New Nexus device to be based on HTC Droid Incredible X [RUMOR]


The HTC Droid Incredible X is expected to launch this fall as the Taiwanese mobile maker’s answer to phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note. A new rumor also has it forming the basis for one of several new Nexus devices expected to launch during the holiday season. It seems likely that Google will shift their Nexus strategy from one new device per year to a selection of devices from several different manufacturers, and HTC’s offering could borrow the 5-inch display and quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro rumored for the Incredible X.

A source claiming to have insider knowledge from within HTC says the fourth-generation Nexus handset will launch with Android 4.1.2, a mild OS update featuring Project Butter improvements and lockscreen enhancements as well as other tweaks and fixes. Other rumored specs include a 12MP camera and 2,500mAh battery. The 5-inch display at 1080p resolution could earn the device the name of Nexus 5, a take on the Nexus 7 moniker.

For now, take this as a rumor flavored with a heavy dose of salt. We have little substantiate any of the above claims.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. If this is true I guess we can expect not to see it on Verizon then. Everyone remember the Droid Incredible and Nexus One debacle?

  2. Please get this Verizon!

    I mean as a REAL Nexus, not another gutted Galaxy Nexus!

    1. I pray that verizon NEVER gets any more special treatment no nexus exclusivity.

    2. If you want a real nexus, you have to get it from google directly not verizon.

    3. Please DON’T get this Verizon…or Sprint…or AT&T…or ANY carrier!!

      Please make this a global phone (working on all of the above), available on the play store, advertised through manufacturer ads on TV and via Google services.

      Thank you.

    4. You’re funny XD. Verizon will lock it down and ruin it like it did the GNexus.

  3. will it be pentaband compatible with BOTH at&t and t-mobile 3G/HSPA+???? That is the question !! the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had this capability and it was a HUGE plus!

    1. I can’t imagine them not doing this, it seems to be getting where this is an industry standard.

      I personally won’t buy it, cause I’m pleased as a peach with my gnex. I would like to get a nexus tablet that is 10″. that would be nice.

      1. I have a 10 inch tablet, and after reading off of it for more than a bit of time, you get tired of holding it. this is where 7 inch wins. ah, if only the nexus 7 tablet would connect to an hdtv, i would have purchased one by now…

      2. if pentaband covers at&t and t-mobile frequencies, then what’s the word i’m looking for which will make data connections possible with verizon or sprint IN ADDITION to at&t and tmobile?

  4. i hope its true ive been asking for another HTC Nexus ….but Google needs to make them release on all carriers like the S3 and Note and like all at onces

    1. That’s Samsung and Google has no control over what Samsung releases on a carrier.

      1. No i know Google has no control on that but they can finally flex some muscle and show some back bone …I mean really just look at the CDMA Nexus’s (Nexi?) the nexus s 4G what a joke they like had forgotten about it for a while and well there is the vzw nexus …I know ASOP dont play nice with CDMA but really if google wanted to they could do something about it

        1. Totally agree with you on that lol.

        2. Nexus S was a joke of a phone, not that I’m fond of Sprint but the phone was horrible. And if I was Sprint I would have made Samsung/Google go back to the drawing board on that. And I know they have no control over the way the phones are made but I would’ve said something. The S was plastic, cheap, slow, but screen had nice color lol.

          1. The Nexus S GSM is probably my favorite nexus so far. The hummingbird cpu/gpu combo was unrivaled in its class. I loved the sleek all black look and wished the galaxy nexus looked more like it. As you said the screen was excellent. I dropped my nexus s so many times and it has held up. I cracked the screen on the galaxy nexus after a couple of months. Back to Nexus S running 4.1.1, well.

            Edit: Almost forgot the Wolfson DAC and Voodoo sound.

        3. “Nexus’s (Nexi?) ”

  5. 2500mah w/ a 5″ screen? comeon… make it 3000+ atleast. and yes Pure Nexus, too.

  6. my next phone is supposed to be the note 2, but if this is true ill be holding out without a doubt.

    1. So far I have owned not but HTC phones (DInc, Tbolt, Rezound) — I would love to see them return to the Nexus family. Like you, I’m leaning heavily in the Note 2 direction but I wont make a jump until the rumored X makes its debut.

