Sep 13th, 2012

It looks like Sony needs to move some units of its $199.99 Google TV set-top box, and they’re looking to do so by providing some free accessories and content with your purchase. For starters, you’ll get a decent pair of headphones for which to listen to all the music you can handle.  These won’t be the best pair of cans on the market, but hey — it’s free.

They’ll also be giving users some free movies — 3 to be exact — should they decide they want to go the Sony route for their Google TV. You’ll have 15 different movies to choose from, too, so even if they don’t have exactly what you want you can at least choose something that you think might fit your interests.

The headphones would come with the Google TV box, and the movies will be available for download once checkout is complete. Just use the code YOUTUBEFAN at checkout and you should be on your way. Be sure to read our review of the device here, and let us know if these goods are enough to get you to drop $200 on the thing. [Sony via GTVSource]

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