ASUS: Jelly Bean for Transformer Pad Infinity and Transformer Prime coming soon


After announcing the rollout of Android 4.1 for the Transformer Prime (TF201) in Sweden yesterday, ASUS has made a more generalized announcement saying to expect the update soon. Along with the Prime, ASUS also announced that the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) would receive Jelly Bean in the coming days. The announcement comes by way of the company’s Facebook profile and was posted earlier this morning along with a note to keep an eye on the page for further updates.

ASUS has done a remarkable job of keeping their lineup of Android tablets up to date with frequent software updates, even if the Jelly Bean push may have taken a month or two longer than most would have liked. We’ll forgive them, in this case. The tablet maker did just devote four months to developing the world’s first Android 4.1 tablet, after all.

[via ASUS]

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  1. Asus rules compared to other manufacturers when it comes to updates, hell most their tablets were released 1month to a year before the new galaxy note 10.1 and they are getting the jellybean update a couple months earlier

    1. Well yes, mostly. Although they were quick to get updates to my TF101 they really pooched the job, and it took two additional updates for my tablet to become useful again. I hope they remember that fiasco and perchance reconcile with a Jelly Bean flavored olive branch.

  2. When ASUS says “coming soon” they mean a week. When Motorola says “coming soon” they mean 8 months.

    1. they need to find a dictionary, I don’t think they understand what the word “soon” means, or maybe they are going by tree years

    2. It’s for this reason why I’m hoping that the Padfone 2 will be compatible with Verizon.

      1. Take it from a guy with a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. It doesn’t matter what company is providing the update (in my case, Google themselves) Verizon will happily delay the update as they see fit. It’s no coincidence that the Nexus 4.1 update was held off until the day the iPhone 5 was released.

        If you go with Verizon, you’re GOING to wait for updates.

        1. Agreed. With Verizon, you do wait for updates (I also have a Galaxy Nexus). I’m hoping for compatibility with Verizon’s network. I don’t need Verizon to sell me the phone.

  3. What about my tf101???

    1. I just bought one off swappa with the laptop dock, and am curious as well as to when it will come. I hope it comes soon. If it ends up not coming, I guess I’ll have to root it.

    2. Same here me want some of project Butter & Google Now.

    3. Not happening. Sunset came and went for that device.

      Edit: not Schadenfreude, I have a TF101. Just acceptance.

      1. Ehm, you are dead wrong. There will be Jelly Bean for the TF101.

        1. I did read, (although I can’t find it) a tweet from ASUS that said the TF101 will be receiving JB this calendar year

        2. Ehm, you dont have jack to back that up. One international location said it was but was userped by multiple other locations and nothing from corporate.

          Its not happening officially.

  4. I think the problem with Asus is they’ve released 3 similar tabs in 6 months (obviously not counting the N7) The prime should have been fixed not replaced.

  5. I rooted and flashed a CyanogenMod 10 unofficial rom alpha build through xda and it is leaps and bounds better than the stock version. There are far fewer force closes and it is much faster. It has made me fall in love with this tablet. I was not happy with the purchase prior to the CyanogenMod.

  6. “Soon” means within 72 hours, per an XDA post, which appeared at 9AM today.

    “North American Update -For those users in the US and Canada, the Release should be available within the next 72 hours.”

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