Samsung Galaxy Music set for October 11 launch, full specs and images leak


Ah, we must be in the midst of a lull in Samsung’s release schedule when the whole world waits with bated breath for the announcement of a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Music. By all means and entry-level device with its 850MHz processor, 3-inch QVGA display, and 512MB of RAM, the Music doesn’t hold a candle to flagship releases like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. It does however, feature a set of stereo external speakers, as evidenced by the visually thumping bass emerging in the leaked image of the device below.

Other specs include 4GB of internal storage plus microSD expansion, a 3MP camera, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (a Jelly Bean update is already planned). A second version of the device, the Samsung Galaxy Music DUOS, will feature dual-SIM support with the rest of the specs remaining identical. Samsung is expected to announce the pair at a press event in Frankfurt on October 11th.

[via SamMobile, SammyHUB]

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  1. But why would someone want one?

    1. Looks like a good device for a kid. Play music, text, make calls home, etc.

    2. This appears to be aimed at the emerging markets. Sim card is dual and speaker will be appreciated in Africa, India where phones are used as radio stereo etc. Nokias old strategy.

    3. There r millions of ppl in Asia and Africa who have just heard the name of APPLE but haven’t seen one in reality! This set is going to be the dream set of millions who will collect every single penny of their money to buy one of these!!!

  2. Battery will probably last a week, and i really don’t think you need more power to play music.

    Dual sim would be awesome, as my company provides me with free 3g internet. And the pricetag will be very low because of the specs (theortically).

    Buuut, i would never buy it though :P

  3. As others have said… why..? There’s no reason for these devices, I can put my music on my phone. Bring some awesome speaker into your phones and market them as Music Phones just like those first flip phones with music controls on the front..

    Almost everyone above the age of 13 has a device in their pocket they carry around everyday that can play music.

    1. Now everyone below the age of 13 can have one as well

  4. For those that ask why…obviously, to annoy the heck out of anyone with any shred of appreciation of music while walking around the local mall/store because some individuals seem to think we all want to hear their music played across tiny little speakers that can’t even come close to properly rendering it at the volumes they seem to think they need it. Oh joy. Can’t wait for the clueless to get their hands on this.

    1. So damn true. Try NY subways on the way to work. It will test your tolerance to its peak

    2. Dont’ worry. No one will buy it.

      1. They will buy it, all right. There’s a certain type of teenager who loves to have this kind of device so they than annoy people on public transport with tinny renditions of current chart hits.

        I’m having nightmares right now of being stuck on a train next to some spotty brat who believes that using this little gadget to expose fellow travellers to the canned beats and stylings of the coolest, sweariest, bangingest rapper de nos jours is a public service for the cultural betterment of humankind.

  5. Hahaha! It better be free on two year contract because I wouldn’t dare pay for that!

  6. What is it with the flood of low end devices lately?

  7. This is getting ICS and possibly JB, and the original Galaxy S couldn’t because of the same amount of ram…?

    1. The OS isn’t stored in RAM – it goes into ROM.

    2. fwiw, the A9 850mhz processor in this device is probably more efficient than a 1st gen A8 hummingbird

  8. Why Samsung?

  9. maybe their announcing the nexus on October 11

  10. Their ceo did have a meeting with schmidt yesterday and now they are having a event for a low end device? i really think its for a nexus, last year they were going to announce it on October 15th but moved it up a week because of the whole iPhone thing. It would just be really weird if they hold an entire press event for that thing.

  11. :O its got stereo speakers! That’s only a nanometer better than mono phone speakers!

  12. Um… no one would listen through their phone speakers in public, they use headphones.

    I would buy one of these just to use as a random speaker mp3 device instead of using my phone. I’m sure I’ll find it for like less than $100 eventually. I’m also planning on doing that with the Kyocera Echo. I always wanted to try it out. I wonder if it’s under $100 yet?
    I also want to try out that Yamaha Speaker phone. It was a windows phone with a slide out speaker system. I’m sure it’s dirt cheap now. Hopefully. LoL!!

  13. This might be the ugliest samsung android device ever

  14. Sheesh, the specs aren’t THAT far from the old Omnia 2 for old WinMo.

  15. Man, I love Samsung products, but they do release some real sh*t sometimes too. Why do they release so many products, keep the mobile product line about quality, not quantity.

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