Samsung uploads two more “Next Big Thing” ads [VIDEO]


Samsung took a major shot at Apple with a new 90 second spot for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The ad ridiculed folks waiting for the iPhone 5 and its barely “innovative” features, and while you might not agree with Samsung’s marketing approach it’s hard to say it wasn’t funny.

Well, two new ads have been uploaded to YouTube, and it would appear these are more ready for TV. They are 30 second ad spots, and a lot of it is recycled from the 90 second spot we saw last week. We do get a few more scenes we haven’t seen yet, including another smashing performance from those adorable parents.

Oh, and the “it’s the Galaxy S3” girl follows the “maybe not this year, but next year” guy with a very sad line of her own. Sad, indeed. We’ve included the new ads above and below so take a quick minute out of your day and get to it.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Thiis is definitely news worthy dawg, it’s ok though apple is spanking samesung where it matters the most, court room and revenue, how do you like them Apples??

    1. I love how “where it matters” to an Apple Fanboy is now in the courtroom

      1. LOL no sh*t! “Where it matters” HA! Not the consumer or anything. Ironhorse01 comes in here all the time and beats a dead horse.

      2. what I love more is that Myspace took apple to court over the music app icon, which they are no longer able to use lol

    2. This guy is blinded by his devotion to this faceless corporation. He thinks that if somehow Apple wins in the courtroom it benefits him. Well, mr. Horse, thank you for your blind patronage. It is people like you that will ensure that my apple stock will continue to go up in value. Meanwhile, I’ll use my profits to enjoy the latest and greatest in mobile technology.

  2. And revenue. It’s awesome how Apple has convinced the sheep to believe that their revenue is more important than user experience and innovation.

    1. And what do you sheep believe in? “functionality” In exchange for a shitty azz user interfaces, skins, and bloat ware? Lol

      1. I’m sorry, what? What phenomenal user interface did you use that was leagues above Android offerings? iOS rested on its plate of icons for a long, long time. Their biggest UI “innovation” was folders with a snazzy split-screen animation when you opened them. Even during the days of “bad” vendor-created skins, it’s not like it’s difficult to remove them. Likewise with bloatware.

        So for a little bit of my time I learn more about the functionality and offering of my handheld computer and in the process I have a better experience for less money. Yes, I do believe in functionality, especially when I’m putting a few hundred bucks in the hands of a company in exchange for that functionality.

      2. We believe in customizing our phones, cuz we’re smart enough to. You iSheep like to get everything force feed to you like morons. Do you realize the very company you fap to, is telling you that you don’t know better and that you’re stupid? Android Jelly Bean is way more functional than iOS 6. Oooo, panoramic pictures…Android had that since last year. So you go get lost (literally) on your iOS Maps.

      3. at least we are not beta testers, for features that don’t even work yet like siri and apple maps lol

      4. lame comments..idouchehorse

        1. Lame replies… TurdMarz

    2. iBuddy of mine loves to quote how much money Apple is worth when he’s defending his iThing against whatever Android I have. I always ask him, “how is that important to you? None of that money goes into your pocket.” He shuts up then but always brings it back up.

      Wtf is wrong with iPeople?

      1. The same could be said about Android lovers as well. See, it’s a two way street.

  3. apple still a joke and that’s just funny

    1. Android is buggy and unrefined and that’s hilarious

      1. this comment is hilarious, almost as funny as the extremely “buggy and unrefined” apple maps that Iphone users are now forced to use.

      2. Can you repeat that? All I heard was “Bahhh”

        1. Really then check your ears, you might have some wool stuck in them, at least I hope is not wool and something else O.o

          1. um pardon but i second what koz was hearing….didnt you drink the koolaid yet..geez.

          2. Hello troll :)

        2. jimmy jones ranch must have lets the sheep out …sickening

      3. When is the last time you have actually held and used an Android phone? YES, it was buggy and unrefined in the beginning but it has come a long way since then. That’s ok if you still hate it after playing around with it because everyone deserves a choice (something your clearly not accustomed to being an apple user and all) but it’s really babyish to say “Mines better than yours nana-nana-boo-boo-stick-your-head-in-doo-doo” without actually trying a current iteration of Android vs. a current one of iOS. “Live or Die, the choice is yours….”

      4. yeah, 60fps Jelly Bean sure is unrefined…..

      5. ios is skeu-gly and dated. Great for granma because it goes with her fake oversized pearls and mink coat. But please tell her to ease up on the ‘perfume’ because it’s really hard to breathe in here!