    2. And do without a card slot and removeable battery?

    3. Like you, I have been holding out for the Note 2…. I have been a HTC addict for some time, but the GS3 and GN2 won me over to Samsung. Maybe a HTC Nexus device might win me back to HTC, although I have to say I think Sammy have it over HTC these days.

  7. If this is true and post to Verizon this will be my next phone… WOW

    1. I’m kinda thinking the same thing.

    2. ME TOO.

  8. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Finally a real Nexus not a crap Galaxy device.

  10. I hope this rumor is true

  11. It’s fine if this rumor is true for a Nexus 5 phablet so long as they also make a Nexus 4 and it’s a normal sized phone. Somewhere between the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus is fine. I just want a PHONE. Honestly if Google is so arrogant that they think everyone wants a phablet I’ll take my business to Apple. Also, ALL carriers including VZW.

    1. Say hi to the folks in Cupertino for me. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    2. Well, then you probably wont like Nexus 6.


  12. I hope they they don’t make a 5″ inch screen the 4.65 the galaxy nexus is sitting at now is fine. Stop going larger if I wanted a tablet I would buy one.

    1. Choices, man. Choices.

  13. Hopefully they sell a Verizon compatible version through the Play Store at a decent price.

    1. This is pretty much the only thing that would keep existing Nexus users on VZW…

      1. While this would be nice, I still think there are a lot of nexus users who would like a subsidized option as well. I might have to use a dumbphone line’s upgrade to get the subsidy and keep unlimited, but I’m definitely planning that over paying $500+ for a phone.

        1. Bah.

          at a decent price

          Miss that part? The Galaxy Nexus sells on the Play Store for $50 more than I bought it on Subsidy through Verizon when it launched.

          1. Took many many months to hit that price. The Gnex should never have been $300 subsidized, should have been $200. If one comes out this year it will be $200 subsidized for sure. The Galaxy Nexus on release was $650. I’m not paying $650, I’m positive they won’t sell a high end phone for super cheap, and I’m not waiting til next summer for it to drop to $350 which will still be $150 more or nearly double the price of what it will be on subsidy if released with subsidy. I’m not sure what is reasonable in your book, but in mine, any phone over $200 is unreasonable.

          2. If one comes out this year it will be $200 subsidized for sure.”

            Heh…A descendant of Nostradamus himself, eh? Good on you, mate.


          3. Sound very complicating – we don’t have this subsidised set-up in the UK – get a phone on a 2yr contract and its £29

        1. Uh-huh.

          Insightful. Thanks so much for your input. Have a great day!


  14. I just pray Google doesn’t mess this up again by giving Verizon an exclusivity period.

    1. Or any carrier for that matter. Stop the exclusive crap and put micro SD card slots back in the Nexus phones.

      1. couldn’t agree more on SD card slots.

      2. Google dislikes expandable memory :(

      3. MicroSD cards are slow and writing to them slows down the whole phone. Just put 64GB to 128GB of storage right in the device itself.

        1. Um…the funny thing is that the reason for Google hating SD is to force people to use the cloud service. Funnily enough, only cloud service that’s remotely comparable to a offline storage is a personal server-not really cloud, like Tonido and others. Still, having a option for such decision would be nice rather than being forced to do something.

          1. cloud is even sllllower than SD

          2. Cloud is all well and good, until you realize it is both slower than an SD card and limited by however many GB per month you get from your carrier…

        2. @google-d522d6586323a7ddf183c8b7218e0fe3:disqus
          You are absolutely right.

          What some people don’t realize is how hard it is for developers to get their apps to accommodate variable speeds of expandable memory or even accommodate for external memory period(microSD). Some developers don’t even try it, and that’s when you see comments in Play store screaming to add feature to move app to SD card or saying how slow the app is and to make it faster.

          What happens when app data is stored on your Class 2 micro SD card that came with your phone? The Game/App takes a lot longer to load. If poorly optimized it might be sluggish if it required read/write data to the card in the middle of a game or some app interaction. The camera/gallery takes longer to load. That’s when your ifriends point out how flawed the software is because they don’t have that issue with that app. (Other factors could be at work as well).

