AT&T-ready Sony Xperia T shows face at the FCC


The last time we saw the Sony Xperia T at the FCC, we were disappointed to learn that the version in question did not show signs of support for AT&T’s network. We remained hopeful that rumors of a 4G version for the US carrier would pan out, and it looks like it’s paying off. The Xperia T has made another visit to the regulatory committee, this time bringing along support for AT&T’s LTE network.

While Sony hasn’t commented officially, images have surfaced showing an Xperia T handset with AT&T branding, leading to speculation that the two would launch the device in the US. This FCC filing only serves to further support the idea, which now seems all but a done deal.

[FCC via PhoneArena]

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  1. cool but i have lost all faith in sony phones…. having phone like the ion that is still missing ICS months after jelly bean is just sad…

    1. Ion now has ICS update. Just updated mine on AT&T network.

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