Google to launch $99 Nexus tablet this year?


A new rumor claims that Google and ASUS are currently working on a new version of their Nexus 7, one that will put the original’s $199 price tag to shame. According to a report from Digitimes, Google will launch a $99 version of the Nexus 7 alongside an updated, thinner $199 slate. Both tablets will feature HannStar Display panels, but little else is known about how hardware specs will shape up.

If Google manage to release a sub-$100 tablet providing a similar experience and quality to the original Nexus 7, the entire industry will be flipped on its head. If sales of the Nexus 7 are any indication of what an approachable price tag will do, just imagine the adoption rate for a name-brand tablet that costs a fifth of the price of an iPad. If these rumors pan out, we could see the result of Google’s strategy by the end of the year.

[via Digitimes]

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  1. I really liked the Nexus 7, but my issue with it was the storage. I don’t pay for Netflix, and if I am at home I might as well use my TV to watch Hulu/Amazon. I have a lot of digital content, and need the storage to house it all on the go.

    1. fully agree, give me a phone with between 8 and 16gb of storage and no SD, but tablets usually aren’t connected to the net all the time and need storage space for movies.

    2. Why complain? Have you tried USB Host cable? On Nexus 7 it works out of box, no trickery is required – just a cable and a USB flash. All you need is a cable. And the access speed is actually much better than microSD (I have to confess, I haven’t measured the transfer rate, but copied a 4Gb directory of pictures extremely fast).

      1. I tried that cable with an external portable hard drive and it didn’t work. I don’t know if we’re talking about the same thing.

        1. dude, a hard drive requires POWER. your micro usb port does not supply that.

          1. That’s nonsense. It does supply it. I just confirmed with my Xoom.

          2. not all devices are able to supply power to the disk. Xoom is one of the exceptions. just read his comment again; it didn’t work on his, so obviously his doesn’t supply power to the disk, and it would require external power source

        2. And how exactly did you imagine yourself watching movies with a hard drive hooked up to your tablet? Doesn’t it look, mmm, redundant? I’m talking about a flash drive, a small thingy that doesn’t require additional power source. If you’re interested, I did it with a Sony 32Gb thumbdrive.

          1. Shouldn’t have to do that tho…it’s fine if you’re ok with it, but others aren’t.

          2. So why the hell these others bought it in the first place? I decided that I don’t want a tablet w/o SD card, and I didn’t buy. The one I’m talking about I bought for my wife, as she couldn’t care less about watching the movies. WHY is what you should ask yourself, otherwise it’s the same sheep mentality as amongst Apple fans – “I bought it because it’s a new best thing”.

          3. Because it’s a freaking NEXUS…it’s a trade off. Nothing wrong with someone expressing what they miss from it.

          4. :-) This is what scares me in Android going mainstream. The crowd that shows the same symptoms of mental disability as iSheeps. In the beginning Android was all about freedom of (conscious) choice, getting real value from things and using their full potential and beyond, not the sales pitches.

          5. Wait, so are you saying that by buying a nexus device, a person is just purchasing a brand name, the same way Apple slappies do? O.o

          6. Not necessarily. Lots of people follow Nexus brand because it provides pure Google experience, and timely updates. Apparently not everyone bought their N7 for the same reasons. I actually bought one, because it was affordable, it was a good choice for a newbie Android user and an iDevice will appear in my house only over my dead body :-)

          7. Well, because of your last sentence , you’re ok with me! ;)

          8. There’s a difference between paying a lot more to show off to your friends that you have a brand versus paying a bit more to assure yourself that you’re not getting some generic clone that will never get updates.

          9. There are more expensive tablets out there with more storage, Google’s intent was to make powerful tablets affordable for everyone, which they did, if the Nexus doesn’t suffice just buy yourself a Galaxy Note or something.

          10. See my replies to Unorthodox.

          11. And, no that was not Goog’s only intent…they also want people to make additional purchases and rentals to stream, etc on their devices. THAT is one of the primary reasons for small storage space.