          I’m a developer, just not a mobile developer :) In the past our team
          came across issues with applications when we failed to account for
          variable factors when it comes to reading/writing data.

          The bottom line is using build-in storage is better for developers and Android’s stability itself while expandable storage is better for consumers because it’s cheaper and offers more flexibility.

          I myself LOVE my expandable microSD, but if I had 64Gb+ internal storage I would forget about expandable cards. I’m sure larger internal storage is not for everyone and the cloud is definitely not for everyone.

          1. I’m the kind of person that wants 64 gb internal storage, SD slot and the cloud.

          2. I don’t care about moving the app to SD. I want to be able to put my music on my phone, so if I don’t have a signal or wifi, I can still listen to it. An example of such time would be driving my car. I also use it for back ups and such for roms and apps.

          3. You simply do not know what you’re talking about. SD card classes are ONLY and I mean ONLY based on WRITE speeds. They all read VERY fast.

          4. You got me sir, that class 2 example was bad. I realized that sometime later. If I remove the “class 2” and insert “budget” in my example from my comment it would make a lot more sense.

            You are however wrong about the “VERY fast read speed”. Every card has variable read speeds depending on manufacturer and while Class # means write speed
            it generally follows “the lower the class the lower the read speed
            pattern. Most likely that the cheap card that comes with your phone has a slow read speed (like it did with my Droid2G and Razr), while it might be 2 or 3 times as fast as the write speed it is still relatively slow when compared to internal memory. Plus, take into account low support for random access r/w on microSD and you have much much slower memory than internal.

        3. I just read this phone may have 64 gb internal storage. About time.

          1. @ari_free:disqus
            Ammm…I’m lost for words. Hehe. Maybe, it’s “you can’t please everyone” scenario. Or can you? :)

            Also, I completely agree with your comment below on cloud being slow. As a
            developer I had to hear from our clients that they want cloud this and
            cloud just because it’s the cool thing right now and its hip without any understanding limitations that the cloud imposes. One
            of the biggest one being speed, or lack of.

        4. Half of my 32gig SD card is full and my rezound is still very fast loading my games and audio/video media…I don’t care how great a smartphone specs might be, if it doesn’t have an SD slot I wont be interested.

          1. Maybe that’s because you have a good Micro SD Card. Ever though of that? LoL!! The person is saying that if you have a crappy SD card, then it would slow down the game, and app developers can’t accommodate for that.

      4. Also, if you exclude a micro SD card, you don’t have to license stupid FAT from MS. At least that’s my theory as to why Nexus stopped doing microSD.

        1. what do you think the internal storage is formatted to?
          would be so much easier if windows natively recognized ext3/4…. /sigh

      5. If they put samsungs new memory in the nexus with the 128gb I wouldn’t care about sd cards any more.

        1. I could get behind that, maybe.

      6. Honestly, I don’t mind not having SD expansion as long as they guarantee at least 32GB internal with above average I/O performance.

      7. i agree on the exclusivity crap. make 1 phone and call it a day.

        all you have to do is give us microSD card slots that are compatible with UHS-1. currently they are up to 30MB/s write. and they can get up to 100MB/s :). thats more than fast enough yes?

      8. Apple simultaneously released the iPhone 5 to all carriers. Google should do the same, including VZW – Nexus for all.

    2. Yes, fu°k Verizon.

      1. I’m more interested in how you got the degrees symbol.

        1. haha me too.

        2. charmap

          -OG Windows 3.1 user

          ,and yes it’s still there

    3. Google won’t do that again. I think that they very clearly know that doing it in the first place was a mistake. At I/O I recall them mentioning selling all future Nexus devices in the Play Store.

    4. As much as they sold on verizon I bet they will.. You really thing they care about what verizon did with the update?? They sold alot of them phones and thats probably all google cares about!

    5. I hope that Google and the phone manufacturers learned from Samsung and the Galaxy S3’s universal release on all carriers. Carrier exclusivity on flagship products is just a horrible idea for these phone manufacturers.

