Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Be Unveiled In February At MWC 2013, Launching Globally In March [Rumor]


As we approach the end of the year, Android fanboys and girls are anxiously awaiting even the smallest bit of news, leaks or rumors on the next iteration of Google’s Nexus phone. Well, tonight’s juicy rumor leap frogs over this year’s Nexus, and lands all the way onto next year’s Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, you read that right — FOUR.

The folks at The Korea Times have found themselves with juicy bit of insider news they’re calling an exclusive. Apparently, company officials and local parts suppliers have confirmed that Samsung is gearing up to announce the Galaxy S4 in February at next year’s Mobile World Congress, with a global launch taking place no later than March (GS3 was announced early May and launched a few days shy of June). The Samsung official supplying the intel said the S4 would be more than capable of drawing the limelight away from Apple’s iPhone 5 (which I’m sure was the motivating factor this info was leaked just 3 days after its unveiling).

There’s only one thought running through my head: how they hell are they going to top the S3? The Samsung executive said the S4 would “definitely use” LTE along with Sammy’s in-house quad-core Exynos. I’m assuming that means this time around, there wont be a need to use Qualcomm’s chips for LTE compatibility in some countries like the US, with Samsung’s chips taking its place. The executive went on to say:

“Samsung is asking Apple to pay more to use its mobile application processors produced at its plant in Austin, Texas. The release of the S4 means more market share for Samsung as it is the only firm that can guarantee on-time delivery, output commitment and better pricing for mobile application processors.”

More specs for the upcoming S4 include a 5-inch OLED display (a .2-inch increase from the current GS3), which may or may not feature Samsung’s flexible display technology, apparently due to production problems. When it comes to design, a Samsung partner said to expect the same rectangle shape with extremely rounded corners, but this time around, Samsung is currently in talks to offer modified designs to specific US carriers similar to the launch of the Galaxy S2.

Exciting news, right? Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt. As quickly Android moves, it’s nice to keep looking forward but we’re still pretty far off from an S4 launch. My main request? Not an increase in memory but faster memory to go along with an ample 2GB of RAM. Okay, now take a minute to fantasize over the GS4 — now tell me. What’s the one feature you would hope for most in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4?

Thanks, Jason!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Yowza’s O_o.

    All they really need to do is slap on AOSP to make this perfect.

    1. That and don’t make carrier specific versions. I think Samsung is at the point where they are big enough that they can push back a little on that front with the carriers and demand that all the devices are the same. The carriers aren’t likely to turn down a device that will sell in the millions.

      1. ^ what he said. No more carrier specific models. In fact, they should scrub the North American versions as well. LTE will be included with their own chipset, so no need to produce all these different versions.

      2. Great comment and LUV your avatar pic :)

  2. Doesn’t sound likely. Samsung had amazing success with the S3 and the way they went about it (ie. Their own launch event). I think Samsung will continue a 12 month schedule (June release) and I doubt they will make the phone any bigger. It’s already at the maximum for a phone (they have the Note for the phablet factor)

    1. The S3 leaves some room along the top and bottom. If they go ALL software keys for the S4, that’ll give them the room they need to expand the screen .2 inches without making the whole phone bigger.

      1. I still think the screen is the maximum size it can be while still being used with 1 hand (and it’s past that for people with small hands). I personally hope they don’t go any bigger (screen or physical)

        1. I think Samsung shud go 4 d Exynos Big.Little processor for the Galaxy S4 with 2 A-15 cores n 2 xtremely energy-efficient A-7 cores! That wud be the ideal blend of power n power-efficiency n at any rate Samsung has alrdy committed 2 implementing Big.Little architecture in their upcoming Exynos parts! It wud essentially be a quad core design! That and a better battery and improved cam wud make an absolute CHAMPION! The Galaxy S line is alrdy the world’s premier Android range n Samsung can take it 2 new heights with the S4!

