User Agent Profile pops up for the Samsung GT-i9260, could be Galaxy Nexus followup


More rumors are swirling about a followup to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus after a User Agent Profile was discovered for a device bearing what would seem to be the appropriate model number. Labeled as the GT-i9260, the assumption has been that the device logically follows the GT-i9250, the designation of the original Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The UAP doesn’t offer too many details, but does suggest the phone will have a 720p display and sport and ARM11 CPU of unspecified spec or speed.

Interesting to note is that the GT-i9260 model number has been associated with at least one other upcoming Samsung phone, the midrange Galaxy Premier. The rumored specs for that device don’t come close to what has been tipped for the possible Galaxy Nexus 2 (or Galaxy Nexus Plus). Initial rumors pointed towards the device remaining fairly consistent with the first Galaxy Nexus, featuring upgrades to the camera and processor.

There is little doubt that a new Nexus device is coming from Samsung at some point. In fact, rumors have pointed towards Google launching a lineup of new Nexus phones from several manufacturers simultaneously. If we use the standard set forth by previous Nexus phone releases, a year between handsets would be the benchmark, making this holiday season the time to watch for the GT-i9260 and other Nexus kin.

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  1. I hope Google works with Motorola this time around… And most importantly a better battery for the CDMA variant, the battery on my Sprint Gnex is atrocious

    1. We’re not going to see anything this year with any significant influence from Google. It takes even Samsung about a year from concept to finished product. Google and Motorola just finalized their deal 3 months ago.

      1. Only took Asus 3 months for the N7 lol

        1. well they had the eee pad memo ready at ces, then just tweaked that into a nexus. im guessing that took a full year on its own, so it was actually 15 months

        2. Yeah, look at how that worked out for them on a QC basis

  2. I wish so too, since I really like their Razr M and HD phones. But Moto doesn’t have a global presence anymore. El Goog will have to go with Samsung, HTC or LG

  3. Sounds like an incremental update, look at the difference between gs2 and g3. If this is the case and it isn’t “high-end” then I hope another nexus is made by Sony or Motorola. To me nexus have always been high end just not the highest end. They have always had amazing hardware and software, just all lacked in camera.

  4. I’m buying the next Nexus for cash when it get’s released only if their is a large improvement from my Gnex,

    1. I assume it’ll be an incremental upgrade with CPU on par with Snapdragon S4 or better, better camera, and much better LTE battery life (on par with the iPhone 5’s rated life).

      I also hope, it’s one phone for ALL carriers like the iPhone 5/GS3, so that I can grab it for Verizon and not be gimped like the last one.

  5. With an outdated ARM11 processor, I doubt this would be a new nexus device. This is more likely a budget or mid-range phone

    1. My understanding is that Sammy is just using that as a placeholder of sorts and is not indicating what the actual processor will be.

    2. Yea I sure hope not, I’d assume Google/Samsung would be looking for a cutting-edge 28-32nm process to integrate LTE for much better battery life this time, like the Snapdragon S4 and Apple has done with iPhone 5.

  6. Fingers crossed, small chance that Motorola will release a nexus with amazing battery, hopeful!

  7. Really looking forward to the 4th-gen Nexus announcement… Pretty sure it’s the only Android phone I would buy at this point.

  8. If this is indeed the next nexus phone, then this is very disappointing news. The nexus phone is the phone who sets the tone for the other Android phones. Not just a midrange phone with last year’s spec but priced as the latest and greatest! I would be excited for a RAZR Maxx nexus though!

  9. I’m sure the internal hardware will be decent, I’m not too worried about it. I just hope they keep a similar style and form factor to the Gnex. I still think it’s the best looking phone on the market, esp. the face of the phone.

    1. I agree. The Nexus is a dev phone, as long as the specs are reasonably competitive all I care about is the fact that this thing will be supported for years directly from Google.

    2. I hope they change the look/style. I liked the sleek all black styling of the Nexus S much more. I don’t like the light gray bands on the Galaxy Nexus and the N7. The Asus official travel cover takes care of that on the N7 though.

