HTC One X+ Shows Up In O2 Brochure – Boasts 64GB of Storage, 1.7GHz Quad-Core, and Jelly Bean


I’d say it’s just about official now. The much rumored HTC One X+ has just popped up in an official brochure from UK carrier O2, complete with light specs and pricing. The souped up One X is listed as “coming soon” and boasts 64 mega GB of storage, higher clocked 1.7GHz quad-core (Tegra 3?) processor, and comes out of the box with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The “pay & go” One X+ will be sold for £480, making it easy-ish on the wallet as well.

While a faster (and possibly more advanced) Tegra 3 processor is all well and dandy, I really had my fingers crossed for 2GB of RAM. It’s well known that HTC’s One devices “feature” more aggressive RAM management and additional geebee’s of RAM would be welcomed spec bump. No word on when we can expect this in the US, but we did see a T-Mobile HTC One X pose for the camera just yesterday.

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  1. With 2gb of ram + a 2100+ battery we would have an almost perfect phone :)

  2. The crappy beats audio kinda killed it for me. =/

    1. Just disable it.

    2. You can just not enable it. Although I keep mine on cuz it makes my music nice and loud.

      1. You can disable Beats… at least, I can on my stock Rezound with ICS — start a song, pull down the notification window, select Beats = DISABLE.
        BOOM goes the dynamite.

        1. Yea I I own you can I was telling him he could just not enable it or disable it, I just prefer mine on

      2. I have a resound, a vivid and a one x and all can easily disable beats…… what do you have that you cant?

        1. No I was telling him he could just not have it enabled, I prefer it enabled

  3. good to finally see a 64 gb android phone. It was the one spec that iphone always had over android phones.

    1. The iphone didn’t have removable storage though….so a 32GB phone with a 32GB or 64GB card makes it pretty competitive.

      1. True but 1) SD card is slower
        2) some Android phones and tablets don’t even have SD slots (such as Nexus)

        1. 1) Not necessarily. There are fast read/write micro sd cards.
          2) Some don’t but some also do. Also the galaxy s3 black edition may come featured with a 64GB onboard storage + a micro sd slot.

          Although I agree that it’s great to see a 64GB android phone (all internal). I would much rather have the option of a micro sd card slot along with 32GB+ storage.

  4. I am hopping for the video recording microphone to be fixed on All HTC, it is very tinny compared to all other high end phones.

    Bigger battery is also needed for me.

  5. If this is the quad core S4+ instead of Tegra it will be a freaking amazing phone. I have one of those Qualcomm dev tablets with the S4+ and it’s a bad @$$ slab.

    1. HTC’s 5″ beast dropping later this year can’t get here soon enough!

      1. I will jump ship from my one x to the HTC ‘I DON’T CARE TAKE MY MONEY’

  6. wow, about time an android phone gets 64gb internal, awesome, i would get it in a heart beat if it came 2ith 2 gb of ram and a sweet battery

  7. ouch $800 USD…..that’s not easyish on the wallet

    1. That’s an exchange rate anomaly, the US version won’t be $800.

  8. Maybe now that these phones have a supercomputer processor, Sense will run adequately

  9. Unfortunately, the processor might be a Tegra 3, based on earlier reports.

  10. Patiently waiting on the Nexus.

  11. What power. Such a shame it is HTC, though. I don’t like HTC because, to me, the phones all look too similar. Just bland, dull, and grey.

  12. Anyone having issues with HTC One series and not being able to remove your battery?

    1. Actually none at all…. phone has never frozen or needed a battery pull. it has ran flawlessly since day one and I am a higher than average user. first month was 35 gig second is gonna topple 40 I run Roms (game emulators) and games like call of duty all the time with no problems.

  13. That’s interesting about the drop test – my Galaxy S has been dropped a hundred times (indoors from sitting height) though generally speaking only from about 8 months old (once the honeymoon period had worn off)

  14. certainly not tegra 4 lol

  15. You can simulate a battery pull with the One series. It’s really not a problem.

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