      2. That’s what I’ve been thinking all along. Even on the G-Nexus there’s plenty of room to increase the size of the screen to 5″ without increasing the overall dimension of the device. On the S4 they should get rid of the physical button and go edge to edge on the display with on screen button. They might be able to make the S4 smaller overall with a slightly bigger display.

  3. if it really looked anything like that I’d get in heart beat.

  4. Also, if they do different models for US carriers again I’m gonna go crazy…. The S III launch was perfect! Keep it that way plz Sammy!

    1. Yeah, the best thing about the S3 was that it was the same design across all carriers. This made it easy for accessory makers to come up with awesome cases because they knew it would fit every version of the device (like the iPhone).

  5. bigger battery + wirless charge

  6. I actually like the design of the 4.5 inch US S2 better than the S3. It was more square ish. Like the One X sort of is.

    In terms of display, I think the likely move would be a 720p Super Amoled PLUS display… if that’s even possible.

    1. Oh yeah, almost forgot about the plus! That would be nice. :)

    2. Should be possible (300PPI RGB was the latest AMOLED breaktrough just after the S3 was out), even better, make it RGBW so white uses much less, and screen is brighter and better readable in direct sunlight :)

    3. Considering that’s what the Note 2 will ship with I would say the S4 will certainly have at least that. (Unless I was misinformed when I read that the Note 2 will have a full RGB stripe 720P SAMOLED display. Which would be HD SAMOLED+)

  7. Oh gosh. I’m getting one if it looks anything like that rendering in the pictures.

    1. Samsung would never make it look like that, so don’t get your hopes up. It looks phenomenal, but as a long time Samsung owners (including the gsiii currently) they won’t do anything that good.

  8. 2GB of Ram, 2 GB A15 based Exynos QuadCore (basically anything that can handle 720p 10bit anime), and TONS OF BATTERIES!

  9. Only problem there? Allowing the carriers to futz with the design. Don’t give them power. The S3 launch was great and the uniform design made it easier on accessory-makers.

  10. they need to stretch the screen like the Motorola Razr M…MAJOR increase in the battery life like Razr MAXX..make it out of quality material like iphone 5..much brighter screen display that WILL NOT FADE IN SUNLIGHT!!!!!!!!…include a way to wirelessly transmit data to either a tv or other phones with just a swipe like airplay…include playstation support like Sony phones…built in projector like Galaxy Beam..a voice assistant that ACTUALLY works flawlessly like Siri commercials…auto sync with computer without cables..a physical camera button like my old OG Droid!..START MAKING ACCESSORIES WITH THE DAMN JACKS ALL IN THE SAME SPOTS…this is what ALL android phones need especially if they want to sell accessories!

    1. To transmit data to a TV and other multimedia devices you have DLNA. The phone is already capable… just the rest of the world hasn’t caught up.

      A display that won’t fade in sunlight, I find mine very usable. You do understand you are trying to compete against light from the SUN?

      About the battery I agree.. more is better.

    2. Ha! Then are you willing to pay like 500 for a subsidized phone plus a 2 year contract. Maybe $900 to $1000 for it off contract, yeah I really doubt it. Guaranteed the only difference will the be camera, the thickness, the CPU and that’s pretty much it. Oh, and MAYBE the battery. Its kinda hard to improve on what seems to be a near flawless device in my opinion. And I will never trade capacitive or hardware buttons for software, as in the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 because it actually takes from the screens actual size and makes it a bit smaller, no thanks. That’s the main reason Sammy did not want to go that route and i am glad they made that decision.

  11. 1.-> A 3000mah(or more) battery. 2.-> Keep the one design for all (great for accessories) just lose the physical home button. 3.-> FLAT GLASS!!!! really such a hassle with screen protectors. 4. -> Better brightness/direct sunlight viewing. I will buy you in a heart beat!!!!!

    1. I have to disagree with the flat glass. I absolutely love the curved glass (although I did put a screen protector on it just in case but it wasn’t a hassle at all).

