Sep 17th, 2012

More rumors are swirling about a followup to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus after a User Agent Profile was discovered for a device bearing what would seem to be the appropriate model number. Labeled as the GT-i9260, the assumption has been that the device logically follows the GT-i9250, the designation of the original Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The UAP doesn’t offer too many details, but does suggest the phone will have a 720p display and sport and ARM11 CPU of unspecified spec or speed.

Interesting to note is that the GT-i9260 model number has been associated with at least one other upcoming Samsung phone, the midrange Galaxy Premier. The rumored specs for that device don’t come close to what has been tipped for the possible Galaxy Nexus 2 (or Galaxy Nexus Plus). Initial rumors pointed towards the device remaining fairly consistent with the first Galaxy Nexus, featuring upgrades to the camera and processor.

There is little doubt that a new Nexus device is coming from Samsung at some point. In fact, rumors have pointed towards Google launching a lineup of new Nexus phones from several manufacturers simultaneously. If we use the standard set forth by previous Nexus phone releases, a year between handsets would be the benchmark, making this holiday season the time to watch for the GT-i9260 and other Nexus kin.

[via PocketNow]

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