  15. No thanks. I’ll stick with my beautiful phone.

  16. I would love a 5 inch screen phone. Note is to big at 5.5 inches.

    1. some of us are used to holding big things in our hands so nothing new for us black folk lol

      1. tool.

      2. that’s what she said

  17. If there is truth in this rumor then I think the “will this come to Verizon?” question has been answered. Why would Verizon release 2 versions of essentially the exact same phone Incredible X/Nexus 5? Google hasn’t been happy with Verizon’s update time-frames and Verizon wants their bloat which they can add to the Incredible X. From a business standpoint, there is no benefit to carry both phones.

    1. Verizon hates no control over their phones. Just look at the GNexus, they completely ruined it. Google will most likely keep the Nexus devices away from Verizon.

      1. This comment is ridiculous, the iPhone works excellent on Verizon and receives updates with the rest of them. If Google can’t do the same I’ll take my business elsewhere.

        1. The difference is iPhones were designed and meant to be difficult to jailbreak and as far as i know it isn’t possible or easy to change the OS. as oppose to the nexus brand which is very easy to root and change the OS (rom)

        2. The iPhone is a completely different matter. The truth is that Verizon HATES selling iPhones because they are losing out a lot on subsidies and has no control over iOS. Everything is proprietary with Apple, so almost no carrier control whatsoever. However, Verizon doesn’t have a choice, but sell it since it’s a very popular smartphone. Yeah, iOS is near to impossible to modify on your own.

        3. This comment is ridiculous. The whole point of Nexus is that you have control and the iPhone is completely against that.

          1. your comment is ridiculous.

        4. When you sell as many phones as Apple does, even Verizon will cave if they want the phone on their network.

          Android? There are tons of Android phones on Verizon, so I think they couldn’t care less about whether they had the GNex or not. That was pretty evident by Verizon always pushing The RAZR and even the Rezound over the GNex.

          Thus, if Google wanted a Nexus device on Verizon’s network, it was going to have to play by Verizon’s rules.

    2. How can apple keep complete control of the iPhone on verizon? and yet Google not keep complete control of a Nexus on verizon? That is the question !

  18. I too couldn’t be happier with my Gnex, I have had several Nexus devices and I know many HTC fans won’t agree but HTC devices are crap now… the specs always seem high end, but the end result is garbage.

    I will stick with my Gnex, it’s even snappier than my N7.

    1. Obviously no one has ever handled a HTC One X. Besides, since it’s a Nexus device, it won’t come with HTC Sense, which was indeed crap. AOSP will make this device fly.

    2. the only reason people say HTC devices “suck” is because of Sense. And since this is a Nexus, problem solved

      1. If you used sense long enough you wouldn’t say sense sucks.

        1. Yes, you would. :/

          1. No you wouldn’t :p

          2. have you used sense ui lately?

        2. i have not used the new versions of sense. But on the mytouch 4g, sense was a MAJOR pain cause it slowed everything down. After i rooted it i felt like i had a new phone again. Currently have the GN, im too used to AOSP now

          1. DIdn’t the Mytouch4g run a hacked up version of sense that wasn’t truly? sense? actually, yes, yes it did. Mytouch devices did not offer full out sense. I tried to get used to stock and AOSP but its just the small things that things like sense and touchwiz that is just missing from stock android.. Primarily pre-photo shot filters, Sense widgets…. are best imo… I would have had a GN had it been released on t-mo frequencies right when it came out instead of giving verizon an exclusivity period.

          2. Sense is a major bottleneck to performance. It has long been tested and benchmarked, it does slow down the phone to a certain extent. Also, all of those features are available somewhere on the app market, you just gotta know where to look. Even current Cyanogen and AOKP ROMs are incorporating a lot of features as well. AOSP > any UI overlay. And btw, touchwiz is ugly and has a horrible keyboard. And no, I don’t want to cover it up with a launcher either…

          3. i do agree that Sense widgets are the best

    3. You’ve clearly not handled any recent HTC devices or you’ve got a serious chip on your shoulder.
      The One X and the other One series are superb handsets and there build quality is higher than Samsung’s recent devices.

