Sep 19th, 2012

Android Collectibles Series 03 has finally gotten a release date, along with some new figures pictured. First off, we have the new aptly named “Clear” and “Red” collectibles. Both designed by Google, the red colored collectible is just that — red. Now Clear features a see-through collectible pregnant with child. Inside rests a mini-collectible, complete with keychain. The mini figure features moveable limbs and can even sit upright on his own.

I was actually able to nab myself the Clear collectible while attending Comic-Con earlier this year, autographed by Andrew Bell himself. I’ve taken out the little Andy, and filled the bigger one with Jelly Beans. Looks pretty amazing, I must say. You can find the Series 03 Android Collectibles hitting local toy/comic retailers in the next few days, and starting Monday, September 24th, they’ll be available for purchase online through the Dead Zebra Shop which shipments being sent out on the 26th. There’s still a few more left in the box to be revealed and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for further updates.

[Dyzplastic | Dead Zebra Shop]