ASUS announces Transformer Prime update to Jelly Bean for Sweden


ASUS Transformer Prime owners could be seeing an update to Jelly Bean as early as today…if they happen to live in Sweden. The computer and tablet maker’s Swedish branch took to Facebook earlier this morning to announce that the upgrade to Android 4.1 should soon commence for the tablet with a keyboard dock. There is no word on when the update might spread to other regions, but the initial rollout is good news nonetheless. Given that no barriers such as wireless carriers exist between the manufacturer and consumer, ASUS should be just about set to deliver the update to all users, including those in the US.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I don’t see much difference in performance between Android 4.0.4 and 4.1. I have a nexus 7and gs3 and I honestly think I won’t upgrade my gs3 to 4.1and above just because I don’t want to lose flash. HTML5 sucks in my opinion, I prefer a FULL browser experience instead of some crappy mobile version.

    1. Flash 11 and Dolphin works just fine on my N7.

  2. I’m i the only one that thinks that Kevin Krauses picture looks like the guy from the At&t HTC One X commercial, “Hey baby goat, that’s not yours, that’s not yours”

  3. Slight chub…

    May be time to factory restore prior to update… Tired of the hang ups..

  4. I have both prime and n7. N7 seems much snappier

  5. Hopefully the 4.1 update ASUS puts out will fix all of the software bugs (random force closes, serious lag, unresponsiveness) that has pretty much relegated my Prime to paperweight status.

    1. Can’t say I have that problem very often…except when I don’t use it much! I’ve noticed that the more I use it, the more stable it is. Not to say that Asphault and Need for Speed games don’t ever force close, cuz they do and it’s annoying. Just saying I’ve noticed a direct correlation of FC’s and lag to the amount of use the tablet gets. So, yeah, hope the version is more stable!

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