Making phones and computers in stylish status symbols and stifling innovation. Never saw the Sony ics mp3 player I was craving. Maybecause Sony didn’t release it out of fear that the largest patent troll on earth would Sue them.

    1. The LG Prada only appeared a few months before the iPhone. It’s unlikely that the iPhone was influenced by the LG Prada in any way.

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