HTC One S for T-Mobile USA getting Android 4.0.4


T-Mobile users who own the HTC One S have woken up to a software upgrade today as the US carrier is reportedly pushing out an upgrade to Android 4.0.4. There is a very long list of improvements and bug fixes to be had that no one should have qualms with. Take a look:


According to T-Mobile the update is 150MB large, and you’ll have to be on an unrooted, stock build of 1.53.531.76 710RD or 1.84.531.2 710RD to receive it. As always, you’ll want to charge your phone until it’s above 50% before you decide to accept the upgrade, and it’s always a good idea to turn WiFi on. Read on for the full update instructions.

Download update from HTC

You may request the update from the update servers, even if you have not received the Over the Air (OTA) update. To download or check for updates, follow these steps:


  1. From the Home screen, press the Application key.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch About phone.
  4. Touch Software updates.
  5. Touch Check now.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  7. Wait as your phone restarts and updates.


Download Over the Air (OTA) software update

After receiving a notification that you received the OTA update, you may download it. To download, follow these steps:


  1. You will receive this notification message when the update is available for you:

    “This software update includes devices improvements for your HTC One S. It won’t delete any of your content and the download is expected to take 10 to 15 minutes, but could take longer.

    “You will not be able to use your phone or make emergency calls during the upgrade. Please do not turn off your phone during the upgrade.”

  2. From the message Notification Screen, touch Download.
  3. Touch Install Now.
  4. Wait as your phone restarts and updates.
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  1. finally! the wifi issue was driving me insane.

    1. You dealt with all these issues all these months?

      I’m a die hard Android fan, and have convinced many people to switch to Android (btw they all curse me now), but reasons like this and more are why I’m switching to iPhone 5. WiFi issues would never go on this long with an iPhone. There would be an update probably within a week or two.

      1. nope. just the wifi dropping one. it’s only an issue at school since i connect to wifi there often. otherwise i always use my data connection.

      2. Yeah because the iPhone 4’s antenna problem was definitely fixed within a week or two… And the only fix they gave was that you were probably holding it wrong. :p lol and you really think they’re going to be able to fix their terrible iMaps on the iPhone 5 in a week or two?

        1. nevermind not worth it

  2. Good riddance.

  3. When is the One X getting 4.0.4

  4. One other change I noticed: The native HTC Car dock app now shows the latest music app you used in the lower right quadrant (before it always showed the preinstalled TuneIn Radio app). Also, I don’t know if these are new, as I just may have not used/noticed them before, but 1. The Music icon in the Car home app (upper right quadrant) now shows the album art for the last -on-device music you played. 2. The row of connectivity icons in the lower middle of the Car app now show a missed call, and 3. When you are in Car mode and a call comes in, it takes over the whole screen (useful if you are driving) and you swipe the screen to the left to Reject and swipe to the right to Answer. Overall a decent, nice-looking Car hom app, but it still needs mroe customizability. It’d be nice if the Music icon on Car mnode behaved like the Music icon in the app drawer, where it intelligently offers shortcuts to all your music apps (it knows which are music apps without you telling it).

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