      1. It’s a hassle for dry install screen protectors

        1. Than get a wet install and stop being such a baby. WAH, mommy I can’t install my dry screen protector. You should buy a phone because you like everything about it not cause everyone you know has one. Douche!

          1. Do you even have an S3? It is talked about plenty of times in forums everywhere that it the curved down edges make it so that typical dry install screen protectors (that are flat by design) do not stick. I had a wet before Zagg HD which lasted about 5 days before the permanent indents that it was accumulating cause me to take it off. oh and if you can point out one phone ever that you liked every single aspect of then you are either a lying or have very very low expectations

          2. Screen protectors? I its called gorilla glass folks, it works. The only thing that breaks it is dropping it lol and a screen protector doesn’t stop that either :p

          3. ^That. The glass is much tougher than the crappy plastic screen protector. You don’t put a protector on your windshield do you?

          4. Lot’s of people have thought about doing just that. Plastic scratches but you can peel it off and replace it.

        2. Just curious but why do you prefer the dry install protectors? I have been using the wet install protectors for a couple years now and haven’t missed the dry install versions one bit.

          1. Because the dry ones a much better feel to me and are usually cheaper. they do not have any rainbow effect nor do they indent like many wet install ones.

          2. I’ve definitely seen some of those problems. Thanks.

          3. Your Welcome. Now that I have tried glass screen protectors though that is what I will stick with.

          4. I’m not familiar with the glass ones. Do you have a brand/model you could suggest? Id like to check em out.

          5. For the S3 xgear spectre… For other phones Spigen Glas.t

          6. Awesome, thanks for the tip!

    2. I actually love the physical home button especially using it for answering calls!

      The glass not being flat hasn’t bothered me either.. get a nice case for your phone with a decent screen protector and you’re in good shape.

      1. Hmmm didn’t know you could answer calls.

        And i’m talking full front screen protectors with dry install. Only one I know of is the curved crystal. Right now im using a glass screen protector but now have to deal with a recessed home button. Plus for those weird ppl ; ) who keep their phone for a long time the button will eventually fail…

  12. I agree, the large battery is going to be the key as well as ways to use batteries more efficiently (efficient helper cores in processors?). Androids can essentially do everything we can think to ask them do at this point, but battery technology can’t keep pace. I’d actually take some money away from normal R&D, put only a slightly better or the same processor in, and put it towards purchasing higher quality (stronger & lighter) materials to improve durability. This would also free up space for that big ole battery.

  13. Non pentile 720p display.
    12 MP camera.
    Bigger battery… RAZR maxx style.
    Less TouchWizzy.

    1. less touchwizzy for sure, but there are surprisingly a few things I like about TW on the S3…BUT its still to soon for the S4!

    2. And the *next* version of Android, which should be unveiled this November.

    3. 12 MP would be a total waste. I’ll never make a picture large enough to take advantage.

      Gimme a 5 MP camera (more than enough) with a quality sensor and I’ll be happy.

      1. Me and my friends are recording videos for Youtube. 12MP would be perfect for random un-choreographed video. 8MP is pretty standard enough. 12MP is starting to gear toward certain people, hence photographers. So I understand your point there.

  14. The concept art looks wonderful, its apple law suit worthy lol. Im looking forward to this phone since my upgrade is next year. See people samsung does upgrades right, they dont slap on an S to the same device with minor upgrades. Every iteration is unique and i hope the s4 looks nicer than the 3.

  15. A 13 mega pixel camera that the Galaxy Note 2 was suppose to receive but won’t!

  16. The one feature I’d hope for most? A Nexus logo…

  17. 3,000+mah battery!!!!!! And not just 2GB’s of RAM but faster RAM!!! Homescreen icons & folders need to loading much, much faster!!!
    And stick with the 4.8in screen!!! If people want bigger, they can get a Note 2!!!

    1. I’m actually hoping for a 4.5″ screen.

  18. There is no way it can be that thin all around or else there will be no 3.5mm headphone port. It’s just not possible.