      2. Those are people that are never happy with themselves or anyone else.

        1. That’s what drives better cheaper products.

      3. I thought USB OTG didnt work out of the box, you needed a special app from app store for that (i cant remember the apps name), or you could root to enable it.

        so i dont know what you mean when you say it works out of the box. maybe you could give an example of what happens when you connect a flash drive to the cable to the nexus7, do you really get a notification or access to the flash drive using say, astro file manager?

        1. You’re right, my bad, I did install Stick Mount. Still it’s a hell lotta easier than trying to get it on Razr, or Nook, which don’t work without external power.
          P.S.: Mouse did work out of box though. Have you tried mount usb drive option from the storage menu?

    3. For the price the Nexus 7 released at how much storage did you expect, you still got a GREAT tablet for a price that may would have been 2-3 years away without Google’s muscle behind it.

      1. Agreed. I got the Nexus 7 8GB for my wife and she loves it. She streams Spotify, Watches NetFlix, reads Pintrest, and surfs the web. There is really no need for more than 8GB if you run everything from the cloud. And the price was just right. But the new 100 dollar price tag is amazing. I could get one for all my family members. Awesome.

  2. umm, wow. I know what family would be getting for Xmas!

    1. Word. Im holding out for a 10″ Nexus as I use mine heavily for note taking but for my praents this would be a done deal. Hell, Id even do one for the grand parents just to faciliate family Hangouts on Google+

      1. You’re a good guy Ryan

    2. Merry neXmas!

  3. …and this is how rumours start.

    1. Rumors are good!! ;-P

  4. This is amazing news, but at least for myself, I would really like to see the 10 inch nexus.

    1. yep, and put in 32 or 64gb of storage

      1. I’d perfer they just add a microSD slot.

        1. Better without it

          1. Not when you have a 64 gb microSD almost full of music and some pics. I use the 8-16gb a device comes with for temporary downloads. And no, streming music isn’t an option because I have poor signal or no signal while on long trips and poor signal at work.

          2. Switch Carriers

          3. I have the best carrier in my area, and the best carrier overall for the entire country (in terms of coverage, not price or customer service) The other carriers are far worse. I get coverage in 99% of my city, and about half the time on trips, but in my work building (where I use it most) I get poor signal. Other phones and carriers drop signal completly here.

          4. Unless you live in the city, it’s not that easy sometimes.

          5. Carriers? didn’t know you needed one to purchase a Nexus 7

          6. Guy mentioned not having any signal, so I suggested a remedy. ; )

          7. wifi only device + no wifi = no signal
            you can have all the cloud storage and services in the world, but all are rendered useless if you can’t go online.
            Put a stupid sdcard slot in there would ya Google….

          8. better without it.

          9. Sux. I have like 4GB of songs in total. I use like 1.5GB of song space. LoL!! the rest goes to my apps.

          10. videos, videos, videos

          11. Big_EZ, you’ll just have to buy an un-subsidized, un-crippled device if you want a portable video player, unless you have access to DLNA-equipped screens.

            The Nexus 7 was designed to not do what you want so that there would still be a market for acer, Samsung, etc. in the 7″ market.

            As to storage for music (and videos via DLNA), try the hacks to get USB memory drives mounted over USB-OTG. I don’t know their status, offhand.

          12. “As to storage for music (and videos via DLNA), try the hacks to get USB
            memory drives mounted over USB-OTG. I don’t know their status, offhand.”

            No hack needed, only some spare dollars for one app + adapter + USB key

        2. @supremekizzle:disqus

          Dude. The Nexus 7 is a wifi only tablet. Dafuq are you talking about?

          1. Yep, just another reason it needs a microSD slot.

    2. That’s what she said. GNIGHT EVERYBODY!!!!!

    3. Yea, with MHL support this time.

  5. Just pre-ordered 5!

    1. Aside pre-ordering (sorry) I’m not kidding. At this price I would buy 4 of them and put them in every room, plus 1 to mount underneath the kitchen cabinet.

  6. Good to see a company listen to the people, and have that product succeed. On a similar note, my brother (who has been an Apple fanboy since I was still waiting for the Zune to come out) received his Nexus 7 last night, and was super stoked about it. I’ve never been prouder.

