Sep 13th, 2012

After a brief stint as an Amazon Appstore exclusive, Kiz Studios’ Critter Escape is now officially available in Google’s Play Store for Android gamers to enjoy. The game is an interesting take on a stealth adventure. Players take control of a small Minion-like character (ala Despicable Me) who’s found himself kidnapped by some evil corporation for testing purposed. It’s up to you to guide the little guy out of the labs, using a variety of stealth tactics and powerups.

Controls are a little different that many are probably used to when gaming on their smartphone. You can go the traditional virtual d-pad route, or choose to draw a path onscreen that the minion will follow. Some of Critter Escape’s features include:

Stealth gameplay and puzzling levels test your brains and reaction speed.
• Adorable central character with fun animations and hilarious comics.
• Crazy, mutating power-ups change the way you play the game.
• Over 120 unique levels to escape from.

The production level of this game is top notch. Characters are well animated and there’s a fun comic styled story line you can follow along with. The best part is the game is offered free of charge in the Play Store. Give it a download and let me know what you think.

[Via: DroidGamers Thanks, guys!]