      Personally I really like the benefits that Sense brings to Android but if they couple their excellent builds like the One series with vanilla Android then they’ve got another winner like the original Nexus that HTC produced to appease those who like their OS unadulterated.

    4. So you must be saying only Samsung devices are good? Because out of all the Android OEM’s, they are the only ones that can be considered equal/better than HTC.

    5. htc phones all look the same. ugh. stick with sammy. amoled + FTW

  19. If so please include a 4.3-4.7 inch nexus of some sort too

  20. Mm, it’s so salty!

  21. I’m interested in this if it’s GSM based and has LTE for AT&T.

    Oh, and unlocked bootloader. You’ve sucked with this lately HTC.

    1. It most definitely will have an unlocked bootloader. The whole point of Nexus phones is to be as open and control free as possible.

      1. I hope that is indeed the case. I loved my Rezound and have owned several HTC phones. However, HTC’s stance on locked bootloaders lately has really irritated me. I almost ditched the Rezound before the unlock finally came out.

  22. Make it global (GSM/CDMA/WiMax/LTE), and available on the Play Store.

    Thank you.

    1. Keep the WiMax its dead…

  23. so excited! I hope 5″ isn’t too big.

    1. That’s what she said.

  24. HTC Nexus, LG Nexus, either one would make me giddy. Both have nearly identical specs and will offer astounding performance with the quad core S4 Pro w/ Adreno 320 graphics. The only thing that would make me even more giddy is a quad core Exynos 55xx w/ Mail 6xx graphics. ARM is taking the world by storm and when ARMv8 drops w/ 64 bit goodness coupled with high end GPUs you will essentially have desktop level performance in the palm of your hand.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think Nexus phones will ever come with an Exynos Soc. Samsung hasn’t been too good at releasing source codes and drivers for Exynos and that makes Android development on it a nightmare. Nexus phones are suppose to be developer friendly, so unless Samsung changes its policies, no Exynos in the near future.

  25. Hope they can make the bezel as minimal as possible. That’s the key to making this phablet stand out. Also, please be on the Play Store. If not, screw it.

  26. Anyone who buys a nexus device on a CDMA provider is looking to be disappointed.

    1. How so? I have everything a GSM Nexus has on a CDMA Nexus.

      1. That’s what they want you to think. But take a minute to think about the limitations and restrictions that come along with both Sprint and Verizon. Both spend months testing the Android software before they release it. Google releases the latest versions of their software directly to GSM phones regardless of the carrier. Think about the problems with Google Wallet.

        Check this out, JB was released to GSM Galaxy nexus back in July. The Verizon version just got released and Sprint’s got released at the start of this month. That is a lag of 2 or more months.

        On top of that, the Verizon and Sprint phones are subject to the final say in releasing any software to the phones. Verizon and Sprint could both decide out of the middle of nowhere to not release software just because they don’t want dated phones competing with their latest offerings.

  27. quadcore s4 1080p, and 12mp. wow next year’s standards to beat while the iPhone has neither, lol.

    1. Sounds really nice, but you’re describing a high-end phone. Google doesn’t order high end specs for Nexus devices. I’d love to see that change, but I’m doubtful.

      1. I was speaking in general about mobile specs, but the galaxy nexus was the first 720p.phone wasn’t it?

        1. rezound.

  28. If this story is true then it’s bye bye Galaxy Nexus and hello again HTC. I always loved HTC phones more than samsung.

    1. Me too! And I despise LG so I’m really excited.

    2. They all have pro’s and cons. HTC makes awesome phones, but you won’t get the super amoled display, which a decent number of people like, though a decent number also hate for some reason. However HTC’s one big flaw and really their only serious one, is making phones thick. They had to make the battery built in to get a 9mm One X, while others can make 7-8mm phones without a tiny built in battery and at 9mm can put giant batteries in. For a removable battery samsung makes a 9mm phone while htc needs 13mm such as the htc rezound and thunderbolt. If HTC fixes this issue without putting in a nonremovable tiny battery, then they should have an awesome nexus device.

      1. i love amoled displays they are amazing and consume less battery than other displays

  29. So we now have rumours of three Nexus devices coming this fall, and those three devices will be made by Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, and Asus. Wait… 1, 2, 3, 4… Something isn’t right here. I love rumours!

