LG sues Samsung over OLED display patents, Galaxy devices once again under fire


Samsung has once again come under fire for patent infringement, but this time Apple has nothing to do with the claims. Instead, fellow Android smartphone maker and local rival LG is suing Samsung for allegedly infringing on OLED display patents in their line of Galaxy devices. The patents cover OLED panel design, circuitry, and device design, and LG is seeking a ban of infringing devices in their native South Korea.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Tab 7.7 are all included in the suit, which LG display says, “has been filed both to enforce LG Display’s intellectual property rights and promote fair competition.” So much for solidarity among Android manufacturers.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Samsung can’t catch a break :D

    1. off topic @mscarmendiva:disqus lookin sexy on ur profile pic..sorry had to get that off ma chest now what were we talkin about again

      1. thanks :D

  2. Everyone’s always gunning for #1!

  3. LG needs a serious cup check. By a lumberjack. With bionic knees.

  4. The article fails to mention that Samsung started all this by suing LG over OLED technology months ago.

    1. It’s basically the same game all over again. Company #1 sues #2, #2 fires back, and so on and so forth….

      The Circle of f**king stupid, as it were. Nuking the whole thing from space is about the only way it will ever stop.

      1. Or from Mars LMFAO

      2. It’s the only way to be sure.

    2. And what u forgetting is lg stole samsungs info and was caught doing so

  5. See, now this is something that should be patentable. The color of a freaking icon or the way you unlock your phone? Not so much.

    1. You know if you get a phone and you love it, but you hate the unlocking process and bc of that u don’t buy a phone…..So is it worth patenting it?

  6. Ultimate result here… stalemate. Samsung and LG are the companies that made OLED and they own almost every patent on the tech between the two of them. Samsung sued LG over the ones they own… now LG fires back over the ones they own.

    What they need to do instead is pool them like the old DVD association and current Blu Ray Association, license them to others, and reap the profits.

  7. I really don’t know anymore. Is Samsung really stealing all these patents or is the patent system too vague? I really like Samsung and i am looking forward to the note 2 bit with apple now possibly winning another 10 patents dispute it’s not looking good.

    1. I don’t know. Here is the design for the iPad, and you tell me if it’s “too vague” or if Samsung stealing these patents.

      1. Looks vague to me. If this is the patent then almost every tablet out is copying. Something really needs to be done. This in the end is going to hurt the consumer more than anyone.

  8. can I sue LG for not releasing any updates on a timely manner

  9. Even if LG did manage to get Samsung Phones banned, I would still not put them anywhere near my list of desired phones. Infact the thought of ever owning another LG phone is making my skin crawl.

    1. Agreed, LG just doesn’t have the clout that Apple does when it comes to public opinion.

  10. If lg is serious about suing on design then Samsung should counter sue for phone design. LG has been copying Samsung for the past couple yrs as far as physical design goes.

    1. Not really for hardware design (actually they make better build quality phones), but they’ve done quite nice job on copying GS3’s UX. Just look at Optimus G’s interface.

  11. copycat gonna copy.

  12. Damn Samsung quit being Apple and stealing everyone else’s stuff, GET YOUR OWN. Before to long they’ll be Samsung, subsidiary of Apple, LG, HTC, Motorola.

    1. Last time i checked making something better based on previous designs wasn’t copying. If that was the case all the car manufacturers would be suing each other.

  13. LG is crap so of course they are going to sue the number 1 company, just like Crapple. Cant innovate, litigate.

  14. Give samsung a break, they’ve been under quite some fire recently -.-

  15. Yeah, because until the LG Optimus G, it didn’t look like Samsung designed all of LG’s phones…

  16. I approve of this suing. That is a valid patent because this really matters. Rounded corners are idiotic.

  17. Google shouldn’t allow LG or any manufactuer to ever have a Nexus branded device if they sue another Android manufacturer. Bring on the HTC Nexus! LG doesn’t deserve it!

    1. Then Samsung won’t be able to have Nexus devices either, as they sued LG first. This is just LG’s counter-suit.

    2. So basically you want Android manufacturers to give free reign of their patents to other Android manufacturers just because they wouldn’t be allowed to make a Nexus Device otherwise?

      Id tell Google to take their Nexus Line and shove it. Its not like they are even the best phones. Only benefit is the quicker updates due to it being Vanilla Android and its not like only Google is allowed to release Vanilla Android devices.

  18. Hahaha, crappy samsung, all their products are made from stolen ideas. Hope they sue ur ass, and maybe more companies will step in. Oh I hate ur crappy products.

    1. Are you making a reference to Apple and how Samsung copied their design? Oh yea. Samsung totally copied this design. You should actually look at the patents that Apple has and actually ask your self if it’s even a legit patent.

      1. Based on this picture alone I don’t see how a company can make a patent claim. Basically anything square with a screen would infringe on that patent. If you agree with that then thats your thing but in the end this will stifle innovation. I understand certain details once the basic design is met but a square device with touch screen? give me a break. Plus I have looked at the patents that apple has and a lot that samsung has and they are all vague, I mean, universal search being patented, cmon, the palm treo had this before apple.

  19. If Samsung is really “stealing” all this stuff, why are companies just now saying something about this? Apparently people are getting jealous at their sudden boost. Samsung may have similar styled things, but it’s still different. LG is just wondering why people are buying Samsung’s OLED instead of theirs and Apple is wondering why their iPhone isn’t as popular as a Samsung.

    This is going to be a very interesting year.

  20. Now Android Manufacturers sue themselves, WTF? This Open Handset Alliance is almost going to hell. This pieces of sh..t will make many Android manufacturers ditch this OS. I’m tired of this problems next. My next OS will WP8.

    1. This really has nothing to do with the OS, it about OLED panels, which could be used on a WP8 phone just as easily as on an Android phone.

    2. OLED tech isn’t restricted to just android. Hell, its not even restricted to just phones and tablets.

  21. LG is having an identity issue, they think they are Apple.

  22. This is just getting ridiculous android suing android now we don’t need to resort to cannibalism

  23. LG sucks ….Period

  24. Let’s hope LG’s legal team is more powerful than their weak tech offerings.
    Get’ em Sammy.

  25. i feel like google should make oem’s come into some type of licensing agreement with eachother if they want to keep offering android on their devices.

  26. Stop with the patent wars you guys… Samsung shouldn’t have sued those few months back…

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