  10. My one request is that it be a global-phone. One device, compatible with GSM, CDMA, LTE, HSPA+, etc..and available through the Play Store.

    Google would go a long way to help folks in the US get out of subsidized contracts with a move like that.

    That, and if they could make it look like the mock up in the article regarding the S4 rumor, damn…take my money already.

    1. That’s three requests.

      1. I count two. Global phone, and the mock up (which was an afterthought).

        1. Plus the Play Store availability makes three! Personally, I’d add a few more, it needs to have a replaceable battery and removable memory before I’d buy one.

          1. It doesn’t count….Nexus is already in the play store. :p

            So there.

            Yeah, I would love to see MicroSD (they haven’t made a nexus yet with a non-removable battery, so I’ll count that as good to go for now).

            I wish the folks doing the Nexus devices would release the phone in two builds: The Nexus build, following all of Google’s critera (no MicroSD, and all that crap), and then an “OEM” build: Same basic hardware as the Nexus build and thus 100% supported under AOSP, but with things like MicroSD, their own OEM skin (just for those that like that kind of thing) and what-not.

  11. wouldn’t be surprised to see Asus take a stab at a nexus device

    1. they already did take a stab at a nexus device!

  12. The next Nexus will probably be a spin off of the GSIII.

    1. God i hope not I want a phone i can show in public.

  13. arm 15 please. I wont get this unless it has omap 5. Im not asking for quad core super beef steak. Just new generation performance which by most indications whips up on quad core chips.

    1. Dual core A15’s will mop the floor with current quadcores, since the nexus one google hasnt based its phone on specs but on user experience.

  14. >.> this is the one i have been waiting for. wonder when we will get a teaser video >.>

  15. A sprinkle of Innovation please…..

  16. I’ve never bought the whole “multiple variants” theory. there’s no way Google is going to launch multiple Nexus phones.

    1. I could see something like a gnex sequel plus a high end keyboard slider but that’s about it.

  17. Not on verizon please. At least on multiple carriers.

  18. I’m pretty sick of Samsung. I would love to see an ASUS Nexus phone. Since ASUS would not be concerned, as Samsung evidently is, about cannibalizing other products, they would focus on making the Nexus an absolute tech frontrunner. A company that shipped the Nexus 7 in June after being contracted for it in February is capable of miracles.

    1. I’d dearly love to see HTC return to the Nexus fold and make another one.

      1. Maybe if they knew what a phone is without battery, because they shop out their garbage that had less than 2000mAh of a battery and it was gone by the time noon hit, and that’s if you unplugged around 6-7

        Then again, they could do it right sneaker a monster and non sense the phone and gave it a 3500mAh battery. Then it would sell

    2. If it’s anything like Asus tablets, you’d probably have to return it 2-3 times before you got one that wasn’t a defect.

  19. I wish the next nexus phone kept the amoled screen though its amazing.

    1. a non pentile >.> would be awesome.

  20. Yep, im in the know and know this! This is the Samsung galaxy S nexus 2

  21. I hope this is a dual core, 8, 16, 32 and 64gigs of ROM varieties and 1 GB of RAM. 4″ screen, Non removable battery and 326ppi

  22. I would prefer htc on the nexus. They made the “first” android phone (which was AWSOME) and their nexus one blew the consumers away with very new hardware and good specs. The nexus S was OK (great design, but boring hardware) and the galaxy nexus was great, but not a revolution like the htc dream and nexus one.

    1. they were each revolutionary.

      nexus 1 used capacitive buttons in place of hardware buttons, nexus S removed the trackball, removing hardware inputs is not an easy task.

      galaxy nexus removed all hardware inputs save volume and wake up. Those are some really huge technical innovations, especially from a hardware company that won’t let the home button go.

      Not to mention each one was a real leap forward for display technology (for android).

      Nexus has never been about rave hardware specs, it’s always been about a developer platform that had vanilla OS and showed what the hardware specs should be in the phone.

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