Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour teaser shown at the Tokyo Games Show [VIDEO]


Gameloft’s committing to the Modern Combat series as much as Activision has to Call of Duty, and while the former is nowhere near the latter in terms of quality it definitely is among the top of the class for mobile shooters.

A new entry for Modern Combat was teased at the Tokyo Games Show today. It’s going to be called Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, and from what we can tell from the trailer a president has been kidnapped from a political conference on Molokai, Hawaii.

A trained operative from the US Army’s Special Forces gone rogue and treasonous, is believed to be responsible for the kidnapping. It’s your job to get him back, and you’ll get a lot of firepower to do just that.

We’ve always loved the Modern Combat games and this teaser does nothing to change that fact for the fourth iteration. Find the trailer up above. [Thanks Joel!]

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Is this a camera sample from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2?

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    1. The video quality we see here weak, but I bet he game will look fantastic on my Nexus 7

  1. any talk on the engine…unreal 3 or modern combat 3 engine?

    1. i hope its unreal, but proper unreal not like wild blood( it was missing real shadows )

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