Barnes & Noble introduces NOOK Video streaming service


Barnes & Noble today has revealed plans to launch their own streaming video service for their NOOK line of tablet computers. Dubbed NOOK Video, the service will feature content licensed from HBO, Sony Pictures, STARZ, Walkt Disney Studios, Viacom, and Warner Bros. in an effort to compete directly with similar offerings from the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and even Google Play. As a bonus, NOOK Video will feature Ultraviolet integration to sync users’ existing Blu-Ray and DVD libraries with their digital media library.

NOOK Video will launch this fall in the US and over holiday season in the UK.

[via B&N]

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  1. That sound great! its an awesome combination HBO,SONY and STARZ content,I do remember when I could watch spartacus on Netflix but not anymore it was a Starz decision its kind of surprising why the decided to let Barnes and Nobles use its contents the same with HBO, weird this streaming service would be a good competition specially for HBO since you need to have HBO on your cable package to use it but not anymore with Nook streaming service.
    Sounds great to me I just wonder how much will it cost!?!?

    1. My guess is it would cost per episode like the Google Play Store rather than Netflix’s everything under the umbrella is free to watch for $8 a month.

  2. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and several other video streaming services, I hope this will increase the quality and lower the price of all these services. May the best value win!

    1. lower than 8 bucks a month?

      1. If you could pay $5 a month rather than $8, wouldn’t you want to?

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