    1. That story brings a tear to my eyes! (Sniffle…)

      1. HAH! One fandroid lies to another who in turns pretends believing. The truth is 98% of the tablet web traffic belongs to iPAD users and 75% of the total mobile traffic belongs to IOS users:
        Meaning most of the Android phones are used as dumb-phones, and most of the Android tablets are kept in a drawer forgotten.

        1. So Dan is lying simply because the majority of people use iPads?

  7. Hopefully they bring out a nice 10″tablet. I’ve been waiting for something worthy of replacing my og galaxy 10.1

    1. Would love to see N10… early next year my Xoom will be 2 years old (yeah, already!)

  8. I think (if this is true) that it would be google’s best approach yet for world dominance ;)

    And i would of course buy it :P

  9. I love my Nexus 7, and I could see myself buying other versions of the tablet as long as they kept the same build quality.

  10. Actually, Google and Asus both already shot down this concept. The idea is to minimize profits on each device to sell more and build a trusted “household” name, not eliminate profits altogether.

    1. proof…?


        Right from the original source of the rumor. Need more?

        1. No I wasn’t trying to challenge you just looking for you to back up your statement so I know some facts.

          1. Understandable. I’d look for the truth, too, if I was in your shoes. Next time I’ll post the source and save everybody the confusion

    2. Of course they denied it, they still have a lot of $199 Nexus 7 to sell…
      Many rumors have been denied but proven true afterward.
      At that point nothing’s 100% sure, but it’s very unlikely, or it would be crappy tablets at that price in my opinion.

  11. And this is exactly why I stopped reading through this shitty phagdroid site. Why don’t these homos write articles based on actual news and facts instead of a bunch of stupid ass rumors, it just goes to show how little these fools try to get actual relevant information on a subject. NO ONE GIVES TWO SHITS ABOUT RUMORS.

    1. apparently a lot of people do. And name one blog site, hell name one news site, that doesn’t cover rumors…

    2. I do. Rumors are fun. O.o

    3. Most of the rumors are correct or have some truth. I could understand where your coming from if that wasn’t the case.

    4. Oh really? You stopped reading through this site?

  12. at the moment–with my GNEX–i can’t justify a $199 Nexus 7.
    however, i can most certainly justify a $99 Nexus 7 purchase.
    priorities, my friends, priorities.

  13. 10 inch was too big for me. 7 is perfect. My 10 inch tab sits at home on my nightstand docked. My nexus 7 goes everywhere with me. I too want more storage. Gimme an SD slot compatible with 64 gig cards and I’ll upgrade. Tired of plugging in my thumb drive just to watch something on my lunch break. No WiFi there so either I hotspot or plug in a drive. I wanna just grab my n7, and headset. You have the ideal thing going Google. Don’t go cheaper, don’t go bigger. Just gimme more storage. I like that you’re making things cost less, but I’ll pay more for storage.

    1. Heheh…You can feel free to send me that 10″ Tab. :) I’d be HAPPY as a clam with it. (How happy *IS* a clam?)

      1. They are very happy… full phrase is “happy as a clam at high tide” meaning that the clam cannot be harvested and gets to live another day :p And yes, 10″ tablets rock — day one wifi Xoom adopter here (sweet GED!) – couldn’t be as productive with a smaller screen.

  14. Can we all agree that a Nexus 7 without on board storage will be cheaper for them to make? If you have an SD slot, isn’t that cheaper to manufacture than on board memory?

    1. Probably, but they should probably have either SDXC capability or even compact flash.

      1. It has that old school External Memory, OTG.
        They’re leaving the External Memory to those who REALLY need it. I for one have 4GB of 16GB left. I only have a total of 5GB of songs; using 1.5GB of offline music.

        Of course the rest are for my apps. I don’t even really need the music on my tablet since I have a phone anyways.

  15. I am buying — If this rumor comes to pass.

  16. Yes, please Android Tablets for Everyone.

  17. Why, it would make those cheapie Chinese tablets look like exactly what they are: Futureless wastes of resources.

  18. I highly doubt this could, or would happen.

    Bring on a $199 Nexus 4 with a screen no larger than the current Galaxy Nexus (prefer 4.3″), that’s thinner, much better LTE battery life, and much better camera.

  19. Didn’t Google come forward a week ago and state that this was not gonna happen?

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