  4. @IronHorse01: You believe that winning in the courtroom is the way to win in business? It indicates a very very scared company that has to use the legal system to compete. It’s a sign of weakness. It has been showing with the market share that Apple is losing. People like options and choices. Apple gives them neither. Also, last time I checked Samsung is worth over twice what Apple is worth! Net assets for Apple: 162.9 Billion. Net assets for Samsung: 343.7 Billion. Apple will get their asses handed to them and it’s already happening. They know it, you just haven’t realized it yet. The management at Apple can see it plain as day. That is why they are using the legal system to stop what they can’t. It is catching up to them and they know it. Look at me, I actually still purchased Apple products. Now I will NEVER purchase another Apple product in my life. So tell me again, how is winning in court winning in business when there is a HUGE movement of people that will never buy another Apple product? Apple is getting spanked in the technology and innovation department. They still rule in the advertising department. That will only last so long. The S3 spanks the iphone 5 in every way and if you use one you would see why. Don’t knock it until you try it. I know a ton of Apple die hards that have already made the jump to the S3 and they are loving it. Hey, try peeking your head out of the walled garden and maybe you’ll see the light. If not, enjoy the view from behind everyone else.

    1. W…O…R…D

  5. We sheep believe in “choice”, something iSheep does not value very high, obviously. Oh and what bloat ware? Have you heard of “root”? That takes care of it and then some… two words “nandroid backup”…on the go, cuz I would be iLost if I had to use Itunes!

    1. I never leave my phone with the stock ROM XD Always a custom ROM!!!

      1. +1. I began rooting my Galaxy S3 no more than 10 minutes after I walked out the store with it.

  6. Why the hell do people who are in love with Apple post in these blogs??? If your brand loyal, fine, but why would you take time out of your day to post on a competitors blog or forum just because you don’t like something the other companies are doing??? Makes no sense at all and a matter of fact, how many window phone users do we see come in here.. Says a lot about the kind of people buying Apple products i guess, the company is threatened and realizes they are losing and it clearly is translating over to their customers trying to defend old innovation. I was an Iphone user/ supporter way back in the day and i can honestly say I’m very happy Android came along and gave us a choice.

  7. I messed around with my mom’s iphone5 and honestly I have no idea what the hype is about. It feels like a slightly faster 4S and actually feels cheaper in build quality. Aside from the camera, I prefer my near 1 year old galaxy nexus (with my customizations). I did a WIFI browser test and my phone blew it away. I’m talking 10 seconds faster on about 20 sites both phones never visited before.. I think something is wrong with the iPhone. On 4G my phone was about 3-5 secs faster on every single site. Then the maps. I went to different cities and on certain smaller cities, iOS maps is missing literally 20-30% of the roads and info, that’s insane. Its a great phone, the best in the world of apple, but its really not even on the same level as android.

  8. Lol wow I seem to have ruffled some fanboy feathers. Guess truth hurts. But don’t worry you keep on giving your precious data to google for free while they pimp it out to the highest advertising bidder. I’m out (for now) ;)

    1. Dude, I don’t think you get it? We didn’t get mad, or got “ruffled” as you put. Android got better than IOS and I know the truth hurts…..I can list a full page of crap that my phone can do very easily that your precious ICraple can only dream of (even jailbroken!)..Once rooted, which it can be done as easy as downloading an app (by the way), I can eliminate all adds from the entire OS!!!, set up IP tables to filter my info going out, side load any apk I please, perform TRUE multitasking (i.e. Pandora running and open SoundHound to tell you what song is…iphone can’t do that….I tried and had a nice laugh). Widgets? should I keep going or are you that blinded by Apple? My current ROM is smother that my brothers IOS craple, a fact!

    2. Are you not aware that Apple tracks just the same if not more GPS info about you?

    3. And you can keep fapping to Apple while in line to get the next mediocre device they come out with next, that is if you can find an Apple store with your broken iOS maps. And please stay out you troll, we don’t need your ignorance and false sense of self-worth here. People on this site actually know what they’re talking about. We don’t need a phone to prove our self-worth. And since it’s an iPhone 5 for you, your worth level is on the same level as your IQ, -1. FYI, a potato has an IQ of 0.

  9. I really hope they enjoy there new map. I hear it’s fulflawlessnesser. Look at New apple word made up by siri

  10. If you all insist on another ‘fanboy courtroom’ discussion, why not focus on Apple being granted patents that never should have been issued.
    Apple probably only should have been granted patents on 10% of what they actually received. If Apple was never given baseless patents, then there would be no (or less) courtroom battles to argue over.

  11. I’m glad my parents don’t fall under this. My mom has the Galaxy Nexus and my Dad just upgraded his Blackberry to a Galaxy S3 this past weekend.

  12. The real ignorance is this guy thinks he is not sharing all his info with Apple. They did get caught sharing people’s info and even financial information very recently so please dead horse go beat it.

  13. These are just 30 second cuts of the original 1 min 30 second one. So, they aren’t really “new”.

  14. Yup I ran up to Best Buy here in town to see what the fuss was about.. I looked, I laughed and associate asked if he could help me, I just told him that I was there to laugh at the iphone 5 and walked away…

  15. Poor Sammy…..unable to DUPLICATE Apple’s brand loyalty, they result to mocking it. Typical inferiority complex behavior…how pitiful

  16. 0:24 secs into top ad – i could fall in love with this woman. I quite like ad agencies with a dirty sense of humour. Oh, in case you think i wasn’t paying attention to the serious stuff ….
    ‘iphone – the nanna phone’ is gonna hurt apple badly if samsung follows through with this

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