Motorola provides update to Android upgrade timeline


After promising to do right by Droid Bionic owners miffed that the planned Ice Cream Sandwich update for the handset will miss its initial Q3 deadline, Motorola has updated their Android upgrade timeline to give a better idea of when and if users can expect a new version of the OS for their phones. The Bionic is now listed as expecting ICS in Q4, as is the Motorola XOOM Family Edition. The Motorola Atrix 2 and Atrix 4G come with a note stating “further plans coming soon,” but provide no timeframe for expected updates.

Otherwise, if a device hasn’t already received Android 4.0, it will be sticking with its current operating system version. That also means don’t expect Jelly Bean. Speaking of Jelly Bean, the timeline offers no update on when to expect Jelly Bean on any phone or tablet.

[via Motorola | Thanks, Jeff!]

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  1. Sounds like those who buy Motorola phones may be screwed on getting updates. It seems as Motorola will only concentrate on the newest phones, such as the Razr line.

  2. Which is why I’m leaving motorola, seems like Samsung finally learned to update and Motorola is trying to be the new poor customer service king

    1. Moto has ALWAYS been the poor customer service king. At this stage I wouldn’t ever consider a Moto phone, not recommend one to anyone else. The only possible exception I can think of is if there were a Moto-built Nexus – then I might consider it.

  3. The least they can do is be rom friendly.. But I’ve never had a more difficult time rooting a Motorola. My first phone, the HTC Eris, I stumbled through rooting and flashing but it was easy and there were tons of roms out for it. Motorola roms are much more scarce because Motorola are a pain! I haven’t had Samsung yet but I can bet they’re just as easy as HTC to root. If not easier, HTC seems to be locking down contrary to what their fan base wants.

  4. i’m happy as a clam with 2.3.5 on my droid x2 for now. when my local tower upgrades to 4G i’ll buy a raxr maxx hd.

  5. What is funny is that my Atrix2 has been running the leaked version of ICS 4.0.4 since July. All moto needs to do to make up for this is to add all phones not on the list to unlock the bootloaders, and release the drivers. The community will pick it up from there. This is the last locked bootloader phone I’ll ever choose, that’s for sure.

    1. Word.

  6. RE: the Bionic ICS update, it appears to be VZW, not Moto, that’s the source of the delay. Still, I bought a pair of Bionics based on the promise that they’d have ICS “soon” and have bootloaders unlocked before the end of 2011. A year later, I’m still waiting.

    No more locked phones, ever. And, at the end of my contract, no more VZW.

    1. Agreed. The phone has great hardware that is as good as the new mid range phones coming out a year later. But I got the phone on the promise of an unlocked boot loader and quick updates. Throughout the year, they have updated my phone and each update makes the data connection worse. The phone and accessories are good enough that I can forgive the out of date OS if the data connection would not drop put and lock up every other day. Punit Soni says he is working to get things made right, not having an unlockable bootloader severely limits a phones life.

    2. Sorry you had to learn your lesson the hard way, but Moto are bare-faced liars. They make loads of promises to get sales and then never follow through on their commitments. Shocking company.

  7. Motorola only cares about the newest of the 100 phones they release every month.

  8. I don’t understand. All this does is give confirmation that YES I will get the update definitely … sometime. When the pizza delivery guy shows up late and he realizes he forgot to bring the pizza … “doing right by me” does not equate to him going back to get it and coming back an hour later with a cold pizza. Does “doing right” by Bionic owners mean that having failed in their last promise Motorolla just makes a new vague promise and everything is ok? I don’t get it.

  9. I just wanted ICS for my Atrix since it is still the only phone with a fingerprint reader :(

  10. Moto #NeverAgain

    Looks like I’ll probably have a new phones before my Atrix has legit ICS.

  11. Motorola is going to give a $100 credit to trade in old phones which do not receive an ICS/JB upgrade for a newer Motorola device.

    Question is, after this BS, why would anybody want to buy another Moto? Let alone giving their old device and only receiving $100 credit. Smh.

  12. Further plans coming soon? Atrix for Europe has already been in “Evaluation” for 9 months before changing to this. Why should i ever buy a motorola phone again, knowing that it will be abandoned after a few months.

  13. Again, wlll not buy any android other than Nexus.

  14. Soooo glad I got the flagship Atrix 4G when it came out. Bye bye moto.

  15. This is a disgrace, especially coming from a company owned by Google itself!!!

  16. Where’s JB, lock the bootloader, can’t give the upgrade…Motorola, you are so stupid…

  17. screw the update. Just give us a $250 credit towards the purchase of a new phone!

  18. Jeeze, I got into name-branded tablets to avoid this kind of mess from the cheapies.
    Motorola isn’t a cheapie company, this makes them look cheap.

    They need to man up and simply be up front about how far they plan on supporting their products after they release them.
    I’ll gladly wait ANOTHER few months for the update, but be sure I’m saving my pennies for something else. Lessons learned with my money.

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