Rugged Sony Xperia acro S now available unlocked in the US


For a phone with IP55 and IP57 ratings for dust and water resistance, the Sony Xperia acro S manages to avoid the boxy look of your typical ruggedized Android device. It also features specs not typically associated with that class of handsets. With a 720p display measuring 4.3 inches and a dual-core CPU, the Xperia acro S stacks up to be a pretty surprising little smartphone. And now it is officially up for sale in the US direct from Sony.

Unfortunately, that means the purchase will set you back $650, though the cost comes at the benefit of a handset free of carrier obligations. To check it out, head over to Sony’s web store linked below.

[Sony via Engadget]

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  1. Hopefully this doesn’t mean xperia v will take 6 months to get here….

  2. As long as you dip your toes in and not just jump right in, I know that the bigger screen you have the less likely to go back to a smaller then current handset. You have a 3.6″ and get a 4.3″ and then think the 3.6″ was small… Then go to a 4.5″ then 4.65″ and then to a 4.8″ …. You’re not looking back to any of previous phones screens size. Then you get to 5.3″ and you’re stuck, everything you compare to a device needs to have that screen size. Samsung got you, yo!

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