Netflix details updated user interface for Android devices


Last week Netflix users started to notice a different user interface than they had been accustomed to when launching the app on their Android phones, and now the team behind the movie rental and streaming service is giving us a more detailed look at what, exactly, has changed. Director of product innovation Chris Jaffe gives us the rundown in the above video, showing off an improved UI that makes it easier than ever to find and discover new movies and shows. If you don’t already have Netflix for Android, grab it from Google Play now.

Google Play Link: Netflix

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  1. Has anyone else noticed video lag with the new UI. My Gnex w/ wi-fi on low-mod strength played video w/o any issues. However, w/ this new UI i noticed that my video is very choppy and buffers every 2-3 secs. Annoying!

    1. I have a T-Mo GS2 running cm9 and was watching a movie using cell data and had no buffering issues.

      1. What I’ve found with Netflix even on a Bluray player hooked to Ethernet cable not wifi that popular films at popular hours may rebuffer. Netflix is probably not built out enough to keep up with demand. No rebuffering on my Galaxy Nexus with wifi but then it was late at night with a foreign film.

  2. Good work Jeff keep up the good work!

  3. does this thing do landscape yet? i cant believe how many apps still dont support landscape.

    1. ^ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. He showed landscape in the video..

      1. He showed landscape video. There’s a distinction.

  4. Not working on my GS3 Won’t let me log in.

  5. The new interface isn’t an improvement. It seems to have the same info but displays at a lower resolution so maybe load times are improved. Couldn’t say. I can say that the info doesn’t scale to fit my phone (Galaxy Nexus) as well as it used to when phone’s oriented in portrait mode. Not a big deal, just a pet peave.
    The big deal about the current Netflix mobile experience wasn’t mentioned… The really big deal is the incredible quality Netflix achieves with low data rates. The picture is stunning yet I almost always use it when WiFi’s and LTE are unavailable. The compression magic achieves great resolution and high frame rates over old-school, 3G data channels. WOW! Awesome job, guys, I can’t remember when I’ve been so impressed. Really breathtaking!

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