Verizon Galaxy Nexus Now Only $1 At Walmart [Deals]


After finally receiving Jelly Bean last week, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is now available from Walmart Wireless for — wait for it — $.97 cents. A Reddit user posted the signage found inside his local Walmart and while it’s still currently listed as $100 on Walmart’s website, we’re wondering if it wont be updated shortly. Of course, you’ll want to check your local Walmart before driving down. There’s still the possibility this is a regional deal.

While the Galaxy Nexus will no doubt show its age 2 years from now, you really can’t beat a $1 Nexus device running — not only the latest Android dessert — but possibly Key Lime Pie in the future (name subject to change). Anyone see this deal pop up at their Walmart yet?

Chris Chavez
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  1. $700.00 with no contract they gotta be out of their mind!

    1. I agree it’s a year old, maybe for a new model and hopefully not $700

  2. (Its been that price for months)
    (Walmart -always- has better prices then the carrier stores)

  3. Still the best phone on the market! Can’t go wrong with it!

  4. $300 to $1 in 9.5 months (and I think Amazon has already had it for less.) Makes sense if it’s crap, but it’s a GREAT phone! This is truly amazing when you think about it; don’t you wish you could wait 10 months and buy your favorite new car for 0.03% of its’ original cost?!

    1. I wish cars would depreciate as fast as tech gadgets. How many exotic sports cars would there be on the road lol.

  5. But it is a 2 year contract with Verizon.

    The play store has it for $349 with NO contact.

    1. When did they get Verizon’s version??

    2. the play store version is the GSM version you can only use it on ATT and similar gsm carriers, BUT!! it is unlocked, get straight from google updates and no contracts so its a win!

      1. There’s also the issue of the rather limiting 16 GB (13GB usable) internal storage. No way I could have got the Gnex on Verizon if it didn’t have at least 32 GBs of storage. I’m using half of it right now just in backups and music.

  6. |Reddit user

  7. and the Galaxy S3 is free at Walmart in Canada, the downfall is that one has to sign a 3 year contract in Canada not 2 as I. the USA. However the phone upgrade cycle is 2 years here as well.

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