  30. I really hope they have a 4″ variant powerhouse to replace my NS4G.. It’s still running great courtesy of CM9.. But it is indeed growing old

    1. 4inch days for top of the line android devices is long gone my friend you will be in luck if they released different variants 4″ 4″65 5″ but to be honest i highly doubt google will do that more like different manufactuer’s like LG,HTC,Samsung etc good luck

  31. Much as I love Nexus devices, I would not consider one without a removable battery and a card slot.

  32. i read thru alot of your comments and it seems people complained on verizon/Sprint about how long it took Nexus Devices to be updated to 4.1. Jellybean it was a big pain huh? and made you all very ticked off, I feel your pain i am on sprint for one thing im def leaving sprint. I will no longer suffer being behind when a new Android OS is Announced some times you get Tier of rooting/flashing Roms i want it ASAP thru Google and the only way that will happen is go GSM/Unlocked thru Play Store which was my plan all alone. now i had to choices for my next android device which was GALAXY-NOTE II, I was sold just loved the phablet and its great features plus 1.6 quad + 2gig of ram thats enough to make any android fan drool. But this is the thing having that device will not give me the latest & greatest software improvements etc, So my mind is leaning nexus which i have owned all of them current one being GALAXY NEXUS ok sit back people think about this rumor for a minute outta all the specs mentioned few of them are very believable GOOGLE has not been Quiet for no reason knowing the fact the IPHONE5 is out and lots are loving it they will need to steal the sunshine all about about competition And a 5″inch Quad core not to sure about 1080p screen i have a mixed feeling on that one but think about all the previous generations all the screen sizes etc did a bump in size from 3.7 to 4″ 4.65 to 5″ is very believable multiple nexus device will be nice to see. I see sprint getting a hold of one again verizon im not to sure but then again google makes more money haven it available on all carriers but just remember the CDMA versions will make you ticked again stay away from CDMA carriers hard head will make a soft a$% how i see it :D

  33. This thing won’t be as much as a hit as the note 2. Many people like to take advantage of the S-pen and all of it is capable of delivering!

    HTC you’re just wasting your time.

    1. Yeah the Note 2 may be big for a phone but it is the perfect replacement for a notepad

  34. This is one of the few devices that could sway me from the Note 2. I would miss the s-pen, removable battery and sd slot though. Optimally it’d have all of those.

  35. A Nexus phone should not be 5″ it should be around the 4.3″ to 4.6″ in size. Max

    1. Sorry, google isn’t apple they aren’t going to give you the same device 3 years running.

      1. By that logic, screen sizes should keep increasing and by 2015 we will all carry 10″ phones.

        1. First off you misunderstood the logic if you are saying that.

          Second Galaxy Note 10.1 is practically a 10.1 inch phone.
          Now.. Screen sizes are going to keep getting larger up until it gets too big for people to see it as a phone or until the form factor changes or maybe who knows maybe it’ll get to be where tabs are more preferred with a bluetooth headset.

  36. if it has physical buttons, grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  37. NEXUS 5 is a better name than the HTC 5″ DIX….

  38. I’m I the the only one that had JB on my Gnex it seems like minutes after Google announced it? My Verizon Gnex. It was a work in progress but i had it. I just don’t understand why people waited so long for Verizon to update. We know from the past they are slow. I feel if you’re going to get a nexus read up even watch YouTube do it yourself. It’s not hard at all. I’m happy with my Gnex I just feel a lot of the complaining shouldn’t happen when when you have the tools to be up to date. And I know people are going to say is a nexus it should get updates from Google and I can say is a Nexus flash it.

    1. Not everyone knows how to root and flash ROMs. Overall, it can be a tricky business for people who are not that tech-savvy, which is the majority of the population. It certainly looks easy, but some are just not willing to take the time or fears that the phone may be bricked. Also, most people aren’t that tolerant of imperfect ROMs and need their phone to be working 100% of the time. The best way is for Google to release new Android versions OTA simultaneously, but carriers tend to delay that in order to modify Android to their liking. That’s why it’s best to keep the Nexus devices away from carriers.