    That rendering though is one super sexy phone. I hope the new Nexus looks that good and has that good of specs – I will buy it in a heartbeat as an upgrade from the previous GNex.

  19. options between touch wiz or no touch wiz, no physical button (that is the biggest issue if have with the sgsIII. a big step back. this is not CrApple), quadcore with 2GB of RAM. more enterprise friendly.

  20. I remember similar such rumours were banded around prior to the announcement of the S3 (e.g. edge to edge screens). Most of them turned out to be wrong. I can’t help but think these rumours are started by teenage kids daring each other to create them to see how far they will spread. Having said that, I’m still a sucker for the discussion so here’s my wish list for improvements over the S3:
    Stock Android ROM, 4.5″ to 4.8″ screen, edge to edge screen (physical buttons replaced with on screen buttons), can easily run the phone for a whole 24 hours even under extremely heavy use (whether this is done with new battery tech, better power efficiency, bigger battery or any combination of those is somewhat irrelevant to me), 720p non pentile display (any higher resolution and it becomes indistinguishable and just causes faster battery drain), better camera with improve low light image quality.

  21. Assuming it is true, I have just two items on the wishlist: 1080p 5-inch NON-PENTILE display, and AOSP Android without TW. Guess both are impossible :-)

  22. “but this time around, Samsung is currently in talks to offer modified designs to specific US carriers similar to the launch of the Galaxy S2.

    Exciting news, right?”

    Umm, I don’t think you know the meaning of “exciting news.” :P

    For the S4 to be successful they need to do what they did with the S3 but with better specs and maybe even a trimmed down TouchWiz. Make all buttons software-only and minimize the device’s thickness and width and you’ll have a winner.

  23. I swear if the design is same as above i will jump at it

  24. Quad core? I dont think that Samsung are going to put the same ARM Cortex-A9 4212 processor of SGS III and Note II on their next flagship.
    They just released dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 5250 processor and I think they are going to use this processor for their top smartphones in 2013.

  25. I think Samsung shud go 4 d Exynos Big.Little processor for the Galaxy S4 with 2 A-15 cores n 2 xtremely energy-efficient A-7 cores! That wud be the ideal blend of power n power-efficiency n at any rate Samsung has alrdy committed 2 implementing Big.Little architecture in their upcoming Exynos parts! It wud essentially be a quad core design! That and a better battery and improved cam wud make an absolute CHAMPION! The Galaxy S line is alrdy the world’s premier Android range n Samsung can take it 2 new heights with the S4!

  26. Nobody notice this part ?

    “Samsung is asking Apple to pay more to use its mobile application
    processors produced at its plant in Austin, Texas. The release of the S4
    means more market share…”

  27. Redesign Touchwiz ro a point where it looks almost vanilla android.

  28. Hmmm Quad core processor is nice I just hope their GPU will be up to par with Adreno. Other than that with the GS3 we already have a future proof device for the next couple years and as a phone it is more than capable of doing a lot, what more do we want to do with our phone? Most of us carry a laptop around for major tasks… Since well typing on a phone is horrible.. GS4 this soon though? I love my S3 I’ll stick it out for a few years with it. Go Team Samsung!

  29. Rectangular with rounded corners, Samsung will never learn.

  30. guys Quad core + LTE is not new, Note II everyone? :D
    but again the US version will take ages to get updates,filled with crappy programs, and remove stuff that they dont have the right to get their nose into like tethering function and blocking Google wallet!!!, google has to take a stand they even ruined the Nexus! i’m not american but sh*t like this makes me pissed as they ruin android!

  31. Isn’t the rumors a little early considering S3 was just released 3 months ago?

    1. March is still six months away, so all they’re doing at this point is creating a distraction. It’s a tactic that Apple use a lot.

  32. If the next Galaxy S or Nexus looks like that render, I’ll be first in the Internet line to order it!

  33. Please Please Samsung can you make the new phone a few mm less wide & tall, you can do this my making the phone have less bezel, your phones are getting on the very large size.

