Sep 21st, 2012

A wise man once said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” That’s pretty much the idea with the iMpulse gamepad, an upcoming accessory that looks to keep a wireless gamepad always within your reach. The iMpulse’s small stature means there’s never a reason to leave your controller at home, a problem facing just about every other mobile gaming controller on the market. It attaches easily to a set of keys meaning that no matter what delays, hangups, or long lines you face, you’ll always be ready for impromptu game sessions on your phone or tablet.

The iMpulse connects to any Bluetooth supported device and you can connect up to 2 controllers on 1 device for 2-player gaming. What’s more is the mini-controller can be used for more than just gaming. The iMpluse also acts as a media controller for your music and movies, a remote camera trigger, and a remote key finder. MicroUSB port was added for convenient charging the iMpulse will be good for 30 days of standby time, or 10 straight hours of gaming.

If you’re smelling what the iMpulse is cooking, you can help fund the mini-controller on Kickstarter for only $30, where the accessory has managed to raise $13,000 of their $50,000 goal. Check out the video below for a message from the creators of the iMpulse and to see the controller in action.

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