Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy S2 Plus, and Galaxy Premier tipped


According to new rumors, Samsung will continue to plan its Galaxy line of Android smartphones with the introduction of the Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy S2 Plus, and Galaxy Premier. All three handsets fall into the lower tiers of the smartphone spectrum, with the GS3 Mini sporting a 4-inch display, dual-core CPU and 5MP camera.  The Galaxy S2 Plus reads as more of a downgrade of the original than an actual improvement, with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLD Plus display and a single core CPU clocked around 1GHz. The Galaxy Premier is said to feature s similar spec sheet, save for a larger HD display at 4.65 inches. The handset will run Jelly Bean.

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  1. What about releasing a good tablet to replace my og galaxy tab 10.1 that would be nice to see.

    1. galaxy note 10.1 looks nice

    2. Tab 2 is out…

      1. It’s not really an upgrade though.

        1. yeah.l was looking at the tab 2 .. it’s still a dual core and the resolution’s still low… asus tf700t looks better.

  2. Good to see more choices.. but releasing a lot of phones creates confusion in consumers

    1. What i find most confusing is how they label the Galaxy S2 plus yet its a downgrade.

  3. Finally what i was waiting for, i don’t like big phones, so i been asking why don’t Samsung make a smaller size of the galaxy s3? i guess i got my wish, yea thank you Samsung.

  4. Samsung comes out with a powerhouse and unifier with the SGS3, and then dilutes the market and makes things confusing with a had full of low end devices. I don’t get it.

  5. I’m guessing the galaxy premier is the gt-i9260 we heard about that was rumored to be a new nexus.

  6. Good ole Samsung releasing a new galaxy variant every other day lol

  7. S3 Mini? Lame…keep it simple Samsung, really.

    1. I know a few people who would jump all over a Galaxy S III mini, that plus thing should not exist though

  8. i wish Apple could sue them just enough to stop this mid-range garbage from releasing. just use the previous year model as mid-range!

  9. It’s like a constellation of galaxies!

  10. ….and Apple will try to sue them all out of existence.

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