      1. Bull crap! Root and roming is simple after you figure out how to do 1 all others are similar in their right, Flash through ODIN – does it for you, Flash via Recovery w/ Aroma installer- similar to installing software on a PC just press next, Detailed instructions are on XDA, and youtube to give you a hands on walkthrough.

        Have you even remotely tried to install a rom? Majority of roms detail whats working and what isn’t there are 100% roms and OTA’s even if released by google aren’t even guaranteed to be smooth… There are people on XDA who get it so smooth its amazing. I currently run Elegancia Rom Sense4 2.7 on my sensation and my phone has never been smoother than now…

        If you can’t install a rom its because you honestly haven’t given it an honest effort. Really it is simple absolutely simple.

        1. I know it’s simple and I myself have done it to a point where I may have an addiction XD I have tried to convince others to do the same, but they were not interested in it or simply don’t care about it. Some simply did not want to deal with the bugs. Flashing ROMs need some kind of dedication and tolerance to check and update once in a while.

      2. Seriously its easy once you are rooted, you put a file on the sd card, boot into recovery, find the file, install it, let nature takes its course just follow instructions and enjoy.

  39. Nexus 6 modeled after Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Samsung kthxbai

  40. I have been pretty die hard Samsung since the Galaxy S2 buttt it will be interesting to see an HTC Nexus device again. Only issue I have with HTC is Sense. I always admired the build of their phones.

  41. Still not buying the whole multiple Nexus speculation. Whoever started it with some basement rumor they made up on the fly is sure proud of themselves. Mark my words… There will only be one new Nexus phone released.

    1. Someone heard that LG, Sony, and others were submitting designs to Google for the next Nexus and knee-jerked.

      This is normal…many OEMs submit for it…and Google picks the one that gets it from them.

      I highly doubt we’ll see more than one phone/one tablet at any time. It’s a great fantasy…but still a fantasy nonetheless.

      Though, in all honesty, I hope I am wrong.

      1. It has to do when google said they would be releasing 5 nexus devices this year

        1. From what I have seen, someone at Google commented on several submissions….and someone else misunderstood that.

          If you have a link to Google specifically stating this, I would be happy to see it….but I really don’t think you do…otherwise, it’d be a fact, not a rumor. ;-)

  42. if no sd card slot then come out with 64gb and 128gb options, that would be sweet

  43. nooooooooo please keep the same screen size any bigger and it will look lame.

  44. are you freaking kidding me? 1080P screen with a 2500mah battery? that will be a disaster on battery life! anything less than 3500mah will mean we will have the Shortest battery life..EVER :|

  45. Nexus 5 and a Nexus 7? Is that a smart move? LoL!! But if it doesn’t have an S-Pen, then I won’t get it. Kinda pointless. I mean I can get a cool little extra feature. =.P

    But that would be cool I guess. Although at 5 inches, I don’t know if it would be worth it. I mean, I already have a Nexus 7. Hmm…

  46. Please come true! HTC’s solid build and this supurb spec, this will be the best phone the world ever had

  47. boing!!!!! htc/nexus.,……hell yes!

  48. I hope this is real :(

  49. High internal storage coupled with expandable memory only for convenience would be amazing.

  50. Nice! 1080p screen. Apple still hasn’t released a phone with a 720p screen yet. LOL

    1. 720 doesn’t make a difference until you get to television size screens. Lol

  51. more interested in checking out win8 phones at this point. Google is leaving developers to languish in patent hell, allowing carriers and developers to delay or drop support for Android updates and does little to support the CM android community in bringing new UI/UX elements to stock android thus further complicating the crapstorm with Apple. I have 6 months left on my subsidized phone…. let’s see what Google can force others to do.

  52. So many great new Nexus rumors. I am sure it will have great specs and be a great phone. I am sure I will buy it. I just hope the Verizon carries another Nexus phone. Please dont disappoint us Big Red!

  53. as long as Htc can give up its hideous sence overlay for a nexus and that it has good hardware specs im sold 1080p display wow! and large memory would be nice if no expandable sd slot but i do understand that can slow the fone down

  54. I would be all over that.

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