  34. Keep all the designs the same with all carriers and go big memory and big time specks, make this phone a real animal, Samsung has done a fantastic job on their latest and greatest SGS3. SAMSUNG is doing all the innovating, Apple is spending all their money on litigation. What a shame.

    1. For apple, litigation may be their only source of income since their innovation has come to a complete STOP! LOL!

  35. somehow I feel that Samsung will be Sued again by Apple

  36. Bigger battery, faster memory, curved screen, no more pentile please, keep the shape the same across the board, ebay has all kinds of cases and I don’t have to worry about if they will fit or not, include wireless charging, it will be 2013 we do everything else wirelessly.

  37. apple gonna get owned…again.

  38. Apple will sue them for this too.

  39. I really want to see a program to sync with ‘windows 8’. One the works, Kies is the worst written
    program ever. I did better than that
    when I was in high school with ‘Fortran’.
    I have an S2 and I’ve also had an S1.
    Kies has not gotten any better. Even though I skipped the S3, I think a new interface, with the ‘Windows 8’
    platform, would make me upgrade, even though an ‘UNLOCKED’ phone is pricy. Yeah, that’s it. I want to see a less expensive phone. Not less quality, just more affordable.

  40. I want this phone to transform into a tiny robot. Sammy if you can’t make it happen I don’t want it. (jokes). Would be awesome though.

  41. is it bad I think the galaxy nexus is still the sexiest phone yet. I just love the design, color, and texture.

  42. That one. Right there. In the picture.

    I’ll take 2!

  43. well the only thing I don’t think will happen are the individual Carrier modifications, you lost me at that part. After all the effort they put into making the GS3 Uniform in design Worldwide, there is absolutely no way they’d want to wreck all that hard work with several different designs just isn’t going to happen.

  44. A mini projector like the galaxy beam that should be standard by the time the s4 releases

  45. a totally new plug!!! lol I kid I kid

    1. Well if we’re going with that, I want 5 rows of icons. XD

      1. Lmao… Yup! That too..

      2. And this new thing called LTE, the iPhone 5 was the first to have it!

        1. How dare you mislead! You forgot one of the greatest features introduced with the iPhone 5; P.a.n.o.r.a.m.a.!

          1. That is the most innovating feature of all!

        2. The iPhone 5 LTE prototype is what Verizon based their next 4G off of… They found it at a bar, someone lost it

  46. I want my Note 2!!!!!

  47. They really do not need to make the display bigger. I love my S3, i will not buy a galaxy note or whatever it is called, it is way to damn big. A 5 inch screen is not for everyone, certainly not for me. its like holding a friggin ipad to your head,.

    1. Ha! I agree 100%. In that case why not just use a nexus 7 as phone, its only 2 inches bigger. LoL! :-D

    2. Well if it goes with software buttons as the Galaxy Nexus, you will be basically on the same size format, plus you will have a little bit screen to watch videos for example, and believe it or not, it does make a difference.

  48. It def needs a 12mp camera or better, faster RAM,longer battery life and keep it 4.8

  49. 1080 screen, 5″ display, quad core, wireless charging, 12mp camera, gigabit wireless, nfc plus all of the regular features.

  50. Id love it if the phone didnt come with a million pre-installed apps like every other smart phone seems to do. Just give us the basics and let us choose what we want installed on it. Otherwise just do what you can to give the phone a great processor and make it fast overall

  51. *5000mAH battery.
    *64GB memory, 16 and 32 aint enough considering memory is so cheap so why not just have
    64GB as standard for all future phones.
    *4GB Ram
    *Better screen power usage because my S3 drains my battery like crazy.
    My S3 is prefect and the standard battery is pretty good considering i’m on whatsapp often and my sync/GPS and background apps are always on.

  52. I’d love to see a really impressive camera. Other than that, I’d like to see something unexpected. Phones are good enough now to do the things they do. Let’s see a new phone that does something we haven’t seen before. If Sammy want to be the global leaders, they need to step up.

