DYZPlastic’s Series 3 Android figurines about to hit stores, last preview announced today


You know you are in nerd heaven when these little Android figurines are getting released and we are going crazy over them. I am usually pretty excited about these little Andorid dudes, but boy is today’s preview awesome! Say hello to Sir Knightly Bild.

This valiant warrior has seen many a fierce fight. Every night he ventures into the unknown, unaware of what fresh hell awaits. He battles unimaginable beasts deep within Feature Creep Keep…

There is also this cute Whoogle the Owl, and the DYZPlastic teams says there are a few more they are keeping under the veil. You know, you don’t want to ruin the surprise!

We have been keeping a close eye on these previews, and we are more than ready to take spend all our cash on these as soon as they become available this monday, Sept. 24th. Check out the other previews at their official blog, and go get your figurines at Dead Zebra’s store this monday!

I am definitely getting this one. I mean come on, it even looks like me.

[Source: DYZPlastic]

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  1. The knight is awesome!!!! I gotta have it! :D

    1. I am in love with that little Android! :D

  2. …but this one has a new hat!

    1. +1 for Malibu Stacy reference.

  3. I’m going to buy the set and I’m instantly going to regret my decision.

    But I’m doing it anyway.

  4. I was lucky enough to get a set before they sold out. Man they went quick. Just cant figure out how to order singles…

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