  53. 5 inch screen would be nice. Just reduce the bezel to keep the overall footprint of the phone small.

  54. I like how the charging apple more.

  55. On the S4 they should get rid of the physical button and go edge to edge on the display with on screen button. They might be able to make the S4 smaller overall with a slightly bigger display. Definitely a bigger battery at least with 3300mAh even if it makes the device a tad thicker. Put in the new sony 12MP camera sensor or one as good as that one.

  56. It needs Razor Maxx battery life!

  57. You know why that mockup screenshot looks so good ? Stock Android, no TouchWhiz. Just sayin.

  58. This is Waaaaaay Too Soon.

  59. Exynos 5250 or go home. Nobody wants that quad core last gen garbage.

    1. Meh. Dual core A15 should’ve arrived by now. I’m getting annoyed with them over this. But if they are still going to use a dual core A15, it better be paired with a dual-core A7 as well, for improved battery life (since they mention it will be “quad-core”. I doubt their real quad core A15 is going to be ready for a phone by then.

      1. Quad-core is useless right now. Thus why I want the 5250. Go big or go home.

  60. The perfect S4? Well starting on the build of the S3:

    A Quad-Core Exynos chipset,
    CPU of at least 1.5 GHz Cortex A15,
    2GB RAM,
    A 4.8″ screen is just fine. A 5″ would be too big to handle,
    Either 8 or 12 MP camera. (IF its an 8 then it should have better low light performance),
    Bigger battery, maybe 3100mAh,
    Dedicated Camera Button,
    Better wireless antenna,
    Upgraded intuitive features ( Smart Stay etc),
    Better mic,
    Maybe aluminium body case,

    That should be about it. I hope I didn’t miss anything.

  61. Bigger battery, on-screen buttons, recessed camera lens (current one protrudes and gets scratched), stock ability to disable LTE, almost edge to edge screen except top and bottom of phone (need somewhere to hold it), wireless charging, true choice with ability to disable TW for stock experience, all colors available at release, USB mass storage AND mtp and ptp, stock ability to move apps to SD, faster memory and storage, and maybe an ir blaster. I’m sure ill think of more. Oh yeah oleophobic coating too.

  62. WOw, if this is the Next GNex, I’ll be sold

  63. Better battery performance. Eliminate the sd card and make 64 GB internal standard at NO extra cost. Meaning at launch the device will sell at 249$ on all carriers also allow for preorders customization like color, picture design and custom themes that integrate with your design and if you like you can choose the size battery you prefer not just an extended battery that adds ugly bulk. Make your preferred battery built in in a nice uniform customed out shell.

  64. I don’t wanna see a bigger screen…The s3 already has a reasonable sized screen. (I just bought it yesterday)
    Also the S3 launching was a big success, why make different models for diff US carriers?!
    And I just hope for an under the hood update…whether it’s the camera, process, or ram…
    Anything new would be awesome

  65. I know the render is a fake, but I like it

  66. Can they just make the screen 7 inches so I know I’m buying a tablet?

  67. SIGH….Decisions…Decisions….I currently have the SGS II on T-Mo…So should I wait until October 2012 to get the Galaxy Note II or hold out until the SGS IV until March 2013…Eff it…I am getting the Note II and then the SGS IV when it comes out next year….I love tax write offs..hahahahaha :)

  68. I can tell you this for a fact: the Galaxy S4 will use the S4 Pro 2nd Generation chip. A friend of mine is working directly on it and they’re settling on the final details

    1. Yeah, OOOOOOOOOOOK.

  69. Hope I can take panorama pics with it….

    1. >.> you should get a iPhone i hear its the only phone that can take Panorama
      Edit: i was being sarcastic don’t flame on me lol.

  70. one real feature – waterproof
    one unreal – unbreakable glass

  71. Ithink its toooo soon cause I still dont have my s3 yet lol but if thats how its gonna look like im gonna buy it

  72. Sounds nice except for the awful prospect of continuing kowtowing to the carriers. It’s bad enough that radio customization is necessary due to the lack of proper standards in the US, but anything more than such invisible differences is horrendous. One phone!

  73. An edge to edge display would be nice since the on screen buttons are occupying much space. A better usage of NFC and faster memory than larger memory and a front cam with a better resolution.

  74. NO buttons

  75. I JUST WANT THE SAME PROCESSOR for US variants… Sammy, that is the only reason why I dont own the GS3 atm.

  76. 2 GB ram, 32GB ROM, 6.5 mm thin, Edge to Edge screen, Android logo, 14 MP camera but set default at 8MP photos. 2mp front camera, altimeter, thermometer, barometer + all of the current slate of scopes and meters, HD screen 1920×1080,

    1. lol i like how you listed the Android Logo as a feature.

      1. It’s not a feature. Just saying it would be nice to show your flag so to speak, Some China made phone for their home market have that. And it does give a phone an emblem or symbol like car brands have their distinctive logos/emblems.

        1. not saying its a bad idea, im using the Androidify case on my Gnex with the big Android stamp on the back.


    1. The 1080p display is a done deal, LG and HTC are releasing a 1080p device this month, by 2013 that should be a standard. Still don’t see why anyone would need a 1080p but if the SoC can handle it then why not.

  78. W O W ! W O W ! W O W ! That is what I was Praying the S3 was going to look like ! I was sooo disappointed with the rounded shape of the S3 & after reading every rumour & mock-up when I saw the actual S3 I was so disappointed that I started look for other new phones ready for when my Galaxy S contract runs out in Feb.

  79. BRIGHTER DISPLAY…..stronger radios…..(moto style)

  80. Just ideas:

    1. EIther alllow a choice for on board Flash, or put a uSD slot in.
    2. High-capacity battery (>2400ma). If not, removalble battery
    3. S3 display is big enough.Make it more shatterproof, and non Pentile. Pehaps go for that incell touch sensor, and use the space to allow for a thicker or more shatter resistant glass (Dragontrail or Gorilla Glass 2).
    4. Improve on the very plasticky feel of most Samsung phones. Take some of the ideas in Motorola’s RAZR/RAZR HD (carbon fiber, metal chassis, etc.)


  81. If apple uses sammys processors then how can they be suing all the time…..SMH…..apple get a worm.

    1. Samsung isn’t complaining they made over 10 bill from apple alone this year, big whoop they lost 1 bill.

      1. You speak of a billion dollars like its something to sneer at. That could employ countless workers for a year.

        1. To me and you it is a big deal but to a company making 6-10 billion in profits per quarter its really not, they don’t lay off workers because they aren’t making enough cash, they do it because sectors of their company’s aren’t needed anymore or aren’t as useful.

  82. I just hope I can afford it when it comes time!

  83. Oh my gosh!! Can they give me time to breath and be envious of GS3 owners since my upgrade is next year?

    On a good note, get what I’m doing there?, I like the design of that phone. Like a lot

  84. Dang it! I just got the Galaxy Note 2 now this!!!!!

  85. How about putting the back button on the left side of home where it belongs, or at least using soft buttons so the “swipe up” google now shortcut is possible (jelly bean feature).

  86. I like an android phone that will out last an iphone’s battery life in real life and not only imon paper. If not for Google’s superior maps and navigation app, I would’ve jumped ship a libg time ago.

  87. Cranking out the successor to the previous version is like clockwork. You’re not going to release a yearly phone within 8 months of each other. So im going to guess that it is going to be shown off, then announced in America and then released!! Nostradamus??

  88. directx 11 graphics lol and 1080p display.

  89. SUXS TO OWN A GSIII/II/NOTE doesn’t it? Glad I never rush out to BUY THE GS originality. Always wait till END of the year to see what good phones will release next year.

  90. 5″ is a bit big, might as well just release the note 3. I think s series should be left in the 4.XX range.

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